Remember “Clock-Boy”? He’s baaack…

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the father of a boy arrested after taking a “homemade clock” to his Irving, Texas school in September 2015. At the time of the incident, officials claimed that the device appeared to be a “hoax bomb.”

Mohamed Mohamed, whose family is Muslim, was suing the city of Irving and its school district, alleging his son’s civil rights were violated.

But U.S. District Judge Sam A. Lindsay on Thursday granted the city and school district’s motions to dismiss the Mohamed family’s lawsuit, saying there was no evidence Ahmed faced religious or racial discrimination.

On the contrary, not only was Ahmed not subjected to discrimination due to his Muslim faith, he was lauded as a budding genius for “inventing” an electronic clock and bringing it to school to show off his technological ability.

He was practically elevated to sainthood status by uninformed and misguided people who were anxious to prove that they were not guilty of Islamophobia. As usual, they went overboard.

Obama immediately jumped on the (Muslim) bandwagon. Ahmed was invited to the White House to meet President Obama who said that “we have to watch for and cultivate and encourage those glimmers of curiosity and possibility, not suppress them, not squelch them.”

He also received support from Hillary Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg who invited him to visit Facebook headquarters. Google invited Ahmed to attend its science fair, urging him to bring the “clock” along. Twitter offered him a chance to intern with them and the family was even invited to United Nations headquarters.

Close to a million people sent out tweets supporting Ahmed in less than 24 hours.

But, in case you’ve forgotten (or never knew) the real facts, here they are:

Our 14-year-old “genius” didn’t invent anything. He merely took apart an existing Micronta digital display clock (catalog number 63 756) sold by Radio Shack in the mid-80s and transplanted the parts into a Vaultz pencil case from Amazon.

His family now admits that though the clock was “partially” made of Radio Shack parts, the design was all his own.

The “design” was all his own? What pray tell, did Ahmed design? In fact, the parts in that pencil case were ALL from that Micronta clock, Ahmed added nothing. Consider that as you look at these images:

This first one shows the clock intact as it was sold to consumers.

And this second one shows the parts Ahmed removed from the Micronta housing and transferred to the pencil case. They’re all there, including the 9v battery backup connection and the snooze button.

In fact, apart from being a “genius inventor” as he was portrayed, it seems like a genius electronic inventor would have known that an AC-powered device with an exposed power transformer can be dangerous from both a fire and shock perspective. Note that the transformer appears loose within the case and I see no obvious insulation to prevent a short or a shock.

So, little Ahmed was raised to idol status on a false premise and his family, no doubt egged on by CAIR, was determined to take advantage of the school’s appropriate caution and mischaracterize it as Islamophobia in order to have grounds for a financial windfall – a lawsuit.

Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and the lawsuit was thrown out.

While re-reading a number of articles to refresh my memory on the Clock-Boy incident, I felt a lot of disgust towards so many who were quick to castigate the school and the police who, under the circumstances, did exactly what they should have done. The vast majority of those condemning the school and police made the assumption that Ahmed actually created the device from scratch and lauded him for his technological prowess. They bent over backward to praise Clock-boy as a budding genius. And, in my opinion, did so because of the slanted reporting that led them to believe that he was being persecuted simply because he was a 14-year-old Muslim genius.

The police immediately recognized that the device wasn’t a real bomb since there was no explosive material. But they did believe that it might be a “hoax bomb.” A Texas law makes it illegal to knowingly manufacture, sell, purchase, transport, or possess a device with intent to use the device to make another believe that the device is an explosive or incendiary device (i.e., a hoax bomb). Once they were satisfied with Ahmed’s answers and examining the device, they dropped the charges.

Ahmed’s clock could have been used to trigger explosives. While an AC-powered trigger would be unusual, it would still work. With the addition of some explosive material, Ahmed could have had an honest-to-goodness BOMB. Let’s not forget that when we blast the school teachers for misidentifying the device.

I sincerely hope that Ahmed’s 15-minutes of fame are done. I’m sick of hearing about him. His “invention” (the clock) was a fraud and I’m glad that common sense prevailed in court and the suit was dismissed. The millions of people who jumped on the Clock-Boy bandwagon did so simply because the Muslim card was played and they wanted the world to see how unbiased they were.


AN UPDATE with some never-before-seen photos and some additional information about the whole episode: click HERE.




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  1. Great post, Garnet.

    If you wrote a book about a boy who scares a school district with his hoax clock bomb and then becomes a national hero for one political party it would be denounced as too silly to be believed, and yet this is our reality.

    I did a little cheer to myself when I heard the news on the radio that clockboy’s suit was thrown out. It gives me hope to know there’s still a sliver of sanity out there.


  2. I agree with Kathy. They were looking for a lawsuit, or if there was no action, the next clock would have been a bomb.


  3. Our culture is in the dumps. This is just another example. #NoCommonSense

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  4. With the media so fixated on Trump, this is probably the last we’ll hear of clock-boy, the fraudulent little twerp.

    As we watched this story unfold, I’ve had this theory that he purposely made that clock look like a bomb, perhaps coaxed by his father, so they could cry Islamophobia and file a law suit. It didn’t exactly go as planned and now they’re not rich and famous, instead he’s just another nobody who had his 15 minutes.

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    • One of the articles I read exposed that many of the media pieces covering Clock-boy’s return STILL referred to a “clock that he constructed.” Either those outlets were complete dumbasses or they’re still pushing the “poor little Muslim teen” meme.


  5. On the upside, this dimwit and his grifter parents moved out of this country and back to Qatar, where they remain, hopefully forever.

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