Steal The Vote From White Men, Then Steal Their Stuff

From:,  by Dan Gainor,  on Apr 14, 2017

Note: Normal people might find some of this offensive. (We hope. Dear Lord, please!)

The alt-left are like the Rosie Ruiz of politics. Ruiz won the 1980 Boston Marathon and she did it in classic liberal style. I’ll let Time describe it: “Ruiz made winning a marathon look easy. And it was, using her signature strategy: Don’t run the whole thing.”

Liberals learned their lessons from Rosie. The way to win is to fix the race. Now they apply that strategy wherever they can — workplaces, academia and, of course, media. Their way to fix every race is to make every race about race.

Elections? Racist. Business? Racist. Dating? Racist. Picking up someone’s pencil and being polite to her? Yep, you got it, racist. Because somehow you expect people who are illegally in America to, you know, obey the law.

It’s not tough to find the racial obsession. Just look at all the criticism actress Zoe Saldana has gotten, even though she is mixed race. She was actually called out for playing singer Nina Simone and wearing, as HuffPo described it, “blackface and a prosthetic nose.”

Race wars never go away for the left because they allow liberals to separate us into victim classes. If people don’t consider themselves victims, they don’t vote for the left. Expect to hear a lot about this as Nextflix just dropped the trailer for its stupid show, Dear White People yesterday.

As the demented lunatics from Its Going Down sum it up, “Insidiously, white supremacy draws on male supremacy, cis supremacy, and straight supremacy in turn.” Notice how every argument, free speech, gay rights, trans rights, etc. still circles back to race. It’s what I mean by the Great Race.

So, while the alt-lefties are putting on their track shoes for the Great Race, let’s see how far the alt-left is willing to go.

Men, Men, Men, Men (Oops, White Men!): There is no group of people liberals hate more than white men. Forget Einstein and Plato, Mark Twain and Bill Gates or even Reagan and FDR. They are all white male oppressors or some such garbage. That leads us to the most-insane piece of the week, “Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise?” That doesn’t mean close the Chick-fil-A. (God forbid!)  It means, take away the vote. The goal? Why, “redistribution of global assets to their rightful owners.” Redistribution, for those at home, is a fancy, liberal word for theft. She goes on in her ranty state. Actual quote: “ Let’s be clear, it may be unfair, but a moratorium on the franchise for white males for a period of between 20 and 30 years is a small price to pay for the pain inflicted by white males on others, particularly those with black, female-identifying bodies.” As if that weren’t enough claptrap, she adds: “The violence of white male wealth and income inequality will be a thing of the past.” This piece of epic insanity was written by Shelley Garland. Her HuffPo bio calls her: “an activist and a feminist and is currently completing an MA degree in philosophy. When she’s not gagging at South Africa’s unique brand of rainbow politics, she’s working on ways to smash the patriarchy.” Academia. ‘Nuff said. (H/T to fellow white male Tim Graham.)

There Is Nothin’ Like a Dame: The South Pacific song tells us the truth. In this case, we’re not singing of the glories of women in ‘40s vernacular, but of how alt-lefty bias slips into all sorts of publications. Dame magazine proclaims it’s “where women go for the stories people are talking about.” In reality, it’s where women go who hate Republicans. Dame sent out an inquiry through a service called Help A Reporter Out that said: “I’d like to talk about the ideological foundation of the Republican Party and how and why that ideology, as well as supporters of the Party, have become more extreme.” Note, it didn’t ask, if, just stated it as a fact. Dame then ran a story headlined: “The Most Pernicious Form of Terrorism Threatening the U.S. Is the GOP.”  Note the cause and effect. Dame was aware it would look insane, so the article asked: “So how do we draw a comparison between them [the Taliban] and the GOP without sounding completely unhinged?” Yeah, that didn’t work. Actual quote: “It’s not such a radical notion, this idea of the GOP as an American Taliban, if we look at each group’s essential shared premise: hardline religion as rule of law.” The rest of the article is just a rant against the “religio-political machine.” Actual quote two: “The GOP is not content to kill only women on American soil.” If the GOP were really as bad as liberals pretend, why would it let them post garbage like this?

Watch Us, We Learned Dirty Words! Fusion, part of top Hillary backer Haim Saban’s clownish, pretend journalism empire, is going downhill fast. The new trend is dirty words, because that makes them hip and edgy. It’s like the alt-left just discovered four-letter words. Today’s, um, entry in that category is: “Fucking in the Age of Trump.” Yes, that’s the headline. The same site ran, “Sean Spicer Retire Bitch.” Classy. This classic was about how, “‘Sexual healing’” has become a way to cope with a frightening political time.” No, this is not a Marvin Gaye tribute story. It’s what Fusion calls journalism. Actual quote: “Our Ohio-California, interracial, same-sex love is a nourishing and supportive sacred space amid folks who are clamoring to ‘take our country back,’’ a thinly veiled call to arms to fight for the heyday when white supremacist, heteronormative, ‘Christian’ ideals went unchallenged.” The author is Luna Malbroux, whose Twitter description reads as: “Comic. Writer. Exploring Privilege & Identity Across the US.” Perhaps this is intended as comedy? Sadly, probably not. The story ends with this actual quote two: “People are taking care of each other’s emotions while simultaneously touching butts.” Journalism.


That’s the leftist solution to the all of the country’s ills, disenfranchise the white man’s vote and redistribute his wealth. It would almost be worth it to step back and watch the radical feminists and black activists fight over the spoils.

I guess Ms. Garland, writing in HuffPo, is displaying her activist feminism when she posits, “This redistribution of the world’s wealth is long overdue, and it is not just South Africa where white males own a disproportionate amount of wealth.” She, like most others who rail against whites in general, and white men, in particular, are jealous – pure and simple. She, like most others who complain about inequality, are envious. She’s just like all of the other freeloaders, who have contributed zilch, yet believe that they have the right to a piece of the pie and want it now. What pray, has she done to earn wealth? She’s a student, working towards an MA degree in philosophy. Philosophy – that ought to earn her a princely income, right? 

And Ms. Malbroux, a comic and writer (never heard of her, have you?) offers this statement about taking the country back: “Our Ohio-California, interracial, same-sex love is a nourishing and supportive sacred space amid folks who are clamoring to ‘take our country back.’’ I’d classify that statement as not being exactly “mainstream” but she has a right to her opinion. She’s obviously a Social Justice Warrior who believes that the days of white supremacy, heteronormative concepts, and ‘Christian’ ideals are over, and in their place, we’ll celebrate her Utopia where all of the old lines are blurred and everyone can be everything – wow, what a dream, pass me down some of whatever she’s smokin’.

This is all the same old crap. The people who self-identify as “victims” have decided that whites, in general, and white men, in particular, are the oppressors and deserve to be punished. Of course, removing white men from power (having no vote) and appropriating their wealth (to more fairly redistribute it) would be for the good of humanity, right? 



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  1. Great article, Garnet.

    There are always going to be people, like those quoted above, who take comfort in blaming others for their own failures. If the whiners can make the objects of their jealousy pay for their failures, all the better. The whiners are intellectual lowlifes completely lacking in character and, ultimately, just thieves, as the author notes above. Consider their opinions for what they’re worth, them put them in the trash where they belong.


  2. Good article. Is the date right on the Salon article–2015?


  3. What i don’t understand and I don’t get is at all of these protests you see tons of white men and women too, So are they’re protesting against themselves? So because your at a protest and your a white male then your absolves you from everything that the protest is about? Its beyond me that these sheeple have no conscience no common sense, Why are they allowed to protest when the protest is about them


    • Those are liberals who are trying to establish their bona fides as “helping the black struggle.” They will pull that card if anyone ever accuses them of being racist – “I marched in Selma alongside Dr. King” etc.

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