Convenience Store Clerk Defends Herself from Armed Robber

By AWR Hawkins, 4-26-17, at Breitbart:

A 7-Eleven clerk who stepped outside for a smoke break Monday ended up in a gun fight that cost a robbery suspect his life.

The incident occurred in St. Louis around 3:50 a.m.

According to the New York Post, the 35-year-old female clerk stepped outside for a cigarette and an armed suspect allegedly approached and tried to rob her. The female clerk pulled her own gun and the two exchanged fire, with the clerk “[shooting] the [suspect] in the chest, arm, and thigh.”

The suspect–identified only as a 30-year-old male–died later at St. Louis University Hospital.

The female clerk was also wounded, having been shot twice in the leg. She was hospitalized in stable condition.

Co-workers at the 7-Eleven said the female clerk has been with the store for years but now has a new nickname–they are going to call her “She-ro.”


None of these convenience stores keep much cash on hand for this very reason, and it’s not likely that a clerk working the late shift is going to be carrying much cash either. You have to wonder about these guys’ rationalization process when they think that risking their life and possibly the life of the victim, for a few measly dollars is worth it.

Cue the mama ‘he was a good boy’ statement to the media immediately following the incident.

Kudos to the clerk, who’s obviously a better shot than the robber was. I’d say give her a raise.



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  1. Talk about a dumbass! An armed robbery of a 7-Eleven store clerk – not the store – just the clerk? Was the robber expecting a life-changing financial haul from this convenience store clerk? He obviously didn’t have the intellectual wherewithal to weigh his chances of getting dead versus a ten or twenty dollar haul – the human race is better off without him.

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  2. Burn his body and bury his ashes in an unmarked grave.

    Let’s hear it for all the she-ros of the world!

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  3. I love it when we are spared the expense of trial and incarceration

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