Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)

You amateur psychiatrists among our readers can probably find something telling about the fact that I seem to have a need to issue a disclaimer at the beginning of anything I write that supports President Trump. So, not wanting to disappoint you guys, here it is:

Disclaimer: During the Republican primary, I was vehemently against Donald Trump and publicly so. I wrote many essays about all of the deficiencies that I perceived in Mr. Trump’s personality. They’re undoubtedly still there, but he’s managed to stifle them and appears to be maturing in the office of the president. I hope so. In any event, I am willing to give him an opportunity to prove me wrong and I’m pleased to report that he has pleasantly surprised me so far.


Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)

This piece is about the universal hatred of Donald Trump that fuels the TDS currently flourishing in our institutes of higher learning. It’s like they’ve received their playbook, or plan of attack, from central command (George Soros, and/or the anarchist groups he funds) and they’re convinced that Trump is the spawn of Satan and must be stopped at all costs.

He’s not just accused of being a racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe, and Islamaphobe, etc., as far as they’re concerned, he’s already been convicted and found guilty.

Of course, those of us who enjoy a more stable and objective disposition recognize that those accusations and labels are used to rile up the “soldiers” in the new army of the anarchists currently flexing its protest muscle.

To be sure, he’s said and done some things that were at the root of the criticism he’s facing, but there is little real evidence that those traits are integral to his character. But that matters little to the anarchists. They simply use those accusations as justification for their actions. If they don’t like you, for whatever reason, they’ll simply fire off that set of labels in your direction, hoping that one or more will stick and cause damage.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the Social Justice Warriors (SJW) anymore. I just read an article that spoke of one professor (Angeles Maldonado) at Arizona State University who gave her students an option to either take their final exam or start a group project. A group of about 20 decided that they would protest President Trump’s “human-rights violations” as their project and the professor accepted their decision to protest in lieu of taking her final exam.

They started an anti-Trump demonstration to voice their concerns about the perceived human rights violations supposedly committed by the Trump administration. They made signs and formed a wall to symbolize their “wall against hate” to protest Trump’s plan to build a border wall and enforce immigration laws.

While the professor’s snowflakes believe that they’re protesting President Trump’s awful policies, they should understand that fully 40% of Americans want a wall built and about 60% want current immigration laws enforced.

They’re protesting against about half of the country.

It reminds me the Ronald Reagan quote, “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.” I’d love to see an exam given those protestors to determine just exactly how much of what they believe is actually true. I suspect that Reagan’s words fit the majority of our university protestors.

They’ve simply been indoctrinated with leftist happy gas. They’ve decided that it’s “cool” to protest against a duly elected president because they’ve been told to do so by their leftist handlers. Never mind that he’s hardly had time to establish a measurable track record on those claimed phobias.

And those same leftist rabble-rousers are also responsible for the redefinition of “free speech” from what the words actually mean to something more fascist, like preventing speeches and guest speakers who espouse political positions at odds with the left’s preferred message. This is what’s passing for education in our colleges and universities.

Contrary to their high opinion of themselves as the best and brightest minds in the country, they have no experience, they have no wisdom, they’ve accomplished nothing. Most have never purchased a car or a home. Most have never been married (or divorced), they’ve never been parents, they’ve never served in the armed forces, they’ve never experienced major setbacks in their lives, never experienced the satisfaction of achieving or the agony of failing in any major way.

In short, they haven’t yet achieved the wisdom to be making decisions that have an impact on the country’ well-being.

They should just shut up.


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  1. Well there’s been plenty of TDS to go around, both before and after the election.

    When Bush Jr was president we had BDS. Now we have TDS. If Ted Cruz had won we’d have CDS. It really isn’t about the person. It’s about Democrats not wanting to play by the rules, even though they want us to follow the rules.

    As great as it would be if they’d just shut up it may be better to have the records of the lefties making asses of themselves.


  2. Here’s a few of the headlines today at Fox News and they fit right in with what you’re saying….

    >> Students: Free Speech is for Bigots, College Must Apologize for Hosting ‘Fascist’ Heather Mac Donald

    >> Anarchist Rioters in Berkeley Anti-Trump Protests Accused of Beating Up Innocent Bystanders

    >> UCLA Conservative Professor May Be Fired From Job For Refusing to Cave In to Political Correctness

    Every day there are headlines like this and I just wonder how long they can keep this going, and will things ever settle down into some kind of normal civility.

    I’m with you – they just need to shut up.


    • They don’t realize that they’re just pawns; they’re being used and don’t even know it. Instead of being appreciative that they have the opportunity to attend college while many of their parents and grandparents did not, they’re assuming that it’s a “right” and they’re so much smarter than others who have gone before. Again I say, they believe what their handlers have been telling them and will try to bring down the very aspects of American life that makes it all possible for them.



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