Dem Rep: Some People Will End up in Jail After Trump/Russia Investigation

Written by Philip Hodges, 4-6-17, at Eagle Rising:

He was talking specifically about members of Donald Trump’s campaign and/or transition team. Joaquin Castro  (D-TX) made his comments during an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Rep. Castro is on the House Intelligence Committee, which is currently investigating whether there was collusion between Russian officials and the Trump campaign. He’s confident based on what’s he’s seen and heard that some associates of Trump ‘will end up in jail.’

Mind you, he doesn’t have access to any more materials than Chairman Devin Nunes or the ranking Democrat Adam Schiff. And even Schiff had noted that there was nothing ‘definitive’ as to the collusion question.

Also, no one’s testified yet. Paul Manafort, Carter Page, and Roger Stone have all willingly agreed to testify in the hearings.

But somehow, Castro thinks people are going to be behind bars soon.

Blitzer asked Castro if he’s seen any hard evidence of collusion thus far in their investigation. “I guess I would say this, that my impression is, I wouldn’t be surprised after all of this is said and done that some people end up in jail,” he responded.

“Really?” Blitzer said. “And how high does that go in your suspicion – and that’s all we can call it right now.” Here’s how their exchange continued:

CASTRO:  Well, that’s yet to be determined.

BLITZER:  But you think some people are going to wind up in jail, not just one individual, but people, plural, is that what you’re saying?

CASTRO:  That’s my impression, yes.

BLITZER:  You want to elaborate a little bit on that, give us a little more? Because that’s obviously a very intriguing statement.

CASTRO:  I wish I could, but I can’t at this time.

BLITZER:  But at this point, you’re confident that at least some Trump associates will wind up in jail.

CASTRO:  If I was betting, I would say yes.

BLITZER:  Including some working in the new administration or people who worked or advised the president during the campaign and maybe during the transition?

CASTRO:  As you can imagine, Wolf, I’ll have to comment on that later. But again, if somebody asks me my impression, I would – my impression is that people will probably be charged, and I think people will probably go to jail.

BLITZER:  Without sharing the evidence, because I know it’s classified, but do you believe there is enough evidence already, evidence that you’ve seen that would justify someone going to jail or some people going to jail?

CASTRO:  If the claims hold up, most likely.

BLITZER:  Really? All right. Well, that’s pretty shocking to hear that.

(You can view the video here, if you’re up for it)


That’s great, Castro, except that you’re not betting and you know nearly zippety-do-dah about the evidence, so no, Wolf, that’s not shocking at all. What is shocking, although by now it shouldn’t be, is that you guys can never let this go.

It’s another case of ‘here we go again’ with the Dems believing their own hype. First, they believed their own inflated story and lefty-media fueled headlines of how Hillary had the election in the bag. We all know how that turned out and we know the Dems haven’t learn their lesson.

Now, they’ve created this whole Russian-Trump conspiracy to try and discredit Trump, but there have been numerous statements from both sides, saying the same thing – ‘there is nothing there, no proof, zip, nada’. Yet Castro trots this out there like he’s an insider ‘in the know’ and Blitzer eats it up. How embarrassing for both of them. Stamp IDIOT on their foreheads, and move along people.


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  1. I think that the operative term in ALL of the democrat’s accusations is “plausible deniability.” They know that they can say ANYTHING and accuse ANYONE of ANYTHING and later, walk it back with some lame excuse. They’re on offense to plant seeds of distrust regarding Trump and his people. They know that there is no “there” there, but that won’t stop them from creating the impression that Trump colluded with Russia. That’s all they care about, they’re campaigning for 2018 and 2020 elections already by planting seeds of distrust.


    • Throughout that process, they continue to exhibit their pettiness and the lefty media eats it up. I saw today where Hillary is still on the same bandwagon, saying she would support an independent investigation. I think she was one of the key figures who started this whole fairy tale in the first place, so she looks even more like the biggest sore loser in the world.

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      • You know, Kathy, it occurs to me that the ability to feel shame for having done something wrong is one of the things sorely lacking in any of those top democrats. No matter what they do or say, even they KNOW it’s wrong and a lie, it never bothers them having “borne false witness” against another person. I think the absence of shame ought to be a disqualifier for any public office – if only there was a way to measure it.

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  2. “Stamp IDIOT on their foreheads, and move along people.”

    I actually think Castro is playing a pretty clever game, Kathy. Given the limited brain power and low standards of the Democrat base, he understands that all he has to do is create the illusion that he knows something. Later on he’ll imply that the evidence was there but Republicans in the majority are suppressing it. There’s a little bit of a risk if Republicans are able to demonstrate that this whole collusion story is just a story, but you don’t get to the top if you’re afraid to take a risk now and then.

    The Castro brothers are dangerous, and Republicans would be wise to get on offense right now. These two boys have the potential to make their Cuban namesakes proud. Mark my words on it.


    • You’re pretty shrewd when it comes to judging character, CW, so you’re probably right. Plus, now you’ve got my curiosity up so I’ll have to do some research on these guys and learn more about them.

      But there have already been so many sources, even some of the Dems, that have walked back their accusations and have stated there’s no solid evidence of any sort of collusion by Trump and his team.

      Included in the Dems who are denouncing it are O’s former CIA director, who was a huge Hillary supporter, Mike Morrell, and James Clapper, O’s former DNI director. Clapper stated “We had no evidence of such collusion.”

      Of course that doesn’t stop Castro and the other attention seekers from making false accusations. The thing keeping this theory alive is the Dems’ fixation on finding that smoking gun that takes Trump down. Until they finally let go of that notion, guys like Castro will continue causing Blitzer & Co. to salivate Chris Matthews style.


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