Trump’s New EO Demands Accountability in the VA

By Kristina Wong, 4-27-17, at Breitbart:

President Trump on Thursday signed an executive order creating an office of accountability and whistle-blower protection at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The order establishes a specific office that will identify barriers preventing the VA from firing employees who are not performing. The office will report directly to VA Secretary David Shulkin in order to speed up that process.

“This executive order makes it clear that we will never ever tolerate substandard care for our great veterans. With the creation of this office, we are sending a strong message: Those that fail our veterans will be held, for the first time, accountable,” Trump said at a press conference.

“At the same time, we will reward and retain the many VA employees that do a fantastic job, of which we have many. And I will tell you, some of the doctors in the VA — I’ve heard it from so many people — they’re the finest in the world; these are great, great people,” he added.

Trump also said whistle-blowers would be protected. The VA was rocked by scandal in 2014 when CNN and other media outlets revealed that VA employees were trying to hide long wait times for first appointments, and that some veterans may have died waiting for care.

“We have to get our vets to those doctors, but we have some of the finest doctors in the world. We have also had some of the most honest employees and some of them expose wrongdoing, and we’ll make sure that they’re protected,” Trump said.

Trump said he was also calling on the Senate to pass legislation to give Shulkin the authority he needs to ensure all VA employees are “held accountable for how they treat veterans.”

American Veterans (AMVETS), a veteran service organization, praised the executive order. AMVETS said in a statement:

AMVETS is fully supportive of POTUS signing an order allowing the formation of an office that will terminate irrelevant VA employees, create a sense of increased accountability, and also protect those who report on changes that need to be made in the organization. This is another step forward in bridging trust between the VA and our veterans.

Trump said the administration has imposed new standards of accountability and transparency, including a new website that publishes wait time at every VA hospital. He said it has also implemented same-day mental health services at all 168 VA medical centers so veterans in crisis can find help without delay.

He also pointed to his signing of the Veterans Choice Improvement Act:

Very proud of that — so that more veterans can see the doctor of their choice and don’t have to travel long distances or wait forever for V.A. care,” he said.

He said already this year, the CHOICE program has received 42 percent more approvals to see doctors of their choosing.

And he said, “That’s just the very beginning of what we have planned. So much more is coming.”

“Our veterans have secured this nation with their blood, sweat and tears, and we will not let them down. These are our great, great people. We will always stand with those that stood for freedom and who stood for us. They have protected us. They have made it all possible. Now we’re going to protect and take care of them,” he said.


This admin’s new attitude of appreciation for our vets is refreshing and Trump is taking great steps to undo much of O’s ‘legacy.’ However, I don’t think adding on more people-watchers is a good solution. Unless the staff of this new committee is transferring from another department, it increases government cost and adds more personnel to the payroll.

Cleaning house at the VA and improving veterans’ health care is the responsibility of the newly sworn-in VA Secretary David Shulkin. If Trump has chosen the right man for this job, then we shouldn’t need this new office of accountability or the associated costs.

There is one bright spot that I see in this –

“Trump said he was also calling on the Senate to pass legislation to give Shulkin the authority he needs to ensure all VA employees are “held accountable for how they treat veterans.”

I interpret that to mean Trump wants to give department heads the authorization to fire employees who aren’t doing their jobs. It’s ludicrous that government employees can’t be fired and it will take an act of Congress to change that, but hopefully the Senate will create such legislation. It could be one of the best tools in the drawer for shrinking our overly bloated government.


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  1. It’s pretty obvious that there wasn’t any real mission at the VA. I don’t know why the well-being of our vets wasn’t a high priority, but apparently, it never was. Trump has talked a good game relative to veterans while campaigning and now he’s taken some actions to support his words. If he is serious and follows through, the whole mindset can and will change. I know that the VA is a mega-bureaucracy, but if the workers know that top management REQUIRES quality treatment for our vets, it will be so.


  2. I’m not holding my breath. The VA has been a cancer, metastatic cancer. Read a history of veteran services here in this country. Started before the Revolutionary War! In 1958 we extended benefits to Confederate soldiers-interesting stuff.
    I’ll pray congress will act but I don’t hold much hope in that either. We’re a sorry nation that can’t care for true patriots in need.


  3. CW, you probably didn’t intend for your response to be funny, so I hope you don’t mind that I laughed when you mentioned intelligent safeguards right after saying it’s government-run. We can only have one or the other. 🙂

    I do agree though, that we need to do something other than just throw more money at it.


  4. The speed with which Trump has acted to try and solve the problems with the V.A. stands in stark contrast to the way our veterans were ignored by the “caring” liberal president, Barack Obama, who was too busy diverting our tax dollars to secure the approval of his growing constituency of freeloading sheep. Nice guy, that Obama.

    I do hope that the Trump administration can get a good handle on providing care to our veterans but I also hope that this isn’t going to be just another case of the gov’t throwing vast amounts of money at a problem with no real long-term plan. Any gov’t-run healthcare system is naturally going to be fraught with problems, and the system must include intelligent safeguards if it’s going to work over the long run.

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