Will the Second Civil War Turn Violent?

From: townhall.com,  by Dennis Prager,  on May 2, 2017

In a recent column, I made the case that Americans are fighting the Second Civil War. The deep chasm that has opened up between the left — not liberals, the left — and the rest of the country is so wide and so unbridgeable that there is no other way to describe what is happening. But I noted that at least thus far, unlike the First Civil War, this war is not violent.

Unfortunately, there is now reason to believe that violence is coming. In fact, it’s already here. But as of now, it’s only coming from one direction.

Left-wing thugs engage in violence and threats of violence with utter impunity. They shut down speakers at colleges; block highways, bridges and airport terminals; take over college buildings and offices; occupy state capitals; and terrorize individuals at their homes.

In order to understand why more violence may be coming, it is essential to understand that left-wing mobs are almost never stopped, arrested or punished. Colleges do nothing to stop them, and civil authorities do nothing to stop them on campuses or anywhere else. Police are reduced to spectators as they watch left-wing gangs loot stores, smash business and car windows, and even take over state capitals (as in Madison, Wisconsin).

It’s beginning to dawn on many Americans that mayors, police chiefs and college presidents have no interest in stopping this violence. Left-wing officials sympathize with the lawbreakers, and the police, who rarely sympathize with thugs of any ideology, are ordered to do nothing by emasculated police chiefs.

Consequently, given the abdication by all these authorities of their role to protect the public, some members of the public will inevitably decide that they will protect themselves and others.

This ability of the left to get away with violence is one of the gravest threats to American society in its modern history. Since the Civil War, I can think of only two comparable eruptions of mob violence that authorities allowed. One was when white mobs lynched blacks. The other was the rioting by blacks, such as the Los Angeles riots 25 years ago, and the recent riots in Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, Maryland.

Today, authorities in what we once proudly proclaimed the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” are intimidated to the point of paralysis.

And exactly what do they fear? Not violence — they have made peace with left-wing violence. What they fear is the left-wing media. If the Black Lives Matter movement is forcefully prevented from blocking tens of thousands of cars from entering or leaving San Francisco, the police and local authorities will be labeled racist by black leaders, a smear that will then be echoed by The New York Times and rest of the left-wing media.

Likewise, if a college president requests enough police to come to a college campus so that a Heather Mac Donald, a Charles Murray or an Ann Coulter can deliver a lecture, some of the student-gangsters engaged in violence might be injured — and that college president will then be pilloried by the mainstream media.

Furthermore, left-wing violence doesn’t only succeed where it takes place. It succeeds where nothing happens. The left can now shut down places and events just by threatening violence. This is what happened last week in Portland, Oregon. One leftist called in a threat to the 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade, saying that the Republican Party contingent marching in the parade would be beaten up. The business leaders organizing the parade canceled the whole event for the first time in its 10-year history. If they’d had any reason to believe that the police would have adequately protected the marchers in left-wing Portland, one assumes (hopes?) that they would not have canceled the parade.

An email sent to parade organizers perfectly summed up the left’s dominance of America through violence. It said, “You have seen how much power we have downtown and that the police cannot stop us from shutting down roads so please consider your decision wisely.”

Meanwhile, the press lies about alleged white supremacists in President Trump’s administration and an alleged massive surge in anti-Semitism in order to do what the left has done since Lenin: blame others while it alone organizes violence.

So, here’s a prediction: If college presidents, mayors and police chiefs won’t stop left-wing mobs, other Americans will. I hope this doesn’t happen, because electing conservative Republicans and not donating money to colleges will be more effective. But it is almost inevitable.

Then the left-wing media — the mainstream media — will enter hysteria mode with reports that “right-wing fascists” are violently attacking America.

And that’s when mayors and college presidents will finally order in the police.


Like Mr. Prager, I too am very concerned that a day will come (and soon), when conservatives will reach a tipping point and will fight back. And that’s when the s**t will hit the fan.

Unlike the Republican establishment in D.C. who are too “whipped” to fight back against the liberal left democrats, ordinary conservatives WILL counter the seemingly unabated escalation of violence by the left and respond in kind. It’s my belief that conservatives are, as a group, more dedicated to peace, law, and order and will suffer being pushed around until we’ve had enough and will then rout the left with overwhelming force.

Conservatives are the soldiers, the military whose internal fortitude has kept our country free. They are those brave men and women who will fight our enemies, foreign or domestic, to ensure the freedoms guaranteed us by our Constitution.

I know that I’m fed up with what’s going on at our colleges and universities and in our left-leaning cities. The left has become embolden by the lack of pushback and will continue to exhibit their anarchistic behavior as long as they’re unchallenged. They are cowards and they act just like cowards who will push and push to gain the advantage over what they perceive to be a weaker foe. They will crumble when confronted with equal force. They’re not the warriors who fight the country’s battles, they’re the “peaceniks” and draft-evaders who, when they’re confronted by a determined foe, will cower and hide. 

Watch them dissipate and disappear when conservatives finally have had enough and fight back. 

Things may get nasty when our warriors finally take the fight to them. This is not something that will be good for the country, but something that will have been made necessary by the overreach of the anarchists who have come to believe that their tactics will win the “battle” against capitalism, the Constitution, and our American way of life.

Mark my words; they will NOT win.



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  1. Prager’s right: the police will not be called in until Americans decide they’ve had enough of this bullying and decide to fight back and then THEY, not the radicalized bullies, will come under attack by the police. That’s what the Left is counting on.

    I agree with you that if conservatives decide do fight back en force the Left will not win. The problem is that it’s much harder to organize people on the Right, as no one wants to be the first to go out there on his own and get the party started at such great personal risk, understandably. I have mixed feelings about what is the best way to handle this. Trump could send in the National Guard, but we know the media will spin this as a racist, authoritarian put down of dissent and it may embolden the radicals and strengthen Democrat sympathy that much more.

    Instead I recommend playing this game of chess the way the Left would play it. What we ultimately need is to turn the tide of public sentiment – including Democrats – against the radical troublemakers. We’ve already seen a bit of that with some prominent liberals (Bill Maher, Bernie Sanders) defending Ann Coulter and rebuking the violent protesters. More will come on board if we bide our time and let local leadership and police forces continue down the path of failing to do their jobs. As people in San Francisco and Baltimore and Berkeley get fed up with having their streets blocked and their stores looted and looking like idiots to the rest of the country their dissatisfaction (and the fear of not being re-elected) may eventually force their leftist leaders to do their jobs or to be ousted. Trump can tweet or otherwise use his podium to say: “I am ready to help the city of Berkeley whenever their Mayor/Governor decides to do the right thing for the citizens and calls to ask for my help. Until that happens I am going to assume that the mayor and the citizens of Berkeley [et al] are okay with being bullied and being denied the right to enjoy free speech.” If the citizens of Berkeley are indeed fed up with what’s going on they will pressure the Mayor to ask for help or, better yet, get themselves a new mayor. If they’re okay with being victimized by the radicals, they’ll get what they deserve with the rest of the nation watching and rethinking where they stand lest the violence come to their own town.

    You should always let your enemy dig their own grave if they’re stupid enough to do it.


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