Looking for Left / Right News Sources?

The following political scale of news sources was compiled by Sharyl Attkisson and published on her website. Ms. Attkisson is a highly respected author, investigative journalist, and TV personality and I, for one, have always been appreciative of her entire body of work. The following chart is about as accurate and informative as we’d expect from her and it’s interesting as well. Garnet92.

Where’s your favorite information source stand on the political scale?

I’ve updated the following subjective chart based on information compiled from various sources and your feedback. Some sources have shifted left or right, others have been added including: ESPN, McClatchy, the Federalist, Conservative Review, Washington Monthly, Twitchy, Gateway Pundit and Conservative Treehouse.

Please note that outlets on left and right sometimes publish material that’s on the opposite side of the political spectrum, or that has no political leaning at all. The placement is based on perceived overall tone and audience. Position on the chart doesn’t necessarily imply credibility or lack thereof. Sources on far right and far left have, in many instances, produced excellent, factually correct information at times.

I have loosely placed more traditional information sources in the top half of the chart working down toward aggregators, fact-checkers, opinion sites and less news-related sources. (This posed some position challenges since most of the traditional information sources are left-leaning.) I did not attempt to place individual programs or broadcasts.

Compiling such a chart is obviously difficult for many reasons, some of them having to do with space. The spacing should be considered relative and not an indicator of absolute position. A number of the information sources technically belong on top of one another.

You have contributed terrific ideas, such as sizing boxes based on audience and dividing into quadrants. This is a work in progress. Thanks for your input!

See any surprises? I’ll be sure to check out a few that I normally don’t visit to see if they warrant being on my news “playlist.”


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7 replies

  1. when the self-styled sources are ‘left – center – right’ you are still getting your dose of feudals information from the wreckage of the Paris Commune failure.


  2. Looks about right to me, and it’s a sobering reminder that we need to stop funding NPR with our tax dollars.


  3. Would move FOX a bit further left.
    And RED STATE further down


  4. No surprises that I see, except some aren’t as far left as I would have thought. Then there’s a few farther on the right than I would have thought too, so what do I know? Sharyl is one of the most trustworthy people/sources that I’ve seen, so her judgment is plenty good for me.

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