Who Hides Behind a Mask?

With the obvious exceptions of children and play actors, chances are that if someone is wearing a mask, they don’t want to be identified when they do something illegal.

The Auburn, Alabama police are onto something. When they prevented those wearing masks (or otherwise covering their faces) from attending the speech at Auburn University, I suspect that countless people who read the article or watched the video felt that an “it’s about time” was in order.

The protesters demonstrated their intentions by showing up wearing helmets, some wearing shoulder pads, some carrying shields and sticks and poles – and a majority were wearing masks or had their face covered to prevent identification.

Why would a group who expected to participate in a peaceful gathering be outfitted that way?

That pretty much qualifies as a rhetorical question since I think that we all know the answer. We can conclude that the protesters expected to inflict violence on the people who came to hear Richard Spencer speak. Oh, they’d probably just shout and disrupt the speech until Spencer stopped or police forced the gathering to break up. But if that nonviolent tactic didn’t work, it’s apparent that they were prepared to be violent.

As usual, it’s all about power and once they achieve the power to intimidate, they’ll use the same tactics as the Berkeley, CA rioters to prevent any speakers with whom they disagree from even speaking or holding a rally.

At that point, they will have won and free speech will be on life support.

The tactics used by so-called “protesters” often leads to violence and property damage and it’s time that those violent tactics are stopped. They are not the actions of law-abiding citizens; they’ve crossed the line and are acting directly in opposition to a freedom guaranteed by our United States Constitution.

They are fomenting anarchy, plain and simple, and that needs to be stopped, and punished.

This type of “protesting” must end.


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3 replies

  1. I believe many of them are paid thugs. Just as Communists did in the union violence early in the 1900’s. We need to get back to routing out Communism. That ideology is one of the most evil ideas on earth.


  2. You nailed it Garnet, it’s all about power and intimidation, then toss in a little anonymity. It’s like the bullies get to take their safe space with them.


  3. Well said, Garnet.

    It’s almost amusing when you think about it – this expectation that they can just do their crimes out in the open and wear masks so that we can’t hold them accountable. Not every place is Baltimore, New York or Berkeley.


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