Misplaced Empathy

Perhaps someone smarter than me can explain the reason that a growing number of local governmental entities are committing to extend benefits to illegal aliens that are not available to U.S. citizens?

I was just reading an article by Carol Brown on the American Thinker blog wherein she wrote about Sacramento, CA going above and beyond sanctuary city policy to approve the use of taxpayer dollars to support the legal defense of illegal aliens facing deportation.

She also mentioned several more occasions where local officials have made provisions to assist illegals with legal bills arising out of their illegal status.

The following are quotes from Ms. Brown’s article:

Officials in Michigan’s Washtenaw County gave initial approval to pay illegal alien’s legal bills with taxpayer funds.

Proposals to directly or indirectly pay for legal assistance to illegal immigrants have also gained approval in Providence, R.I.; Austin, Texas; San Francisco, Calif.; and Newark, N.J.

Even in the small New York city of Ithaca, politicians are gearing up to spend emergency funds to help illegal immigrants taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, according to The Ithaca Voice.

And on a broader scale, New York lawmakers recently signed off on a statewide legal defense fund, while California legislators are considering a bill creating a fund that could carry a price tag of up to $12 million per year.

It would be one thing if these empathetic local governments had surplus budget funds left over after satisfying all of the basic human needs for their constituents, but you and I both know that’s almost surely not the case.

What would you bet that there are parents in need of daycare help, streets and streetlights in need of repair, and homeless in need of shelter, jobless that are looking for help while they’re unemployed, and countless other places where the entity’s “discretionary” funds could be more prudently spent than on non-citizens who are in the country illegally?

These actions appear to be spreading like a virus, infecting those leftist bureaucrats who see themselves as good Samaritans by helping those less fortunate. That would be a good thing if they weren’t so overcome with empathy that they’re ignoring their own citizen constituents in need of help in favor of the current leftist cause du jour: undocumented immigrants illegal aliens.

These bureaucrats, so overcome with a need to help, wouldn’t be so quick to extend a helping hand if the illegals were vying for their jobs. They’re only being so magnanimous because they believe themselves to be untouchable by the illegals – they are safe in their bureaucratic cocoons. But what about teens looking for work or uneducated job seekers who find the illegals in competition for minimum wage jobs? Wouldn’t those funds now being earmarked for helping non-citizen illegals be better spent on actual, documented, legal American citizens?


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  1. Forget using ANY MORE TAX MONEY TO HELP ANYONE! How about letting us keep our money, the very life blood of our bodies, our work! How in tarnation did we begin to give any moneys to illegals????? How did this start???
    I told my cousin that much of our welfare goes to illegals. She was indignant and said she didn’t believe me.
    We cannot feed, clothe and house the world! (Forget about the health care and schooling…)


  2. Why do liberals want to subject the U.S. to global governance when any sane person should want to preserve their own sovereignty at any cost?

    Why do liberals defend Obamacare when their own healthcare costs are rising and it’s obviously about to collapse?

    Why do they defend the War on Poverty when it costs trillions and doesn’t reduce poverty?

    Why do liberals support BLM when that group attacks and undermines the police protection liberals are paying for?

    Why? Why? Why? To understand is the liberal mentality is the eternal quest of conservatives everywhere.

    Liberals are children, and like most children real empathy plays no role in the choices they make. Instead they’re motivated by money, power, ego gratification and the fun of defying the adults (i.e. the conservatives), not necessarily in that order. Illegals can’t vote but wherever you find a large population of illegals you’ll probably find a large population of legal immigrants who do vote. Liberals bask in the glory of being popular among their own kind, and if defying common sense draws attention to them – great! They’ll proudly own the insanity. That’s the mentality we’re up against.


  3. I’ve been wondering the same thing Garnet – what’s up with all the defiance of our laws in support of law-breakers? Maybe they see themselves as the little David against the Goliath government and they feel the need to be the hero? I dunno, but thank goodness there’s people like our Governor Abbott who are offsetting it by cracking down on uncooperative law enforcement.

    I saw today where Sacramento CA spent $1million to give cars to residents of public housing, and it’s to include insurance, fuel and maintenance. Considering how they take such good care of free housing, it makes perfect sense to give them a car too, right? It’s insanity to the nth power.


  4. Again it’s all about power and control and voter fraud. These politicians know that the illegals will always vot democract whether they can vote or not and if they are allowed to vote.
    They want the power it’s about identity politics

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