Baltimore warns prosecutors to “think twice” before charging illegal immigrants

From:,  by Jazz Shaw,  on Apr 29, 2017

It almost pains me to bring this up on the same day that I finally found some good news out of Baltimore, but this has far more to do with the municipal management team than the cops on the beat. We’re once again veering back to the ongoing saga of so-called sanctuary cities figuring out ways to not cooperate with immigration officials in matters of law enforcement. One of the key sticking points for these liberal municipal leaders is that ICE is already deporting some illegals who are only guilty of “minor crimes.” Never ones to be short of outside the box thinking when tackling problems, the city’s State’s Attorney Office has come up with a real brainstorm. ICE won’t be able to pick them up if we don’t charge them with the crimes in the first place. Nope.. this isn’t even a joke. (Baltimore Sun)

The Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office has instructed prosecutors to think twice before charging illegal immigrants with minor, non-violent crimes in response to stepped up immigration enforcement by the Trump administration.

Deputy State’s Attorney Michael Schatzow, in a memo sent to all staff Thursday and obtained by The Sun, wrote that the Justice Department’s deportation efforts “have increased the potential collateral consequences to certain immigrants of minor, non-violent criminal conduct.”

“In considering the appropriate disposition of a minor, non-violent criminal case, please be certain to consider those potential consequences to the victim, witnesses, and the defendant,” Schatzow wrote.

There’s a fairly clear line between “defiant resistance to Trump” and going completely around the bend. Baltimore is boldly striking out into uncharted territory in the latter category. It’s one thing to refuse to cooperate with ICE in matters of detainers, sharing information and all the rest. It’s an entirely different ball game to decide that you can avoid attracting the attention of federal immigration officers by deciding not to prosecute criminals, no matter how “serious” the crimes may be. And who thought this up? The article cites the Deputy State’s Attorney as having written the memo but you know this didn’t happen without the seal of approval of Marilyn Mosby. (The actual State’s Prosecutor of Freddie Gray fame.)

Let’s think about that for a moment. In other words, for some of these comparatively low level crimes, the city wants prosecutors to go after and punish actual citizens of the country who may have run afoul of the law, but those who compound the issue by knowingly being in the country illegally to begin with are given a pass. Are the actual citizens in Baltimore who pay the taxes which fund these officials listening to this?

And what sort of crimes are we talking about here? Obviously it’s not jaywalking or parking tickets because prosecutors at that level don’t wind up getting involved in such nuisance issues. For these purposes they want to focus on “minor, non-violent criminal cases.” One could imagine that might include petty theft or any burglary which doesn’t rise in value to the grand theft arena. Perhaps passing bad checks? These are the sorts of things most any of us would wind up in front of a judge for. We might not go to jail, but would probably at least be paying a fine and possibly some sort of probation. But if you happen to be an illegal alien residing in Baltimore, congratulations! You’ve pretty much got a free pass after this. Snatch all the purses you like because even if you get caught there won’t be any consequences.

We’re talking about officers of the court who are charged with upholding the law. And they are seriously cautioning the staff to consider not prosecuting people who are suspected of these crimes on the basis of the fact that they are already committing a crime by being here illegally. If you are a citizen or lawful immigrant living in Baltimore you should be outraged by this. But if you keep electing these same people who pull these sorts of stunts over and over again I have zero sympathy for you at this point.


Would someone please tell me how people who sneaked into the U.S. ILLEGALLY (and have no right to be here) are now going to be treated as “most favored persons” (MFPs) in Baltimore? According to this story, illegal aliens who commit a “minor, non-violent” crime there are likely to be given a pass since the imposition of a conviction could open them to deportation (and God knows, illegal aliens should be treated with kid gloves). Whereas we citizens, born here, paid taxes here, served time in our military here, may still be prosecuted for a crime that an illegal alien will get a “get out of jail free” card for. Is this what masquerades as common sense in Baltimore these days?

I wonder if the illegal alien community recognizes how much deference they’re being shown by the idiot liberal left faction in America? The left already wants to encourage them to come to the United States (forget those pesky immigration laws). Come here and get subsidized housing, foods, education, driver’s licenses (and if the left has their way, a vote in our elections).

It is downright painful to watch some people exhibit assinine behavior – illogical behavior – and actually be serious in their statements and actions, as if they were of sound mind – well, I guess they think that they are thinking rationally. There seems to be a lot of that going around in Baltimore these days.


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  1. I think Marilyn Mosby is already in some hot water over her actions regarding the Freddie Gray charges, so once her higher-ups hear about this, she could be in even bigger trouble. As wacko as California is, even they haven’t gone to this extreme.


  2. Wonder what the state of Maryland thinks of this? They are a vey liberal state BUT they have a Republican governor. Another action like Governor Greg Abbott of TX? Probably not. But the state might have a bit more sense than these idiots in Baltimore.


    • Somebody needs to check the water supply in Baltimore, it seems they’re moving further left each day. It’s gotta be something in the air or water affecting people and turning them into blathering idiots.


  3. There’s only one solution to the madness that’s going on in cities like Baltimore where this fad of self-destruction threatens to imperil all of us and that is for Trump to say:

    “That’s it, now ALL illegal aliens have to go. I tried to be a nice and focus on the criminals but since cities like Baltimore won’t cooperate and are willing to endanger us all with their foolishness it’s time to get really tough. We are now going to double our efforts to find every illegal immigrant and deport them regardless of whether or not they’ve kept their hands clean and you can thank the radicals in Baltimore and around the country for that.”

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    • While I agree that is a worthy tactic, we both know that it ain’t gonna happen. We (the country) doesn’t have the wherewithal to deport them if we could identify them. I just think that we need to get serious about deporting those with criminal records (as we’re supposedly doing) and begin making a dent in the overall number remaining. Just Trump’s actions have already made a massive change in the number coming across the border and that’s a good thing.


  4. I live in Baltimore…These liberal politicians better think twice before they put my family in danger…If any of my family becomes a victim of violence at the hands of an illegal I WILL seek retribution…on those who allowed them stay in my country..


    • Welcome to PT, muleskinner, I’d feel the same way if I lived there. I lived in St. Louis for a couple of years and I don’t remember the local government being so liberal then (but that was a long time ago).


  5. Possibly voting? Your kidding me. They’re already voting. You cannot tell me that there is not voter fraud and I truly believe that a couple million voted in California.
    The liberals only want power and control. They don’t care if anything else or the consequences of anything as long as they can get the vote and be in power


    • Of course, we know that some few are voting, but they’ve not been unleashed so that they ALL vote. The liberals know that if ALL of the illegals vote, they’ll whip us in any voting precinct where they reside in significant numbers. With the way that the left is willing to do anything to win, if they do gain control of Congress and the presidency again, that may be IT for us.


  6. unfortunately, nothing surprises me anymore.


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