What Every American Needs to Know About Islam

From: townhall.com,  by Caleb Parke,  on Apr 7, 2017

“The West is in need of the truth, regardless of how hard it is to hear.” – Nonie Darwish on Islam in America, Wholly Different

Nonie Darwish never chose to be a Muslim. It was assigned to her at birth, listed on all her documents, her father was even a prominent Islamic martyr, and for the first 30 years of her life, she never questioned it.

But when she moved to America, she made the life-changing decision to become a Christian after stepping foot into a church and realizing how oppressive and diametrically opposed her Islamic upbringing was compared to the freedom and love she experienced in the West.

When I first met Nonie Darwish at a conference in Washington, D.C., she had this contagious energy and passion. She took the time after one of her speeches to talk to me and several other college students.

But I really got to know her when I invited her to speak at my campus for the pro-Israel group I helped co-found. I’ll never forget the hour-long ride to and from the airport. Nonie spoke about what a miracle it is to be a Christian living in America, and we still keep in touch today.

I have learned so much from her about the utter importance of why Americans need to learn about the dangers we face because of Islam, but I learned, even more, reading her new book, which is why I’m so excited to share it with you.

Darwish courageously lays out everything Americans, especially Christians, need to know about Islam in her new book: Wholly Different: Why I Chose Biblical Values Over Islamic Values.

She’s the perfect messenger, as someone who spent almost half her life as a Muslim and the other half as a Christian. Through her experience and extensive research into both Islam and Christianity, Darwish boldly shares how Islamic values are in direct opposition to Western values.

In Wholly Different, Darwish exposes lies the West has come to believe like “Islam is a religion of peace,” when their holy book, prophet, and god call for the killing of Christians and Jews.

She speaks of the dangers of Islam’s resistance to assimilation, and our willingness to give them permission through multiculturalism.

It’s packed with examples from Nonie’s life experience as well as extensive quotes and statistics.

Although I’ve learned a few things about Muhammad and sharia law over the years, as a Christian who loves Israel, I knew that Muslims in the Middle East call Israel the “little Satan” and refer to the United States as the “great Satan,” but I learned more about Islam in Wholly Different than I have over the last decade.

For instance, did you know that the Koran is predominantly about the kafirs, or non-Muslims, rather than a book about Muslims? It’s the only religion whose holy text is focused on non-believers, and as Nonie notes, the West should be alarmed about what is written in the Koran about us, non-Muslims.

“The Islamic God, Allah, requires his followers to dedicate their lives to change, fix, convert, or kill kafirs, whom Allah calls his enemies. That, in a nutshell, is the holy mission of a Muslim if he is to please his God and go to heaven,” Darwish writes.

She clearly lays out the stark contrast between the Bible and the Koran:

  • Jesus Died for Us vs. We Must Die for Allah
  • Life Is Sacred vs. Death Is Worship
  • We Are All Sinners vs. They Are All Sinners
  • God the Redeemer vs. Allah the Humiliator

Nonie says she wrote this book, “to uncover the full scope of this threat from Islam — something the West desperately needs to be aware of.” She goes on, “Islamic values versus Biblical values is a bloody collision waiting to happen. The West must be warned. But I am also writing this book for Muslim immigrants…Islamic values are fundamentally incompatible with Western values, the U.S. Constitution, and the American way of life.”

Darwish makes the distinction that she is not criticizing people, but rather a “toxic ideology” that she “lived under and escaped from.”

I highly encourage you to get Wholly Different today so you can educate yourself with the truth about Islam from a former Muslim, and make sure that you don’t fall prey to the pervasive lies many in America have begun to believe.

As Nonie notes in the book, we need to revive the Biblical roots and values in our culture to truly thrive and defeat Islam.

I’m thankful for Nonie Darwish, an Esther in our generation, fighting to save God’s people for such a time as this.


This is an interesting topic, particularly now with the question of refugees from hotbeds of terrorism (mostly Muslims)  being subjected to more rigorous vetting as proposed by President Trump. There are also the news reports we see coming out of Europe of refugees (again, mostly Muslims) wreaking havoc on the areas where many of them have concentrated. We also see the pushing of all sorts of Islamic-related “educational” activities in schools that aren’t allowed to teach anything related to Christianity but have no problems in providing study materials about Islam.

It appears that Islam is being championed by the left and anything related to Islam has been deemed “politically correct” and approved (by the left) for discussion, support, and education. But that same left explodes with indignation if anything remotely connected with Christianity slips into an educational or governmental function at which time, all hell breaks loose.

The United States is a Christian country. Christians make up about 75% of our population and Christianity has greatly influenced our laws. With the influx of Muslims, we are now seeing more references to Islamic Sharia Law and some are trying to introduce its use in predominately Muslim communities. The problem with that is that Sharia and the U.S. Constitution are like oil and water – they simply can’t co-exist here. 

I’m interested enough in Ms. Darwish’s revelations about this religious conundrum to buy her book (just did) and I’ll report back on it after taking the time to read it. Should be interesting.





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