OMG, you’ve GOT to see this: SJW Mom Triggered by Confederate Rug – Shows Us How NOT to Fake a Hate Hoax

From:,  by Megan Fox,  on May 11, 2017

This sounds like a joke and really should be a joke, but is, in fact, a real event that happened in Portland (of course). Heather Franklin, a social justice warrior (SJW) who resides in Portland, went shopping at a local store and had a full-fledged flip out over a rug for sale that had a Confederate flag on it. Then she filmed it, complete with hysterical, contrived sobbing for all of us to laugh at. The sobbing began when a man she had just accused of being a racist and of enjoying “black rape” followed her out of the store and filmed her from a great distance. One can only surmise he was filming her to make sure she wasn’t doing damage to the property after verbally freaking out inside the store and trying to manufacture a hate crime.  The shameless lying in this video is absurd. See for yourself:

If you’re going to fake a hate crime, make sure you don’t do the following things:

1. Do not angrily confront anyone with children in tow

Franklin claims to be terrified of these men and yet she aggressively confronts them and films them while hurling insults at them. She thinks they are “racists” and people who support “hate symbols,” which leads one to believe she also thinks they are capable of great violence. Would you provoke violent racists while you have your children with you? I wouldn’t. So either she’s incredibly stupid or she knows these men aren’t dangerous at all and what she is doing is meant to intimidate and shame them. (Let’s also acknowledge that it can’t possibly be good for children to hear their mother sobbing and freaking out while she does absolutely nothing to reassure them. It’s hard to watch.)

2. Don’t lie about things that are verifiably untrue

When faking a hate hoax, make sure you edit out the parts of the video that prove you’re a liar. She lied about several things. First, she lied about the Confederate flags “hanging on the wall.” You’ll notice that in the video you can’t see any flags. That’s because there weren’t any on the wall like Franklin claimed. She might have gotten away with it if she hadn’t taken a picture of the flags and posted them on her Facebook page for anyone to see. Here is the “flag” she claims was displayed on the wall:

It it not a flag and it is not hanging on the wall. It’s a rug that is hanging in a rug rack with other rugs and it’s buried in the middle where she would have had to dig through them to find it. Then she lied about what the men said to her. We can clearly hear the man call her a “bit*h.” But when she describes what happens to her to a bystander, she decides to make it sound worse by saying he called her a “f***ing bit*h.” She also adds that they followed her around, which also doesn’t appear true when watching the video she made.

Then she lies about the man in the parking lot “approaching” her! Clearly, the man is filming her from about 5o feet away while standing absolutely still. He only moves once—when she dares him not to come any closer—and sarcastically takes one giant step forward like he’s playing Simon Says. It’s hilarious. This triggers the next mentally unstable reaction from the SJW.

3. If you can’t muster real tears, don’t bother

Her out-of-control response and fake crying are Razzie-worthy. She’s so “terrified” and scared for her life that she remembers to turn the camera around so we can all see her dry cheeks as she wails uncontrollably at an ear-splitting frequency. Then, when a good Samaritan comes over to assist her, she continues her bad acting and fake sobbing while her nose grows on camera as she starts recounting a bunch of stuff that didn’t happen, proving once again that SJWs always lie. 


Really, Ms. Franklin displays for all to see how the SJWs lie and exaggerate to embellish their version of an incident. She said “f***ing bit*h” over and over and maybe I missed it, but I didn’t hear anyone call her that at all. I did hear the guy call her a bit*h – that only shows that WE are honest and truthful when describing people who act like bit*hes. If she was so offended by being called a profanity, why did she continue to use the term herself, over and over?

Any reasonable person, even if upset by seeing a confederate flag, would probably have left the store, packed up her kids and promptly exited the premises, vowing never to return. But what did Ms. SJW do? She hung around for several minutes yelling at the guy who was filming her from a good 50ft away as if he was in her face, invading her personal space.

Frankly, I didn’t see any evidence of threatening activity by any of the store’s employees or shoppers. Yes, perhaps the guy shouldn’t have provoked her by calling her a bit*h, but that’s pretty damned mild for a profanity and, for my money, she had it coming anyway.

I’d love to hear a narrative of the incident related by Ms. Franklin, I’ll bet that her description will have little basis in fact when she relates it to her other SJW cronies. It’s good that it was captured so the REAL story can be told. She, like other SJWs make it a practice to lie to make their story sound more repugnant.



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  1. Well, I guess there’s one more “lesson to be learned”: don’t be a “social justice” asshole and act like an obnoxious idiot in public if you’re gonna melt like a snowflake when people tell you to fuck off in response.

    She cracked me up!

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  2. Once again the reality of who the Left really are does not comport to the myth of who they pretend to be. They’re supposed to be the ones who REALLY care about the children, but Heather Franklin can’t be bothered to take her little ones home before picking her fight with the store. They supposedly believe in not being judgmental, unless it’s THEM judging someone else. And how much should we bet that this loon who supposedly abhors anything symbolizing violence wouldn’t concern herself with the many art stores who sell reproduction Andy Warhol prints of Mao Tse Tung, the greatest mass murderer of all time and favorite idol of the leftist elite. She’s a typical liberal bully who believes she’s entitled to push around anyone who won’t conform to her sensibilities but who is righteously indignant that anyone should dare to push back.

    I’m glad her photos are all over the internet and I hope that those who are offended by her behavior will follow her lead and not be afraid to express their anger and disdain for her if they should ever come across her. That’s the precedent she set and she should have to live by her own rules. Her children would probably be better off in foster care.


    • Agreed CW, typical leftist reactions all and she complains about being called a bitch over and over yet she’d be quick to yell at someone using that word in front of her “small children.” The left are nothing if not hypocritical.


  3. Pardon my crudeness, but that gal needs bitch-slapping. Repeatedly. Not everything in this world is going to suit you lady, so get over it.

    People like her just look for things to get upset about, instead of having the common sense to ignore the things they don’t like or that they disagree are appropriate.

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    • You’re right, Kathy – that woman represents a whole segment of today’s society that is just looking for something to complain about – and they’re all liberal lefties. You or I would have just left the store and shopped somewhere else, that idiot just had to complain loudly and try to convince others to boycott the store because SHE didn’t like a Confederate flag rug.


  4. But what gets me is the store owner backed her, fired the employees and sent the rug back.
    Excuse my French but crap no balls to stand up for his empyees that did nothing wrong ( except to call the bitch a bitch after she used it several times) I mean you really think any court would side with her after this video? Oops I forgot this is Portland.

    What also gets me is how this women can yell racism when she’s white? What
    This is what our country has become and us in the middle better get off our collectives asses and stop this crap


    • Did you see that the store owner FIRED the employees? I read that they were on unpaid leave. At any rate, that store owner shouldn’t have reprimanded the employees at all – the woman was a real bitch.


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