It’s Not Just Trump; NSA is also Watching Many Key Government Officials

In case you missed Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News Friday night, noted whistleblower Bill Binney is at it again – confirming what we’ve known since 9/11, and that is our government collects data on everyone in the US, and that includes the Supreme Court justices, members of Congress and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The following is from Philip Hodges on 3-24-17, published at Eagle Rising:

NSA data storage facility, Utah.

The NSA’s collection of digital and phone data on U.S. citizens is only legal in connection to surveillance of foreign entities who make contact with those in the U.S. Purely domestic surveillance and the storage of such data is not allowed.

So, the intelligence community has to deny any allegations that suggest they were ‘spying’ on Donald Trump, his campaign, and/or his transition team. Binney said that while the intelligence community could prove or disprove Trump’s claims, they’d rather stay out of it, because “that would get into the extent of which they’ve penetrated the network inside the United States.”

Bill Binney said they most likely were spying on him, just as they’ve done with every other American since 2001.

He brought up a program inside NSA that, according to another whistleblower, spies on all U.S. national politicians:

“There’s another program going on here that not too many people are talking about, they’re not even addressing it – I think you were trying to get at it with your previous guest. Inside NSA, there’s a set of people who are – and we got this from another NSA whistleblower who witnessed some of this – they’re inside there, they’re targeting and looking at all the members of the Supreme Court, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Congress, both House and Senate, as well as the White House. 

“And all this data is there inside NSA in a small group where they’re looking at it. The idea is to see what people who have power over you, what they think, what they think you should be doing, or what they’re planning to do, to you, your budget, or whatever, so you can try to counteract it before it actually happens.”

It looks like Trump’s being surveilled was only the tip of the iceberg. His surveillance may have been ‘incidental,’ just like I’m sure the NSA would argue their surveillance of every other American is also ‘incidental.’

I highly doubt the NSA would conduct such illegal surveillance of people inside and outside of government without having some team of lawyers who have concocted a legal justification for it. That way, they can claim that what they’re doing is perfectly ‘legal.’

I think that Binney left out some key element here of the NSA’s true motive in collecting such data, especially from those in government. It’s not so much that they want to know what these politicians are thinking, or what they’re going to do with the budget – that might be part of it – but the more obvious motive would be blackmail. 

Just think of how easy it would be to keep an entire government under control simply by knowing damning information on everyone. You ever wonder why it’s nearly impossible for anything to truly change in government, regardless of which party has the majority? Trump was supposed to ‘drain the swamp,’ and while there appears to be some changes taking place, those in leadership positions are trying their darndest to keep everything as is.


Not being as familiar with Binney as I was with Eric Snowden, this story prompted me to research him a bit more. One piece I found, written by former Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson in 2013, states that oversight of the NSA is a huge joke. It’s supposedly conducted by the President’s Intelligence Oversight Board, but Congress doesn’t entirely trust them and aren’t sure their information is complete.

In a radio interview last year with Aaron Klein, Binney stated that the NSA had ALL of Hillary’s emails, including the deleted correspondence, and the FBI could have demanded to see them at any time. Comey could have also demanded all her correspondence regarding Benghazi, so that tells us that two huge investigations were a complete sham and a colossal waste of time and money.

Another piece on Bill Binney goes into detail on his length of service at the NSA, and explains a program he and co-workers designed called “ThinThread” that could detect terrorist and criminal networks, without spying on entire populations. The cost was minimal, but the NSA never put it into use. They instead chose to use a program that invaded our privacy, was far more expensive and required a lot more manpower. He explained their thinking was and is, we mustn’t solve the problem or the money stops flowing in.

Of the highest importance in the above referenced piece is this information: Had they used Binney’s Thin Thread program, the events of 9/11 could have been prevented.

“The reason I know that for a fact is that Tom Drake took the software we had for ThinThread, basically after the NSA cancelled our program, and ran it against the entire NSA database in February 2002. We found that all the data about the attack was in there, where they were going, who they were connecting with, actually even the date of the attack: 9/11. So it was all in the NSA database, they just didn’t know they had it there. That’s the whole point”.

For years we have lamented the events of that day, and we’ve forgiven our government for not protecting us, because we believed they were doing the best job they could possibly do. To think that they are protecting us now is extremely naïve. They are not to be trusted.

For some, this is old news, but it’s worth revisiting to remind readers that the corruption in Washington is government-wide and never-ending.


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  1. I really pity the poor bored soul who’s spying on me. Makes me wonder if I should spice things up a bit.

    Mr. Binney seem credible to me but – full disclosure – I’m a terrible judge of who’s lying (unless it’s a liberal, in which case the lying is assumed). I have zero doubt whatsoever that Trump was spied on in one form or another if for no other reason than we know who Barack Obama is, and that’s exactly the type of thing he would do. If I won the lottery tomorrow I would trade it all in a heartbeat to hear the private conversations that went on (and still go on) between Obama and his minions. Can you imagine the scheming that goes on in his meetings?

    Looks like Trump has one more impossible task to add to his to-do list. Time to get an anti-deep state czar and restore the trust in our intelligence agencies.


    • What came to mind after reading this was the betrayal of the American people by Justice John Roberts when he dubbed the mandated fine as a tax. At that moment he had the power to kill this awful healthcare plan and didn’t. Why?

      Many of us speculated as to the reason for his ruling, and this information supports our theories. Almost everyone has a skeleton of some sort in the closet and his must have been a doozy. That’s what I’d spend my lottery winnings on.

      Indeed, Trump has much to do, but finish the house cleaning first – it will make his other tasks much easier.


  2. All this does is reinforce the suspicion that many of us have had for some time that our own government is spying on every single one of us. No, they don’t care about and aren’t wasting time on Garnet92, I’m basically innocuous compared to thousands of others, but I’m certain that all of my data is there in magnetic form in Utah – just in case they ever need it.

    Ok, now that we know it, how do we put the genie back into the bottle? Who can we trust?

    We’re screwed.

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