Auburn University Police to Protesters: Remove Your Masks or Be Arrested

From:,  As seen on Fox & Friends,  on Apr 20, 2017

After violent protests broke out earlier this year at the University of California-Berkeley, police at Auburn University learned their lesson about how to handle protesters.

Video taken at the Alabama university on Tuesday shows police confronting masked protesters who were demonstrating against white nationalist leader Richard Spencer speaking on campus.

Their message was simple: Take your mask off or be arrested.

Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips joined Ainsley Earhardt on “Fox & Friends” this morning to react to this policing strategy.

“Yes, this speaker, Richard Spencer, has some absolutely atrocious views, but in America, you can’t be violent toward someone just because you disagree with them,” Phillips said.

He added that it’s ironic that many campus protesters claim they’re acting in the name of tolerance when what they really want to do is shut down open discussion.

“These people have misplaced their anger in many cases,” Phillips said. “And I think these Alabama policemen should be commended for keeping innocent students safe and allowing people to be able to go about their daily lives and not have fear of being assaulted by these protesters.”

Phillips also weighed in on Ann Coulter saying she will still speak at Berkeley, even though the university administration canceled the upcoming event.

“I think she should have every right to speak, and this college should make more efforts to protect her,” Phillips said.

Here’s that segment on “Fox & Friends” that also includes video of the police stopping masked protesters.


Isn’t it interesting that a police force in a southern city half the size of Berkeley, CA used their brains to stop masked anarchists from protesting a right-wing speaker? It just goes to show that even in the “backward” South, people (including police) are the real American patriots, smart enough to abide by our Constitutional right to free speech while the supposed “enlightened” left coast riots to prevent any speakers with whom they don’t agree, thereby preventing free speech. And on top of that, their police force does nothing to protect the audience who came to hear the speakers and stood by as the black-clad, masked rioters wreaked havoc on the gathering.

The Berkeley police should look to Auburn’s finest to learn some lessons on how to curtail the ever-increasing violence being instigated by the masked anarchists.

What’s going on in Berkeley is unAmerican and unConstitutional and it needs to be stopped. If the local authorities won’t do it, and/or the state authorities won’t do it, the President or Attorney General should step in and put down what is obviously an insurrection.


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  1. Good on these cops, but this stuff is getting totally out of control and I’m not seeing a solution. Are these more of Soros’ paid thugs, or are they actually students? It seems awfully well coordinated to be so widespread.


  2. Could it be that people at Auburn University and in that southern area are just more freedom loving and law abiding? These rioters at Berkley are just plain lawless fascists and anarchists. It’s a California thing, I think. Godless secularists.

    Thanks for the news, Garnet. Who would ever have found this out? I keep my ear to the pavement and this is the first I’ve read this about Auburn.


    • Bingo! Yes, they are. It’s readily apparent that freedom loving and law abiding citizens populate most of the southern and flyover states. The leftist liberal anarchists reside in the democrat strongholds of the left coast and the northeast.

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  3. Absolutely right, Garnet. I applaud Auburn for standing up for accountability and the good sense to make the law enforceable.


    • It’s bad enough that it appears that most of the rioters (a better description than protesters) are wearing masks AND most are “armed” with everything except guns and are wearing helmets. They are obviously prepared for war.


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