SJWs complaint du jour: cultural appropriation

Just when I thought that our cultural interactions couldn’t get any sillier, WHAM, here we go again.

Now, the Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) have manufactured another issue to get upset, bitch, and whine about (it’s their single most endearing quality). It’s called, “cultural appropriation,” and it involves members of one culture adopting elements of another culture. The practice is practically unavoidable when members of different cultures are thrown together as we are today in an effort to increase diversity.

We’re bombarded constantly with the pressure to diversify. We have Affirmative Action plans and laws enacted to force us to diversify; businesses and social groups are made to diversify or suffer penalties. We’re told that we all benefit when we’re exposed to others who may be different than we are and we’re exhorted to embrace diversity and welcome the experience.

If we’re encouraged (even forced) to diversify which automatically brings with it an expected assimilation, how can the SJWs then argue that one culture is stealing another culture’s elements when elements of one group “rub off” on another?

Normally, when we’re part of a diverse mix of cultures, some appropriation of facets of other cultures is inevitable, and usually isn’t viewed as anything worrisome. In fact, remember the old saying that, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”?

Cultural appropriation isn’t new; it’s been practiced throughout history, only recently has the term been subverted by the SJWs to castigate people from one culture who’ve used art, music, fashion, and language from other cultures in totally innocent and positive ways.

As is usual for the SJWs, it’s not a genuine point of contention; it’s simply one more facet of American life that they’re trying to modify to their more socialist perspective.

As a seasoned citizen, I can remember my younger years when a white person wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing clothes that were popular with blacks or talking or singing in a black “style,” but it’s common today.

In fact, I defy anyone to argue that it hasn’t been profitable for blacks. Many of our young do their best to “act” black by incorporating black talk and black style in their dress and mannerisms. To many white young, blacks are seen as “cool.”

A widespread acceptance of black music (even gangsta rap) and mannerisms has opened new venues for black artists and they’ve made substantial inroads in movies and commercials. Blacks, as a group, have benefitted from an “appropriation” of their culture by whites.

The United States has always cherished its “melting pot” principle of blending diverse peoples into one America through assimilation and thus the “out of many, one” motto.

What would the SJWs have us do, prevent the usage (however innocent) of one culture’s elements by another? Would that mean that only Chinese could operate Chinese restaurants? Would they shut down all Mexican restaurants unless the ownership and management were all of Mexican heritage? And God forbid that Miguel Garcia opens a soul food café.

That is the very definition of ludicrous; especially in America, where we celebrate a “melting pot” of cultures.

I’d encourage the SJWs to find another issue to get all bent out of shape about, something more serious, like curing jock itch or toenail fungus.


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  1. Just when you think there can’t be any more, they come up with another crime we’ve committed. So now it’s wrong for me to cook tacos for dinner, but I bet it’s okay for me to go eat barbecue at a restaurant run by black folks. Sheesh…

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    • Maybe that will be taught at the new and improved educational centers that the college blacks seem to be demanding? I’m expecting pork chops, mashed potatoes, and green beans tonight – I wonder who I’ll be pissing off?

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  2. Dang, I guess this means you don’t get to wear your pants down around your knees, Garnet.

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    • That one has always been a mystery to me. Wearing pants down around the knees seems to be the favorite of the “gangstas” who are also the most likely to commit crimes and have to run away – and everyone knows that you can’t run with your pants around your knees.

      An N-word enigma, no?

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      • a) it is a sign that your bunghole is open for business
        b) While in the parking lot at the NAS Jacksonville Exchange, I saw a black teen fall in the middle of the street. He must have been wearing toddler size pants, as they only went from his bunghole to just below his knees. I stood over him and berated him for his stupidity. When I looked up, I saw two middle aged black ladies. They shouted out, “You tell him, white man!!!”

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  3. Yes, “cultural appropriation” is silly assholery, and no, it’s not going away any time soon.

    Why? Because it’s yet another weapon in the arsenal of “victimhood”, and it’s given credence and authenticity by the nitwits in the media who always fall all over themselves to promote any leftist lunacy that comes rolling down the pike.

    If this moronic idea were ridiculed and scorned as it should be, it would quickly go the way of the Pet Rock. But never fear; we’ll see even more of it as time goes on.

    I wonder if it’s possible to turn the sword the other way. For example, that woman in the picture at the top of the page is wearing clothing that she’s “culturally appropriated” from white people. Shouldn’t she be wearing animal skins, which were the “cultural” clothing of indigenous Africans back in the slave era? How can she DARE to drape herself in clothes made of woven cloth material?


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    • How one defines “cultural appropriation” depends on whose ox is being gored. In fact, with a few obvious exceptions (Native American garb, etc.), just identifying what was appropriated, when, and by whom could be challenging, especially when it’s natural to modify various elements to better fit (food, clothing, language, etc.). In the end, someone once said, what difference does it make?

      In fact, with the exception of the race-baiting activists, few have complained about the acquisition of the facets of one culture by another, much less try to place monetary values on the “appropriated” item(s).


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