The Real Donald Trump on Freedom Caucus: ‘We must fight them’


That’s the headline at Fox News today based upon a tweet this morning by @realDonaldTrump which says:

 “The Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don’t get on the team, & fast. We must fight them, & Dems, in 2018!”

I want to thank president Trump for clarifying who the “real” Donald Trump is for those who might not have been paying attention.  The Real Donald Trump has embraced the socialist-lite policies of establishment Republicans in the House and Party leadership, and The Real Donald Trump sees the Freedom Caucus as the enemy.   He’s pretty much threatened to use the power of his office to drive out The Freedom Caucus if they won’t get on board the Trump train.

Needless to say I hope conservatives, whether initially Trump fans or not, are hearing alarms go off with the rhetoric that’s coming from Trump and his surrogates.  The word “loyalty” keeps popping up, as if House members with an “R” after their names are somehow now beholding to Donald Trump rather than to their constituents or to the Constitution.  I hate to invoke the Hitler analogy since it’s been so gratuitously and absurdly misused by the Left against Republicans, but personal loyalty to one man was no small part of Germany’s problem.  How was the U.S., or the Democrat Party for that matter, served by personal loyalty to Barack Obama?  Let history teach us the proverbial lesson conservatives are always fondly preaching about by focusing loyalty where it rightly belongs:  to the people and the Constitution.

I have a message for The Real Donald Trump.  I hopped aboard your train rather than face a head-on collision, but don’t think I’m going to sit quietly in my seat while you steer the train down the wrong track just because it’s the track of least resistance.  I don’t care about your legacy.  I care about the future of this nation and about preserving our Constitution for the welfare and freedom of my children and fellow citizens.

Long live the Freedom Caucus.


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  1. Find a way to inflict your complaints on a captive audience like in a cinema during a movie

    you have a right to decide what is true

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    • Or on a football field where millions of football fans have tuned in to watch a football game…..

      I have a right to decide what is true??? I don’t think truth is up for debate.


  2. I like Jim Jordan as a person. I met him in a wrestling capacity years ago. He is the most distinguished wrestler in Wisconsin Universtity history (two time NCAA Champ). And it was unlucky he had to wrestle John Smith for an Olympic spot in 1988. John Smith is only our most successful international wrestler in our history. I am not going to blame anyone for not being able to repeal ObamaCare, but I am a bit surprised that the two sides could not come up with some meaningful compromise. What I worry about with Jim is that he is going to stick to his guns and nothing is going to get done and the Dems will be back in charge in two years. From what I understand he is not compromising at all, it is his way or the highway. Trump is the same way too. I think we should be able to find some meaningful ground – that is how our country was founded.


    • Wow, I didn’t know Jim Jordan was a wrestler. No wonder he’s so tenacious!

      Thanks for the comment, Patrick. I hate to disagree with you but I don’t believe the Founders intended for there to be compromise on the limited role and powers of the federal government. I think they intended compromises to take place in the states and on a local level, and that’s where it rightly belongs if, in addition to looking at the Constitution, we want to attach some common sense to this process.

      The fact of the matter is that conservatives have already made big compromises when it comes to the federal government’s role in healthcare. The gov’t already mandates that emergency rooms can’t turn anyone away, it’s taken charge of ensuring healthcare for the elderly and it’s created the Medicaid behemoth. Each of these, as you are well aware, has gotten completely out of control, as if to perfectly demonstrate why the Founders never intended the federal gov’t to go there in the first place. So when people fault the Freedom Caucus because they won’t compromise it perplexes me. Their actions are a response to the reality that we’ve already compromised so much. They’re trying to help this nation, i.e. you and me, hold onto the last scraps of fragile freedom that remain.


    • all people are good

      Mao was good

      what you do is another matter

      but when you choose what is true for you then you are a guranteed winner


  3. Damn, Kathy stole my thunder! I was going to berate Trump for not knowing when to shut up too.

    I guess it points out his nature. He was eager to jump onto the first train that he thought would bring him to Repeal Station so he could gloat about HIS success in repealing Obamacare. He obviously didn’t understand (or care) whether Ryan’s replacement accomplished what we, the voters, wanted – over and above the mere repeal. We wanted health care returned to the private sector, removed from government control and the Ryan didn’t do enough of that. I applaud Freedom Caucus for stopping the replacement of a piece of crap (Obamacare) with a slightly less smelly but still a piece of crap bill pushed by Ryan.

    Brother Trump had better educate himself about his “support.” If he thinks that he won because of the power of his magnificent personality, I’ve got news for him. He won only because he was the lesser of the two evils.


    • I think Trump made a choice between Repeal Station and Don’t-Let-Anybody-Become-Uninsured Station, because he promised to ride both. Guess it never occurred to him those were two separate trains. That’s the problem with electing a non-conservative whose never thought these issues through.


  4. Well said, CW, and pretty much the same thing I thought when I first saw the tweet this morning. Well, actually the first thing I thought was ‘Sheesh, Donald, just shut up. You don’t know when to shut your damn mouth!’

    Because of the promises he made during the campaign, there are sooo many people that mistakenly assumed he’s a conservative. News flash, people – he’s not. Now all his devoted fans will also blame the Caucus, instead of realizing they are the closest thing to conservatives that we have.

    To the Caucus’ credit, they did respond to his tweet. Thomas Massie said “it’s a swamp not a hot tub. We both came here to drain it.” And Justin Amash said “It didn’t take long for the swamp to drain @realDonaldTrump. No shame, Mr. President. Almost everyone succumbs to the D.C. Establishment.”

    I’m glad to see they defended themselves, although it’s really juvenile of them to air all this on Twitter instead of private conversations.

    Ditto long live the Caucus.

    It was a little funny to see Paul Ryan have to address it. He defended him somewhat and that had to torque his jaw. “So he is expressing his frustration. You all know that he does that in various forms including Twitter, and I understand his frustration.” Of course he understands, and when Trump starts to work with the Dems, he’ll feel right at home by his side.


    • ‘Sheesh, Donald, just shut up. You don’t know when to shut your damn mouth!’

      Your first thought was right on the money, Kathy. You should be advising him.

      I don’t know how he thinks he’s ever going to get rid of Obamacare by fighting both the Freedom Caucus and Dems. Maybe he needs Paul Ryan to do the math for him. I’m guessing it won’t be long before he starts acting like he never said what he said.

      It’s very telling to me, as it ought to be to everyone who votes Republican, that Trump would rather abandon the effort to repeal Obamacare than to simply join the Freedom Caucus in an actual repeal. If he can bully the Freedom Caucus, why not just bully Paul Ryan & Co.? It not only shows how much his promises are worth, but it gives a lot of clarity on his philosophy towards the role of government for those who didn’t pay attention during the campaign.


  5. I never boarded the Trump train. I could see from the platform its brakes were loose and dangerous. And the fuel smelled rotten, stinking up the air around our lovely depot. The engineer was leaning out the window yelling insults at the other engineers in the station, acting like a twelve year old. It was disgusting. There was another train in the yard I wanted to ride, the Cruz train. It was beautiful and well maintained. So, with my one precious dollar I had to spend, I bought a ticket for the Cruz train even though I knew it wasn’t leaving the yard. I didn’t care. It was the principle, not the ride.


    • I hear you, nocult. My fellow bloggers and I at The Pesky Truth were Cruz supporters who struggled mightily over whether or not to vote for Trump when he became the nominee. I couldn’t have lived with Hillary, that’s what it came down to, but I’m still pretty angry that my fellow Republicans arranged such a choice for us, so I have no intention of giving Trump a free pass when he acts like a fool or like a Democrat (yeah, I know I’m being redundant).


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