A Concerned Citizen’s Letter to President Trump

The following is a letter written by Bobbie Kelley, a longtime friend of many conservative bloggers going back to our Townhall days. It was emailed to the White House. I hope he reads it.

Dear President Trump,

When you campaigned, you repeatedly promised to repeal and replace Obama’s so-called “health care” mess.  Instead, you’ve tried to push through a sloppy patch on that shredded tire known as Obamacare.  How is this different than Obama’s lie, “If you like your doctor, you can keep him”?  A deliberately broken promise is a lie, Mr. Trump.  No matter whose mouth it comes out of.

You proudly touted yourself as an outsider; a non-politician.  That doesn’t seem to be the case either.  You’ve apparently pitched your hat in the ring with the DC insiders and waged open war against the Freedom Caucus; that handful in the house who actually intend to keep the promises that they, and you, campaigned on.  In threatening the Freedom Caucus you come across as petty and bullying, further dividing the country and going against yet another promise: the promise to unite us.

Repealing Obamacare is being made far more complicated and difficult than need be.  Just repeal it, walk away from it and let the private sector come up with a new plan; including competition across state lines.  It is not the job of government to control commercial products, which is what health insurance is.  For the government to meddle in health insurance isn’t about meeting the needs of the people.  It’s just another power grab for big government; a win for the left wing.

I voted for you, Mr. Trump.  Not without trepidation.  I even talked others into voting for you. I have watched as the media, the left and some in your own party have railed against you.  I have stood by you wanting you to succeed so that hopefully the country would survive and, likewise, succeed.

I have skin in this game, Mr. Trump. So do millions of others just like me. Broken promises, threats and lies don’t sit well with us.  I’d advise you not to push our buttons if you want to keep us in your corner.  We are extremely tired of governmental betrayal and won’t like it any better from you than we did from Obama.

I and others like me want to believe you, sir.  We want to support you.  We want to see you succeed.  But if and when you decide to break promises and betray those of us who put you in office, including and especially the patriots of the Freedom Caucus, you will lose our votes and probably doom your presidency. I sincerely hope you won’t do that.

Submitted with all due respect as a Christian, common sense, conservative mother, grandmother, RN, member of Heritage Foundation, TEA Party and Concerned Women for America,

Bobbie Kelley

Columbia, TN.


I know I said that “I hope he reads it,” but it’s unlikely that The Donald will ever see Bobbie’s letter. But we can hope that someone reads it, along with thousands of others like it and informs the President that he’s treading on thin ice.

As Bobbie said, he won the election because many of us who didn’t particularly like him voted for him anyway as being slightly less distasteful than Hillary Clinton. Regardless, we hope that he is successful in repealing many of Barack Obama’s misguided attempts to transform the U.S. into The Socialist States of America.

He still has tepid support from many conservatives, but he’d better not embrace too many liberal ideas, else he’ll lose the conservatives who voted for him – the people who put him over the top. 

If he wants a second term, he needs to maintain the coalition that elected him before trying to please anyone else – particularly establishment RINOs or democrats.



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  1. That’s a great letter, Bobbie – you voiced the exact thoughts and opinions many of us share. Trump isn’t a genuine conservative, so he needs reminding about who got him there.

    Louie Gohmert said that Trump needs to listen to the Caucus and other conservatives who stood by him early on when Ryan refused to support him.

    Hannity said much the same thing – that the Caucus is not at fault here – in fact they saved us from a terrible plan. He also said that whoever influenced Trump to send out that awful Tweet where he condemned the Caucus is extremely misguided. I think Trump values his opinion, so here’s to hoping he listens to him and turns his attitude around.


    • Thanks, Kathy. FOX news this morning claims Rand Paul more hopeful. Maybe they will finally come up with something worth all the time, angst and frustration. WE can always hope.


  2. Great letter, Bobbie.

    There is a tug of war going on with respect to Obamacare, with Trump, Ryan and establishment Republicans on one side and the Freedom Caucus alone on the other side. Vastly outnumbered, the Freedom Caucus is depending on those of us out here in the real world to help them win the tug of war by lending vocal moral support.

    Trump and Ryan speak and act as if Obamacare or Obamacare-lite are our only two options. That’s a lie. There’s no reason why Trump, Ryan and the rest of the Republican congress can’t move to the right and actually fulfill their promise. Any obstacles are self-imposed.


    • Thanks CW. Self imposed indeed. Hard to figure out where their heads are or how they can be so blind. It’s especially hard to wrap my head around what those like Ryan are thinking since they have young children who will pay the price for their folly. Go figure.

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