When Is It OK To Kill Whites?

From: theamericanconservative.com,  by Rod Dreher,  on May 8, 2017

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Tommy Curry is an associate professor at Texas A&M. He is black and specializes in Critical Race Theory. Prof. Curry does not limit his teaching to the classroom. He has a strong presence on YouTube.

In this brief interview, he discusses when it is appropriate to kill white people:

“In order to be equal, in order to be liberated, some white people might have to die,” he says.

In this interview with a blogcast called Context Of White Supremacy (slogan: “White People Are The Problem”), Curry argues that whites cannot be ignorant of racism (their own or anyone else’s) and that black people who assume that whites are educable on racism are fools. He puts down different black theorists, including Martin Luther King, for actually thinking that white people can be regarded as reasonable. It’s a remarkable thing: a philosophy professor who denies that a people are capable of rational thought because of their race.

In this talk, Curry denounces the “integrationist” model of race relations and describes the black-white relationship as one of power. “White people don’t want to question their physical life and certainly not their own racial existence,” he says. “Because that means they would have to accept that death could come for them at any moment, the same way non-white people have to accept that. And they don’t want to question their existence, they’re not willing to give up their existence. They’ll hold on to their white life just as much as an [unclear] will hold on to a crack pipe. They are fundamentally addicted to the purity of what they see whiteness to be.”

What does any of this racist bilge mean? To prove his own human worth to Tommy Curry, a white person has to despise himself? Good luck with that, Tommy Curry.

The white nationalist spokesman Richard Spencer came to Texas A&M and gave a speech. You can watch it here. I did but didn’t stick around for Q&A. It was far, far milder than anything Tommy Curry has said on his internet recordings. TAMU changed the rules for campus speakers in response to Spencer’s appearance there. But Tommy Curry can say anything he likes about the manifold wickedness of white people? Is that it?

I wonder what it is like to be a white student studying under Dr. Curry in his classroom?


There is no other way to describe this fellow except as a “racist black supremacist.” So I’m supposed to accept him as an equal?

Perhaps if I were a racist white supremacist that might make sense, but I’m an ordinary white guy who has been trying my best to view black folks as being just like me only with darker skin – and now I’m supposed to accept this RACIST black agitator as my equal? I’m not agitating for slavery or for “keeping the black man down,” or anything of the sort. Up until Obama widened the gap between the races, I thought that we were actually coming together and in a few years would achieve real parity – racial harmony, as it were.

But over the past few years, it’s become apparent that while most whites were prepared to accept racial parity, activist blacks learned that they could capitalize on some white people’s misplaced guilt over slavery and segregation and use it to their advantage. And take advantage of it, they have. We’ve been seeing black activists becoming more brazen in their demands and unfortunately, in some cases, being rewarded for outlandish behavior by getting what they demanded. We’re seeing blacks demanding separate housing for black students attending college and even separate graduation ceremonies – going BACK to segregation? And they’re not only demanding diversity training for new students – I can see that – but they’re demanding that THEY design the training.

I shudder to believe that this racist agitator is actually spouting his racial hatred in one of our Texas universities as an “Associate Professor.” I don’t want one penny of my tax dollars going to support obviously and openly racist instruction in a public state-funded university. No one would accept a white professor “educating” our young people on the subject of black inferiority and when it is acceptable to kill blacks and, by God, a black professor shouldn’t get away with it either.

This had better stop soon or there will be an honest-to-goodness race war.





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  1. Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to WriterBeat.com? I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no fee, I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and I liked what you wrote. If “OK” please let me know v7ia email.



  2. And he makes $86,274 a year from A&M to spread this kind of dangerous garbage.

    As the parent of a son who attends A&M (graduating this December, thank god), I am beyond outraged. I will send an email or letter to the university president, but we all know to whom the administrators are beholding, and it isn’t the parents or the majority of students. It’s the Left in all its various forces: big donors, government check-writers and campus activists. This video is from 2012 and yet the guy’s still teaching there. What does that say?

    The whole game is rigged to allow the Left to get away with this and they know it. My son wants to be an aerospace engineer. He can’t do that without a college degree in hand. Good luck finding an affordable college (with a top engineering program) that doesn’t have this crap. The ONLY solution is to get taxpayer money out of the education system and – just as importantly – out of everywhere else it isn’t supposed to be, because that will eliminate job opportunities for people who want to waste their time studying useless topics like “critical race theory” and anything else taught by little Tommy Curry. The free market has a beautiful way of weeding out the navel-gazers and professional trouble-makers.

    Get our tax dollars out of the universities NOW.


  3. Seeing guys like Curry and the black college students demanding segregation, it makes me wonder if integration was such a good idea after all. After being set free, maybe our ancestors should have instructed them to colonize somewhere and leave whites along. Tribal conflict has been a problem for centuries, so maybe it’s time to separate the tribes?

    They don’t like us anyway – in fact some of them hate us enough to want us dead just for being white, so why force them to integrate? Let them go live in their own little world, build their own schools, factories and houses. They can create black law enforcement so they never have to worry about being shot by a white cop. They can create their own government and food stamp programs, since ours was all brought about by white men.

    Yes, that’s a huge generalization, but it’s a better solution than facing the possibility of another civil war.


  4. So why is this man still teaching? If he wants to be a racist on YouTube, fine, good luck with that. But doing it on my tax dollars absolutely infuriates me.


    • Absolutely agree, nocultsclub, and the most disturbing thing is one of the words you used – TEACHING. Can you imagine what this lunatic is teaching his students? I’d bet on every kind of subversion you can think of perhaps even extending to violent overthrow – wouldn’t surprise me.

      Thanks for your comment, by the way!


  5. So I’m not willing to give up my existence? I’m afraid not I’m not going anywhere until God says so


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