Impeach Trump? I Don’t Think So

From:,  by Lloyd Marcus,  on Mar 22, 2017

The Left continues to relentlessly promote their lie that Trump stole the election by scheming with the Russians. Their goal is to get enough people believing Trump’s presidency is illegitimate that they can impeach him.

Folks, these people on the Left and GOP establishment still do not understand what they are dealing with. I can only imagine the fallout of reversing the will of the American people by impeaching their president. I realize I sound like a broken record repeating myself, but Trump is a phenomenon like nothing we have seen before.

A year ago, I traveled state to state campaigning for Ted Cruz. My team and I stood on street corners waving Cruz signs. Numerous obnoxious people drove by us screaming, “T-R-U-M-P-P-P!!!” Never have I seen such passion for a candidate.

Our team traveled through the heartland in an SUV. We saw “TRUMP” painted on the side of barns and rooftops; “Trump/Pence” billboards; countless hand painted “Trump” signs and a gazillion official blue and white “Trump” yard signs. Clearly, something unique was happening.

Then there were the remarkable unprecedented crowds at Trump rallies. I shared how I was given VIP passes for a Trump rally in Daytona Beach Florida. I was told the rally was at 3 p.m. and the doors opened at 9 a.m. I thought, “Why would the doors open at 9 for a 3 o’clock rally?” I arrived at 2 p.m. and was blown away. I had to park five blocks away from the convention center. Streets were blocked off with people in orange vests waving cars away. Despite my VIP pass, I could not get in. There were thousands outside the filled to capacity convention center. I thought what on earth is going on? I also could not miss the broad mix of people there excited about Trump. By the way, Trump is still drawing remarkable crowds.

Another first I noticed was supermarket tabloids trashing a democrat with headlines like, “Crooked Hillary.” Trump’s TV show was on for 11 years. Millions knew he was about winning and getting things done.

Even in the conservative circles in which I functioned as an activist, all I heard was Trump is a rude crude clown who will be humiliated by Hillary. I believed they were wrong. While mainstream media and political experts viewed Trump as the not-ready-for-prime-time candidate, the American people obvious saw something different.

Americans saw a straight-talking non-political-speak guy who understood their frustration with nonsensical liberal governing — ignoring our borders, ignoring our Constitution, the ObamaCare fiasco, rewarding our enemies and purposely orchestrating the decline of our country.

When my guy, Ted Cruz dropped out of the race, I immediately jumped aboard the Trump Train. Why? Because I knew Hillary in power would be a nightmare; continuing Obama’s putting America last; using government to bully Americans — forcing the far-left-radical agenda down our throats.

Little did I know then that Trump would prove to be God’s perfect choice for such a time as this. While I love Cruz, I do not believe Cruz or any professional politician could successfully take on Washington, challenging the status quo the way Trump is doing.

The arrogant fake news media had a cow over Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer boldly confronting their lies, distortions and blatant hypocrisy. “Oh, how rude! This Trump Administration is so uncouth!”

Meanwhile, the American people are standing up and cheering: “It’s about time someone got into these jerks’ faces, calling them out!” As I said, mainstream media and political establishment simply do not know who and what they are dealing with.

To this day, I suspect some politically sophisticated conservatives are so embarrassed by Trump and protective of the political status quo that they secretly wish Hillary won and hope Trump is impeached. It amazes me that anti-Trump conservatives and Republicans do not realize the bullet in the heart of freedom America dodged by choosing Trump.

I spoke and sang at one of the national “March 4 Trump” rallies in Orlando. Trumpmania is as high as ever. Attendees were happy, excited, upbeat, enthusiastic, and highly motivated in their support for our new president.

Clearly, we are engaged in an epic battle: the fake news media, Hollywood, and the Washington DC establishment versus Trump and We the People. I cannot imagine the American people tolerating the impeachment of Trump, their president.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American; Author: Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has shattered the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black America. Singer/Songwriter and Conservative Activist;


Sixty-two days into his presidency, the leftist democrats are already throwing around the “I” word (impeachment). It’s painfully apparent to anyone who peruses the news sources on the Internet that assorted leftist loons (like Maxine Waters) are beginning to lobby for the impeachment of a guy who’s been in office barely two months. It’s not that he has done anything so egregiously wrong or broken major laws, they just don’t like him because he won the election. Their preferred choice was Hillary Clinton and she was presumed to win easily over the television personality. When that didn’t happen, they became so incensed that whatever logic and reasonability that might have been resident in leftist democrats disappeared like a fart in a hurricane and they’ve been grousing, grumbling, and demonstrating ever since. 

Even those of us who were not Trump supporters are glad he won (as opposed to the alternative). We dodged a fusillade of large caliber hollow points when Hillary failed to win (again). So, even with his warts, Donald Trump is our president – the ONLY one we have and like it or not, he’s the one now leading the country. Most reasonable people would take the opportunity to say, “let’s give him a chance and see how he does,” but not these committed leftists. They KNOW that any non-leftist (and especially a Republican) can’t possibly do anything worthwhile, and certainly not anything good or noble. Only a committed leftist can govern “properly” and enact laws that will benefit all mankind, like climate change legislation and gay marriage and abortion and gun control laws, etc. The ones now attacking President Trump also want open borders, free college, free healthcare, and a redistribution of wealth from those who “have” to those who “don’t have.” In other words, anti-American, anti-Constitution anarchists. 

Here’s some breaking news for leftist democrats, President Donald Trump is the President of the United States – period.

He won, Hillary lost, get over it.



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  1. This whole impeachment hysteria is the result of the American Marxists’ shock and disbelief that their Hildebeast actually lost the election. They’re still in the denial stage of their grief. And apparently they think that somehow, by impeaching Trump, the clock will be turned back and all will be made right in their world.

    What NONE of them ever address is what happens if they did somehow impeach and convict the guy. WAKE UP, Snowflakes! BroomHillary STILL won’t be President! Pence will be!

    So what the hell do they think they’ll have actually accomplished? Then go after Pence? Okay…. next is RYAN!

    Under no circumstances does Missy Lard-Ass Pantsuit get her fat butt in the chair in the Oval Office.

    Jeez Louise…. They need to put down their now-legal bongs and get a life.

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    • I don’t think impeachment is about getting a Democrat in the presidency. I think it’s about the great satisfaction it would give Democrats to humiliate Trump and deprive his supporters of their candidate.

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    • I think that they skipped right past the grief stage and went directly to anger that their pseudo-granny didn’t win. She’d been assumed to be President Clinton, the 2nd, for so long that Trump’s win burst their bubble and they simply aren’t capable of dealing with it rationally.

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  2. Well, I must admit, shoe on the other foot, I refused to give Obama a chance. From day one I was and remained committed to the demise of his presidency. I do not share the writer’s opinion that Trump is phenomenon the likes of which we’ve never seen.

    Donald Trump was finally in the right place at the right time to shore up a 25% solid base of support early in the primaries, among a field of 17 candidates. The Donald wasn’t even close to leading the pack until July of 2015 when he discovered there were a lot of really pissed-off folks over our border situation… and to his political credit, he had the savvy to exploit that and thereby create an instant base of support in the range of 25% — no other candidate could match that so early on. The border issue was a “first come first serve” kind of thing and Donald was the first to take it and milk it. Great move.

    Now, Trump is our President and I want him to do well, meaning I want him to do conservative things, but his threats against our Congressmen and Senators who remain committed to “we the people” who voted them in based on their promise repeal Obamacare and now demand full repeal, is wrongheaded and threatens the entire 4 years of his administration.

    Dealing with Trump shouldn’t ever include threatening impeachment, however, because he’s a natural liberal on too many issues, he really needs to understand the strength and resolve of conservative voters via our representatives, and that’s what the Freedom Caucus is attempting to do now with RINOcare, which is a very bad bill that will hurt Americans and hurt the Republican Party come midterms and in four years if it gets rammed through without the full repeal of Obamacare.

    Conservatives are a minority in Congress, but we are a committed and vocal minority who as it happens also know what’s best for our beloved Country. And none of us should ever lose sight of that fact.

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    • Like you AS, I wasn’t prepared to give Obama a chance, I knew too much about him already to expect any more than what we got, but I disagree that Trump didn’t break the mold relative to what we could expect from a candidate or president. He exploited the nonstop press coverage and intentionally went out of his way to alienate the establishment – which endeared him to a Republican base that was ready to break from anything that could be labeled “establishment.”

      As you know, I’m not a Trump fan either, but for the good of the country, I want him to succeed (as long as he doesn’t revert to liberal proclivities).

      I stand with the Freedom Caucus too – I don’t like the Obamacare Lite that Ryan is trying to push through passage. The Repubs have had 7-8 years to craft a real healthcare bill and what they’re pushing right now is a piece of cobbled together crap.

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      • Well, Garnet92, as I said, I want him to do well and that means do conservative things. Whether we agree or disagree with Trump being a phenomenon, the fact is he’s not a conservative and needs to be watched. We — conservatives — can tolerate a few of his not so conservative things, but on the big life-changing and fundamental change issues, we can’t afford his liberalism and MUST hold his as well as the RINO Congress’s feet, to the fire. For me that was the deal… we voted for him, reluctantly, so we trust bet verify, and when he’s astray of our mandate, we hold him accountable. I know you feel much that same way, so we need to support Freedom Caucus with our tweets, emails, phone calls and letters because the minute we let up the pressure, human nature — which abhors a vacuum — will fill it with wrong ideas and actions.

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    • Committed to the demise of the presidency? What has happened to this country? When did we all become such cry babies that we can’t be open minded enough the president a chance, be it Obama or Trump? I know it’s been said before, but it’s like hoping the plane we’re all on is going to crash.


  3. it’s just ratcheted up hate speech to say something that idiotic with no basis and no grounds for it. Maxine is too stupid to realize that even if they were to impeach him, it doesn’t give them their precious Hillary, it puts Mike Pence in office. She needs to put on her big girl panties and deal with it.

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    • You expect FAR too much from Maxine. She’s about as dumb as any semi-functioning human being on the planet. Having Maxine “represent” them doesn’t reflect very well on her constituents – they must be as ignorant as she is to continue to elect her.

      I’m quite sure that Max, the wonder dog (my dog), could score higher on a standard IQ test than she.

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  4. When Obama ignored the Constitution and began rewriting our laws with his phone and his pen some conservative bloggers talked about impeachment, but it was a nonstarter because of the cult of personality surrounding Obama and the fierce loyalty of his supporters. It wasn’t going to happen no matter what Obama did. It would be beautiful KARMA if Trump could be untouchable in the same way, and even though I’m not a fan of Trump I would applaud the circling of the wagons like Democrats did with Obama just to savor seeing the Left get a well-deserved taste of its own medicine. That’s not to say that this talk of impeachment isn’t absurd on a legal level, but absurdity has become the new standard by which the Left operates. Someone call me when Maxine Waters DOESN’T say something absurd.

    That said, I don’t believe Trump is invulnerable to the possibility of impeachment if he should actually do something that rises to that level. Senate Republicans are not the drooling Trump fans you see at his rallies, nor are most lacking in good conscience as Democrats are. Nixon won in a landslide but the Left was able to drive him out. Trump would be wise to be careful.

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    • Actually, you make a good point, CW. That’s what I got out of Mr. Marcus’ essay – that Trump is pretty much in the same boat as Obama was regarding the insane commitment of his supporters.

      And I agree that Trump is not invulnerable from impeachment. In my opinion, if the current healthcare bill fails and he follows through and doesn’t repeal Obamacare, that will damage him with a lot of followers and make him more vulnerable to any more future screwups – and with Trump, there WILL be more screwups.

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  5. The left is upset with Trump winning in more ways then Clinton losing. The left has always thought ” where CA goes there goes the rest of the nation” for years. CA went Clinton in their dreams to find the ultimate social state in 2008 Obama out of so far far left field won again because of Ca and his lies. Here they thought they finally got their dreams. Flyover country finally had enough of the “Way CA goes” States with big cities where liberals are big split in 2008 and 12 only because of their republican base didn’t vote or hoped for a change. This time they woke up and realized nobody on the left can provide want we want, our freedom, liberty and less government

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    • I can’t agree with you there, bescher – on the issue of the left being more put out because Trump is now the president than that Hillary lost. In my opinion, there was NO WAY that Hillary could lose and with all of the media and polling and pundits concurring, they’re feeling that the rug was pulled out from under them – they were totally unprepared for Hillary’s defeat.

      I don’t disagree on your California hypothesis. CA was depending on Hillary to back up their headlong slide into socialism with more federal support. But I don’t see any indication that California has awakened and realized anything – they’re still out there in lala land..

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