Trump Considering at Least Four People for FBI Director, Including Trey Gowdy

From:,  by David Rutz,  on May 12, 2017

President Trump is considering at least four people with law enforcement experience to replace James Comey as FBI director, according to a new Bloomberg report.

Among those being considered is House Benghazi Committee chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy (R., S.C.), a former federal prosecutor, and former Bush administration Justice Department official Alice Fisher, according to a White House official. Former Republican Rep. Mike Rogers and former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly are also on Trump’s list.

The list is likely to grow, according to the official:

Trump once called Gowdy’s Benghazi hearings a “disaster,” suggesting they fell short of producing enough damaging evidence against Clinton for her tenure as secretary of state during a 2012 attack in Libya that led to four American deaths. Gowdy supported Senator Marco Rubio in the 2016 Republican primary elections before ultimately supporting Trump as the nominee.

Fisher, the former Bush administration lawyer, is a partner with Latham & Watkins in Washington and focuses on white-collar and international criminal cases, according to the firm’s website.

Rogers retired from Congress in 2015 after seven terms to pursue a career in talk radio. He advised the Trump presidential transition team on national security issues but was asked to leave at about the same time New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was removed as head of the transition.

Rogers, who declined to comment, had criticized Trump’s unsubstantiated claim in March that Obama spied on him, saying on CNN that the president had “put another quarter in the conspiracy parking meter.”

Trump set off a political firestorm on Tuesday when he abruptly fired Comey. Conflicting explanations from the White House over why and how the firing came about have overshadowed the entire week in Washington.


I know, I know, I’ve been wrong about Gowdy before.

I assumed that he would eviscerate Hillary during the House Benghazi hearings and was disappointed that nothing came of it. Even though Gowdy was the committee chair and one would assume that he’d have some measure of control of the hearings, he was faced with stonewalling on every issue. Obviously, the democrats were in a shutdown mode and played defense to every move made by the Republicans, Gowdy included. They were determined that Hillary (due to become our next president) not be tainted by what happened at Benghazi, regardless of her complicity.

I believe that a committee chairman context was not an arena that played to Gowdy’s formidable skills. Though he was chairman, there were eleven other committee members. He was much more successful as a federal prosecutor when he was the primary “go to” guy. 

I also expect that with all he knows about her activities, he believes that Hillary was guilty as sin and she was insulated from any meaningful attacks by her democrat palace guard in the form of Elijah Cummings and his cronies. 

Would he like another crack at her? Ya think?

We’ve been led to believe that President Trump and Attorney General Sessions would leave the decision about whether to reopen an investigation on Hillary’s email shenanigans up to the new FBI Director. I am PRAYING that President Trump will name Gowdy to the post and give him an opportunity to set the record straight and finally send her to prison where she belongs.

A final thought: it might interest our readers to know how popular Trey Gowdy is. We posted a piece on Gowdy titled, “What You Should Know About Trey Gowdy” in December 2014. We still get hits on it just about every day. Since we published the piece, we’ve had 11,997 reads of it, with 80 so far today. Let’s face it, people just like Gowdy’s no-nonsense approach to interrogation and his commitment to seeing justice served.




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  1. Those stats on your Gowdy post are quite impressive, Garnet. I’m glad to know people are paying attention to him.

    I like Trey Gowdy a lot but was disappointed that he backed Marco Rubio for POTUS rather than Ted Cruz. I think he’d make a great FBI director but at the same time that would be a big loss for the House.

    I agree with your comment to Kathy about John Cornyn. He’s too middle of the road for the top job at the FBI, plus he’s getting a little old. There’s nothing wrong with old but I’d rather get some young blood in there and give some great, up and coming conservative a high-profiled job. How about Allen West?


    • Re: Gowdy’s stats – this has puzzled me for the past year? Throughout the year, even when his name wasn’t being mentioned in the press, there are still some views of that Gowdy piece almost every day. It makes sense that people are Googling his name when he’s in the news for some reason – but when I see no mention of him anywhere and yet there are STILL views, I wonder? I’ve even asked some of the commenters if they knew why people were accessing that post and there was never any real reason – they just like him?????


  2. Gowdy would be good as the Director of the FBI and it would put him in a position where he finally has some bite to go with that bark.

    Even if Gowdy had uncovered a mountain of damning evidence during the Benghazi investigation, then AG Lynch would not have pursued punishment for Hillary. Now with Jeff Sessions as AG we have an opportunity to complete the investigation and punish her and everyone else who were accomplices to that tragedy, including King Obama.

    I wonder if Gowdy is up for the pressure and the spotlight that goes with the director job, though. Considering all that has happened at the FBI, there will be continued scrutiny for a long time to come. I hope Trump asks him and he accepts.


    • As of this morning, there’s a longer list of candidates for the job and some of them are pretty good. I still would prefer Gowdy, but I’m afraid that some will hold the lack of anything definitive coming out of the Benghazi hearings against him and I’ll be surprised if Trump nominates him.

      Did you see that John Cornyn is being considered – that was disappointing to find his name among those being considered. I think I’d just as soon have Comey remain than to put the FBI under Cornyn.


      • Yes, I saw that and like you, I was disappointed to see his name on the list. Then, later today I saw a piece that said he’d already spoken with AG Sessions and was scheduled to meet with him today. I hope that meeting is to thank them for the offer and decline it.

        He’s been serving Texans (cough) since 2002, so I’m thinking he’s either holding out for McConnell’s job or planning on retiring soon. Accepting that position loses him both options, plus he’d be taking on responsibilities, unlike the gravy train he’s been on for years.

        If Trump is really offering him the job, that tells me Trump isn’t near as shrewd as he thinks he is, and other people think he is.

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