What is white privilege?

From: americanthinker.com,  by Jack Hellner,  on Apr 13, 2017

The term “white privilege” is thrown around a lot these days.  I never thought much about it until a man wrote to our local paper.  He was a black man from a family of ten who was the first to graduate from college in his family.  He said white privilege exists because the white kids he went to college with had three or four generations of professionals before them who had graduated from college.

I believe that my 66-year-old brother and I at age 64 have the more common white experience.  We are the first generation of our direct families who graduated from college, and we paid for it ourselves because our parents couldn’t afford to.  He is a lawyer, and I am a CPA.

My great-grandfather on my dad’s side came over in the late 1800s from Germany and was a barrel-maker.  My grandfather was a baker who never owned his own home.  My dad worked for Western Union for 41 years and died at age 58 in 1981.  He started out as a messenger on a bike and died when he was an office manager.  His last salary, including overtime, was $19,000.

My great-grandparents on my mom’s side came over from Germany in the late 1800s and worked farms in Illinois.  (They never owned one.)  They had twelve children, two of whom died during infancy.  My grandfather was a door-to-door salesman for Prudential, and my mom went to work when I was 16 for the State of Illinois for $325 per month.

My parents taught us to work at a very young age.  I was a paperboy from age 9 to 14.  I worked 365 days a year for over 10 hours per week, and I made around $7 per week.  At 14, I detasseled corn for $1.10 per hour, and I did dishes at the fair and ended up making under $1 per hour.  At 15, I worked at a restaurant doing dishes, making salads, and being a busboy.  When I was a junior and senior, I worked at a drugstore, going from $1 to $1.25 per hour.  Basically, I worked a lot of menial jobs throughout high school and college.  I was happy with whatever job I could get because I would not have had any money otherwise and would not have been able to attend college.  Those jobs also motivated me to do better.

“White privilege” is a purely racist term, meant to divide us, not unite us.  (Are we going to someday say “Asian privilege”?).  It is meant to convey that white people got where they are because of the color of their skin, not because they worked hard.  It also conveys the message that people of other races are punished because of their race and that they have an excuse not to succeed.  It is not their fault.  The people who use the term like to pretend they care.  They are also most likely to push for a $15 minimum wage.  They don’t seem to care that over 30% of minorities in many cities are unemployed, and the higher you raise the wage, the fewer opportunities those people will have.  Giving people stuff for free and making them dependent on government does not replace the beginning job opportunities that allow young people to move up the economic ladder.  The federal government has spent over $20 trillion on the War on Poverty and Great Society programs, and the only thing it has succeeded at is breaking up families, making more people dependent, and making future generations broke.  Nothing is free, and when you get stuff for free, it is not as rewarding as earning it.

Bono said it best: “Capitalism Takes More People Out of Poverty Than Aid.”

We should celebrate successful people instead of denigrating them, as long as they make their money honestly.

If we want to look at a privileged class, we should look at D.C. politicians.  While many worked hard to get there, once in, they treat themselves like royalty.  Taxpayers pay their high salaries (that put them in the top 5%), and they get Cadillac pensions and Cadillac health insurance benefits for life.  Frequently they travel on our money.  They work very few days per year and exempt themselves from laws they require others to follow.  They pass campaign finance laws in violation of the First Amendment to protect their power.

It doesn’t matter if D.C. politicians are white, black, Hispanic, Asian, a fake Indian like Elizabeth Warren or a socialist with three homes like Bernie Sanders.  They are all treated like royalty.

It is time to relegate the term “white privilege” to the trash with other racist terms.


White privilege is a load of crap.

As Mr. Hellner says, “’White privilege’ is a purely racist term, meant to divide us, not unite us. It is meant to convey that white people got where they are because of the color of their skin, not because they worked hard.”

First, let me establish that I recognize that there are hard-working black people; there are intelligent, law-abiding black people; there are black people who are the equals of and in some cases superior to white people. But none of those facts override the fact that blacks make up 12.2% of our population while whites account for 63.7% (2010 census).

There are over 5 times as many whites as there are blacks in the U.S.

Not only does the majority rule, but a large majority can be expected to be privy to privileges not afforded to a much smaller minority; that’s not evidence of racism, it’s common to almost every endeavor and all groups; it’s natural in nature.

I believe that most blacks understand that, it’s only the racist black activists who believe that they can intimidate the white majority into dealing with blacks as if the population contained equal numbers of blacks and whites. Numbers can’t be ignored, nor can the contributions made by whites towards the equality (or near equality) that black people enjoy today.

It shouldn’t be necessary to remind blacks of who freed them, who fought wars to achieve the American dream of a free society and who created and invented the many trappings of everyday life that we enjoy in 2017. Whites didn’t do those things solely for their own benefit; those benefits also accrue to black folks as well.

Blacks need to look inside to see what’s holding some of them back; they’ll see that it’s not white people forcing them to have illegitimate children, to drop out of school, to turn to gangs as their family, etc. instead of blaming whites for all of their problems.

There is no such thing as “white privilege,” but there is something called self-delusion, and many blacks are guilty of that.




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  1. Excellent post and commentary, Garnet.

    Isn’t it funny how blacks are so outraged about stereotyping unless it’s the stereotyping of whites as the universal beneficiaries of “white privilege?” We all understand what a lie that is, just as it’s a lie that all blacks are lazy or stupid. I went to college with zero help from my parents because they couldn’t afford it. Same for my husband. His father was one of 12 children who grew up in a poor farming family. He became a machinist and was able to raise his 6 children because he worked hard and sacrificed. There was no white privilege there.

    I’d like to ask the whiners what they call the coddling and financial gifts that helped elevate people like Barack Obama to success. Is that “black privilege?” It sure seems that way to me.


    • Let’s face it, Barack Obama had far more help and opportunities during his upbringing and early political history than 90% of any white person running for office AND he was black at a time when the liberal whites were bending over backward to help blacks to insulate themselves from ever being called racist.


  2. One of the definitions of privilege is the condition of enjoying special rights or immunities. Since every person of every color enjoys all of the same and equal rights, it’s really a non-issue, except in the minds of the racist blacks. They wrongly blame ‘whitey’ for their predicament, instead of accepting responsibility for it. If we were really enjoying ‘white privilege’ we would never have freed the slaves.


    • These racist black activists are the ones who are lamenting about “white privilege” because they need a scapegoat for why they’re not succeeding at a real job or profession – their only “success” is when they yell and preach about the trials and tribulations of those po’ black slaves. The REAL quality black folks do just what whites do, they go to school, they study, they learn, they work hard, and with a little luck, they become successful. For the black activists, that just too much trouble, they’d rather just get reparations and free stuff without working for it and blame whitey for it whenever something doesn’t go their way.

      I wonder how much protesting and rioting Ben Carson did while at college?


  3. My grandfather and grandmother came here from Germany and Czechoslovakia as two year old children and grandfather worked deep in the iron ore mines of the upper peninsula of MI. My father died during the Korean War my stepfather was a vet of that war and drove truck for 12 hour days delivery whiskey to stores and bars. Back breaking work. He and my mother raised 8 of us. We didn’t have much and I as well stated working at age 12 as a newspaper boy. making five bucks a week then I got a job as a delivery and stock boy in our corner grocery store for a dollar a hour. Worked at a jewel for $1.10 a hour. I also had a job taking newspapers and laying them out flat at 25 cents for every inch ( you know how many newspapers it takes to make 12 inches? LOTS I was the oldest of 8 and we were so poor I got hand me downs. White privelge my ass. It was my privilege to serve my country for twenty years to protect these assholes that think I’m so much better than them and to protect there asses


    • I coulda used some of that “white privilege” while growing up as well, bescher.

      I was a paper boy, delivered for a drug store, bagged at supermarkets, was a car hop, and did manual labor in tank farms for a time as well before joining the Air Force.

      Leaving the Air Force after four years, I sold insurance, auto club memberships, and worked retail at a camera and record store where I eventually rose to a manager position. A few years later, I was lucky enough to land a job with the National Cash Register Company where I sold cash registers. After a couple of years of sales, I took some tests and was offered a position as a programmer and jumped at the chance.

      During my time as a programmer, I worked night and day to learn the craft. I remember working on a contract for a newspaper to get their new NCR mainframe computer and software up and running, I worked six straight 80-hour weeks (I was salaried so there was no overtime). Working nights was common. Eventually, I rose to a systems analyst position and a few years later to a section manager position and finally to a district programming manager.

      After 13 years with NCR, I eventually left to start my own company. I was a contract programmer (a hired gun) and after a couple of years, joined forces with a longtime friend (another computer programmer), and a year later a third friend joined us. We incorporated as BMH, a software development firm and 30 successful years later, we sold the company to a larger competitor and I retired.

      That’s my work history. There was NO white privilege that helped me anywhere along the line. I worked my ASS off for years with no one giving me ANY funds. I (and my partners) worked for every dime we earned with NO governmental assistance of any sort; no grants, no loans, no outside money, no help. In the early days, the three of us sometimes went without a paycheck so we could pay our employees and pay the bills.

      It was all tough, with nary a touch of “privilege,” but I’d do it all again.

      It would behoove many of our black friends to try some of that “white privilege” that I experienced.

      They might find themselves successful.


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