Two Robbers Go into a Gun Store, One DRT, the Other Flees

I understand that some may say that I’m unChristian for celebrating the death of another human being, but I don’t care. This dirtbag got exactly what was coming to him. It’s pretty obvious that the dead robber was on the low side of the IQ bell curve. I mean, really, an armed robbery of a gun store? What did he expect? He could have been at home studying, he could have gone to a movie, he could have played poker with friends, instead this dirtbag CHOSE to aim a deadly weapon at another innocent human and threaten him with the intent of stealing the store’s goods. He alone is responsible for the choice he made and he paid the price for a stupid decision.

I think that it’s common practice for all gun store floor people to be armed. I wonder, did he think that because he pulled TWO pistols, that would intimidate the store’s employees into cowering and immediate surrender?

The video shows what happens when perp #1 pulls his (two) guns and announces his intentions. The store owner (who is ‘surprise, surprise,’ armed) springs into action and plugs perp #1 on the spot – DRT. The other accomplice (perp #2) hauls his ass out of the store and gets away – at least temporarily, there were descriptions of the getaway vehicle.

Be sure to watch the whole thing, the owner makes a few statements at the end.

I’ll say again, I’m not the least bit sorry for perp #1 to go down, he was executed by an application of The Golden Rule. He got done to him what he was prepared to do unto others. Isn’t that Christian?

Kudos to the store owner who was prepared. In the interview, it’s obvious that he wasn’t pleased that he just killed a man, but he was threatened by a disguised individual with two guns, what else could he have done? Cowered, surrendered, and placed himself at the mercy of the robber?

Instead, he pulled his 1911 and introduced perp #1 to Mr. John Browning’s masterpiece and the way it should properly be applied.

H/T to my friend Rock, for sending this to me.


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  1. What an idiot to think a gun shop owner wouldn’t be armed. When a person makes a conscious (& stupid) choice to try and take another’s property by force, they have to accept this as a possible outcome.

    “I wanna go home at night too.” And now he can, thanks to his swift and accurate marksmanship. Now that word is on the street about this, it’s doubtful anyone will try that again any time soon.


    • Yep, it’s the same cause and effect relationship that seems to escape these idiots who would rather rob someone else than get an honest job. You can also make book on the fact that neither of these geniuses did well in school. You have to wonder why the younger hood-rats can’t see what awaits them if they follow their gang buddies down the same road? That doesn’t seem to be a very promising future.


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