No Politician Has Ever Been Treated Worse?

From:,  by John Hinderaker,  on May 17, 2017

Speaking at the Coast Guard Academy’s Commencement today, President Trump complained about his treatment by the press and others:

No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly.”

If we assume he is talking about American politicians, that is a true statement. The Democratic Party has never accepted the result of last year’s election. Democrats in the federal bureaucracy are leaking stories (sometimes false ones) to Democrats at the Washington Post, the New York Times and the Associated Press. The television networks are happy to pick up the cudgels for the Democrats, too, and the result is a seeming firestorm of controversy.

But none of this should be surprising. The problem is compounded by the fact that Trump has suffered plenty of self-inflicted wounds. To name just one example, during the campaign he went out of his way to insult John McCain. Now McCain is talking about Watergate. A number of chickens are coming home to roost.

During the campaign, I warned against nominating an amateur for president. The presidency, I wrote, is not an entry-level position. What we are seeing is partly the result of Trump’s unique personality, but I think it is more the consequence of his inexperience in politics.

But all is not lost. The intended audience for the Democrats’ lurid “news” stories is, in large part, weak-kneed Republicans in the House and the Senate. The Democrats are trying to knock them off their agenda, and tie both the administration and Congress up in knots, with constant hysteria and endless investigations. The proper response to that effort is not to be forced off course. Representatives and Senators–and the White House–need to get on with the business of governing.

The Democrats would love to drive Trump from office, but they can’t do it without the collaboration of Republicans. If Republicans focus on legislating rather than wringing their hands over the latest faux White House scandal, they can start making progress again.


Frankly, I agree with President Trump. I do believe that no president, in my lifetime, has ever treated with so little respect; and they’re not done yet, the opposition (once called the loyal opposition) will stop at nothing to inflict political damage to Donald Trump. It’s as much a knee-jerk reaction to the surprise failure of Hillary Clinton to win the election as it is dissatisfaction with Trump’s positions. The situation in which the democrats find themselves wasn’t supposed to happen. They should be heaping praise on President Clinton right now instead of lamenting her loss. So, rather than self-flagellation, they’ve determined to attack President Trump as a substitute for self-inflicted penance.

Of course, he’s far from blameless. Easily 50% of his faux pas are of his own making and were entirely preventable. But he has brought a couple of attributes to the Oval Office that are serving him well.  They are that he refuses to play the “political correctness” game and he is not easily intimidated – by anyone. He’s not nearly as bright as we were told by his supporters and he’s not as perceptive as he assured us he was when it came to picking “the smartest and brightest people to advise him.”

So while even those of us who voted for him aren’t necessarily enamored of him, he still is FAR better than the alternative was.

Thank God for Donald Trump, warts and all, he’s still better than Hillary.




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  1. Trump is rightly complaining that the media has drawn a bullseye on his back, but then…he keeps feeding them the ammunition. There’s only so much his supporters and advisors can do if he insists on aiding and abetting the enemy. It would be nice if Republicans could stand united against the Democrat wolves, but again this requires that Trump exert some self-discipline.


    • You’re so right. The media would be gunning for him even if he executed his presidential duties flawlessly. He just keeps on committing so many unforced errors, that their job is that much easier. You’d think that one day he’ll realize it and change his ways.

      On the other issue, the democrats have an enviable record of circling the wagons when necessary and working together. When the Republicans circle the wagons it’s so they can execute a circular firing squad. Each shooting the other. They’re like a herd of cats who can’t do anything in unison.


  2. I agree with both you and Hinderaker. This is exactly what I’ve been saying for the past few days and for over a year we’ve all agreed that Trump’s lack of political experience and savvy would work against him. I wish he would stop letting the Dems and the media push his buttons and just rise above it, but that’s not Trump.

    This will drag on for months to come and it’s exasperating when there is so much to be done and nobody can focus on the tasks at hand.


    • You know, I keep thinking that Trump can’t be a complete fool or he wouldn’t have been so successful. I just keep waiting for him to have a “light bulb” moment when he finally understands that his ordinary way to operating just isn’t going to be successful and he needs to change. I’m waiting, but I’m not holding my breath.


  3. Amen, Garnet. Absolutely.

    This is the new standard for the Dem/socialists, a state they’ve been evolving into for a few decades now. The fall of Nixon gave them a new weapon, and they’ve been building on it ever since. Ever-increasing shrillness and outrageousness as the boundaries kept getting pushed further away, until they now don’t even exist at all. ANYTHING goes.

    They really should take a pause and give this some thought. This country isn’t immune to armed conflict. In fact, it’s in our historical DNA if you consider the Revolution and the Civil War. And it’s OUR side which has all the guns, and the people with the experience using them.


    • That’s true, Brian, but you know that the last thing on their minds is that the country will explode into an armed conflict. They’ve just been so successful in spreading their bullshit around that they’ll continue until something stops it – it’s a problem of indoctrinating non-thinkers and God knows, we’ve got plenty of leftists “educating” our inert masses to believe that they’re fed. Until we can find a way to stop them or educate the inert dumbasses, we’re in deep shit.


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