Cruz: ‘The Only Thing Bad Actors Across the Globe Respect Is Strength’

From:,  by Debra Heine,  on Apr 7, 2017

Senator Ted Cruz has expressed his support for Thursday’s U.S. missile strikes in Syria, saying that President Trump had every right to take the action given the exigent circumstances. However, Cruz cautioned that the president should seek approval from Congress before any more protracted military plans are carried out.

Appearing on Fox News with Shannon Bream, Cruz said:

Syria is a humanitarian disaster. It is a total mess. After eight years of Obama’s broken redlines and weakness, we have seen Syria turned into a war zone that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of refugees and chemical weapons, it is a bad situation.

That being said, the authority to declare war under the Constitution is given to Congress. The commander-in-chief acted last night, and I look forward to President Trump making the case to the American people and to Congress to see what further military action should be taken, if any.

Asked if he thought the president had the constitutional power to strike Syria, Cruz answered:

It has long been recognized that the commander-in-chief can respond to exigent circumstances, can respond to immediate threats. There’s a difference between that, a single strike in an exigent circumstance, versus engaging in prolonged military conflict.

Cruz added:

The only thing bad actors across the globe respect is strength.

With eight years of Barack Obama as president, what we saw was a weak president whose word did not mean anything. Our friends did not trust us, and our enemies did not fear us.

I will say that I am encouraged in the opening months of the Trump Administration about foreign policy and national security. The team that has been assembled is an excellent team. Secretary Mattis is a legendary war fighter. General McMaster in the National Security Council is a very well respected strategist.

I think for dealing with Russia and Putin, having a strong president who Putin has reason to fear, I think that is a step in the right direction.


Frankly, I don’t know why this even needs to be said. It is just plain common sense.

For anyone who has lived into or past middle age, we’ve seen time and again that evil doers don’t respect a “turn-the-other-cheek” attitude, and they don’t respond to a “please” either, they only view strength as worthy of respect. The same holds true for criminals as it does for countries, give in to them and you will never be respected, you’ll just be a perennial victim, but respond with determination and force and they’ll respect you and leave you alone. 

What President Trump did in striking the Syrian air base was to put the world’s bullies on notice that Barack Obama is no longer in charge. If the U.S. encounters rogue activity that threatens us or our allies, there will be severe military consequences. Unlike Obama, the consequences won’t be a tongue-lashing, they will be immediate and destructive.

I believe that Trump’s one action (so far) will put the world’s powers on notice that the United States is again a power to be reckoned with and is no longer a toothless, paper tiger.


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  1. I agree that it puts the world on notice and may have been necessary after the mess Obama left but as I told Kathy on her last post it concerns me a bit that after Trump ran on a non-interventionist platform he changed his mind and launched a military strike for what seemed to me as moral rather than strategic reasons. I think the strategic benefit was a bonus. We have to ask ourselves what precedent this sets.


    • I think that the major takeaway from his actions is that he is not Barack (paper tiger) Obama. I was heartened to hear some comments by Nikki Haley this morning about how Trump listened and asked questions during the discussions prior to his taking action. It sounds like perhaps he is growing into the job and isn’t acting the way I was afraid he’d act (the way he did during the campaign).


  2. Agreed, Trump just put the world on notice, and now they will be watching to see what his next move will be, or if there is a next move. They’ve said there are plans to remove Assad, but getting Congress’ approval and actually going to war would be nearly impossible, considering we might have to battle Russia too. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Congress is off for the next two weeks, but will they come back to address this?


    • Trump’s actions surprised a lot of people, including me. He’s got plenty of support for his actions – so far. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few weeks. I’m glad he did it, it serves notice that he’s not the wimp that Obama was and perhaps our enemies should rethink their plans to run roughshod over the U.S. This isn’t the end of bad actors testing his resolve, N. Korea and Iran will probably continue their poking and prodding, but now with a little less confidence that the U.S. will not interfere. It may take another shot across the bow to affect those two evil countries, but they can no longer view the U.S. as Obama’s paper tiger.


  3. And unfortunately, the only kind of leader that is respected in arab culture is a ruthless strong man.


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