Liberal Journalists Are Suffering From Trumporrhea

I’ve written before about Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) and anyone who refuses to believe that it really exists simply isn’t paying attention (or perhaps is afflicted by the disorder themselves).

I was reading an excellent article by Thomas Lifson this morning wherein he was confirming that TDS was widespread among DC Beltway journalists. A longtime member of Team Hillary confessed that many of Hillary’s journalist supporters actually exhibited physical symptoms related to the malady.

While being interviewed, she confirmed that many of her circle of friends suffered such debilitating mental stress from Trump’s election that eventually exhaustion, insomnia, and gastrointestinal disorders ensued.

Refusing to admit to being deranged, they chose to characterize the sickness as Trumporrhea.

That seems appropriate as they’re equating our recently elected president (whom they hate with a white-hot passion) to foul excrement, a psychological tactic that allows them to accept their own state of disturbance while blaming it on something over which they had no control.

It was an involuntary infection of their psyche by dark and evil forces brought about by the loss of an election by their sovereign queen, Hillary, to a reality show clown with zero political experience and a penchant for outlandish Twittering.

It was more than any Hillaryite could be expected to accept and remain somewhat composed. It shouldn’t have happened, the election was Hillary’s. She was destined to be the country’s first female president and they were destined to be her loyal subjects.

And now, they’re expected to accept the election of The Donald and just go about their business? Impossible.

The turmoil and anxiety brought about by the inner conflict are just too much for the liberal brain to process without affecting the physical body and so it manifests itself as an outbreak of Trumporrhea.

Regardless of whether it’s called Trump Derangement Syndrome or Trumporrhea, the treatment is the same. Forget bananas or Imodium, they won’t help, they’re convinced that the only thing that will help is to self-medicate by publishing fake news detrimental to the president, slant reporting to demean Trump, refuse to publish anything that could be characterized as positive, and collude with others to convince the public that the election was hacked by the Russians or that the popular vote showed that Trump really didn’t win.

In psychiatric terms, it’s called delusion; a belief that is held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary, and it’s the mind’s way of combating a reality that is too painful to accept.

There are really only two options for those stricken with TDS or Trumporrhea. One is to finally accept the reality as it is – that Trump won and is the nation’s president. The truth will set them free to return to some semblance of normalcy.

The other is to continue to deny reality and suffer the debilitating result of producing media products containing more crap than truth. With the half-life of Trumporrhea expected to be four years, perhaps even eight, they may not survive.



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  1. It’s just more evidence that liberals are nothing more than just large children, Garnet, and I don’t say that facetiously whatsoever. Look at all their other behaviors:

    Obsession with ego gratification
    Attention seeking
    Defying the adults (i.e. conservatives)
    Confidence in knowing everything

    According to the website for the American Psychological Association, stress can manifest itself as physical symptoms in children:

    “Understand that “feeling sick” may be caused by stress. Stress can also appear in physical symptoms such as stomach aches and headaches. If a child makes excessive trips to the school nurse or complains of frequent stomachaches or headaches (when they have been given a clean bill of health by their physician), or if these complaints increase in certain situations (e.g., before a big test) that child may be experiencing significant stress.”

    Maybe we should check to see if they’re wetting their beds too.

    The website suggests workin with a licensed mental health professional, such as a psychologist, to help the child overcome his problems. I think that’s an excellent idea, but they should find a psychologist with expertise in the mental disorder of liberalism.

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    • I suspect that that would be a tall order – I’ll bet that most mental help professionals are already left-leaning. It does sound like a specialty that could use thousands of psychologists – if only the stricken would admit that they weren’t “quite right” and sought help.


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