Congressman Opposing Cruz For Senate Goes On Profanity-Laden Rant Defending Illegal Immigrants

From:,  by Trey Edwards,  on Apr 3, 2017

Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Robert “Beto” O’Rourke

“What the F**k are these guys doing to us in DC?!” – in a live video posted to his campaign Facebook Page, Democratic Congressman Robert “Beto” O’Rourke is heard repeatedly using profane language to describe his opinions on Senator Ted Cruz and President Donald Trump’s immigration views, followed each time by loud applause from the audience in El Paso, Texas. The event in his hometown on Friday was part of his campaign launch for U.S. Senate to oppose Ted Cruz in 2018. His speech was peppered with passionate defenses of an open border policy with Mexico. He told the crowd several stories about illegal immigrants that won high sports or military honors, at one point yelling “f**k that!” when he told about a hotel that turned away a baseball team of Mexican-American students back in 1949 – a decade and a half before Republicans in Congress passed the Civil Rights Act.

Congressman O’Rourke can be heard bragging about his district’s large population of illegals, saying that he is proud to represent them in Washington, and that cities along the Mexican border were safer than the average city elsewhere in the United States. In describing people who crossed the Mexican border illegally, he stated, “Let’s be under no illusion – they come to make sure that all of us – this country – that we get ahead. And that’s why we’re special in El Paso, Texas.”  He wrapped up his fiery speech with a passionate disclaimer for why he was running for Senate: “so that we can have the best f**king answer moving forward for our kids!”

The crowd, who can repeatedly be heard chanting “No More Cruz!”, laughing at any mention of ISIS, and booing President Trump and the Senator, cheered loudest after each time the Democratic Congressman used a curse word. People in attendance can be heard referring to President Trump as “Cheeto Hitler” and declaring that the wall along the border would be built “over my dead body!”

Congressman O’Rourke is a former tech business owner and Punk Rock guitarist and vocalist, and has been arrested twice – once in 1995 for breaking and entering, and once in 1997 for driving drunk. He was not convicted on either charge, but the DUI charge was only dismissed because he completed a program for people caught driving under the influence of alcohol. Not as much is known about the 1995 charge, which he explains away as a college prank gone bad. He was elected to Congress in 2012 after defeating an incumbent Democrat.

You can watch the Congressman’s entire video on his own Facebook Page here. Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts.

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This guy is a real piece of work. He’s a democrat and it’s obvious by his salty language that he abhors common decency and decorum and thus, he might be a candidate for president in 2024 or so. He’s just what the democrat left wants, a foul-mouthed, open borders, illegal-alien-loving Punk Rock entertainer – he’ll fit right in.

I suspect that we could expect him to be a younger clone of Al Franken.

El Paso is a democrat stronghold in Texas. A city of about 650,000 of which about 80% are Hispanic. Hillary got 69.1% of the votes in El Paso county, so Cruz may have trouble in El Paso, but it’s unlikely that “Beto” can beat him statewide. At least I hope so. That’s all we need, a foul-mouthed, open borders, illegal-alien-loving Punk Rock entertainer as our Senator.




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  1. The perfect democrat candidate who comes with the prerequisite criminal history. Another jerk who has to resort to the F bomb in order to shock people, and his audience doesn’t have the sense to realize they’ve just been insulted.


    • He’s just like those “comedians” who resort to the foul language to shock the audience. When the “F” bombs are taken away from his speech, there’s nothing of substance left. That may be his only claim to fame. I wonder what a debate between Beto and Ted would be like?


  2. I don’t think this turd is any real threat to Cruz but Cruz had better watch our for the Castro brothers (Julian and Joaquin). They are at the top of the list as the next hope for the Democrat Party, and very Obama-esque in their appeal.


    • Completely agree, CW. The Castro bros. have been groomed as Hispanic democrats and would appeal to that demographic. This pipsqueak thinks that sprinkling his campaign speeches with the “F” word will endear him to young activists (and it probably will), but outside of El Paso, he is unknown.


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