UCLA ‘Afrikan Student Union’ demands a building plus $40 million

From: americanthinker.com,  by Thomas Lifson,  on May 21, 2017

A demand for $40 million normally is the stuff of thriller movies, with British-accented villain threatening to blow up stuff or kill the governor’s daughter or some similar unspeakable horror. Supervillain territory.  But the demand of the UCLA  “Afrikan Student Union” for a building plus 40 mill carries no threat that I can find.  Other than the implicit threat to cry racism and demonstrate, I suppose. Still, I have to credit them for chutzpah. The UCLA Daily Bruin reports:

The Afrikan Student Union called on UCLA to create a Black Resource Center and a $40 million endowment to address African-American underrepresentation on campus in a list of demands it released Thursday [May 11].

Fourth-year philosophy and African American Studies student and Afrikan Student Union Chair Alicia Frison said the group worked on the demands throughout the year and decided to release the list now in response to recent incidents affecting African-American students.

“This year will be the 51st year the Afrikan Student Union is on campus,” ASU wrote in a statement, “however, 50 years later we are struggling with many of the same issues as our ancestors and elders dealt with in 1966. This is unacceptable.”

The grievances listed by the “Afrikan” students are pretty weak beer:

On April 30, a picture that showed USAC President Danny Siegel holding up a gang sign was leaked, and on the same day there was a shooting near University of California, San Diego targeting African-American individuals. ASU also cited racist stickers posted around the offices of the Academic Advancement Program as a reason for releasing its list of demands.

The poor snowflakes have no idea or concern for how many taxpayers had to skimp and go without in order to pay their huge California tax bill. They must think that $40 million is chicken feed:

“$40 million is just a drop in the bucket for the university,” Frison said. “Berkeley already has a $30 to $40 million endowment even though they have less African American students.”

I think she means “fewer” students.

Here is thought for Ms. Frison: how about raising money for the endowment on your own? Maybe get a job and start saving.


Ahhh, just as I expected, a fourth-year philosophy and African American Studies student is the ring leader for this ridiculous demand. Why am I not surprised?

I wonder if she’s looked at the job market for someone with those credentials and was disappointed that it won’t be six figures or more. The only job that an African American Studies major will get her is as an intern with BLM as a sign-waving protester. And philosophy? Maybe there’s some pent-up demand for philosophers that I’m unaware of, but that’s not a very promising career path either.

Maybe she’s finally realized that her only hope is for whitey to give her some free money, else she ain’t gonna get that Porsche she expects on $15/hr.

It appears that her only other qualifications are that she has a loud mouth and more impertinence, presumption, effrontery, and gall than any reasonable employer would want.




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  1. Time to disband the “Afrikan Student Union” and all similar organizations that separate students into special interest groups. It should never have been allowed in the first place.


  2. “Fourth-year philosophy and African American Studies student and Afrikan Student Union Chair Alicia Frison…”

    A curriculum that will qualify her for a fine and fulfilling career as a barista at Starbucks.


  3. Ms. Frison in just another butt-hurt black student looking for her 15 minutes, and from the looks of that photo, she’s the only black girl interested in this ‘issue’. Except for one or two blacks, the rest of those students are just more boneheaded libs who support causes they know nothing about.

    I hope UCLA has the good sense to ignore her, but this is California, so I’m not counting on it.

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  4. The student university guy that supposedly is giving a hand sign is doing nothing but holding a pen and pointing at something
    Jesus these snowflakes are going to drive me back to drinking and smoking 😀😀

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