The Brickhouse Bar in Cleveland Isn’t ‘Cheers’

Written by Adam Ferrise, 3-15-17, at

The Brickhouse Bar in Cleveland, Ohio might seem like the average neighborhood bar, with its regulars – the people who like to hang out and have a couple of beers after work. But last weekend, an incident on Saturday evening proved that they weren’t all ‘Hey, Norm’ when a man entered the bar with a gun and demanded money.

The robbery happened about 7:30 p.m. at the Brickhouse Bar in the city’s Broadway-Slavic Village neighborhood, just east of Newburgh Heights.

Kenneth Wheeler, 31,  walked into the bar and stood around for a minute or so before he pulled out a revolver and pointed it at the bartender. He told the woman to empty the cash register, and she handed over $261, police reports say.

Wheeler walked up to a man at the bar, put a gun to his head and said: “What? You think I’m playing?” and warned the man not to do anything.

A  man sitting nearby told police he heard a “clicking sound” from Wheeler’s revolver and saw the cylinder twist as if he were going to fire a shot. Wheeler put the gun to the man’s side and told him not to move, so the man told him to take what he wanted.

Wheeler then began to wave the gun around, and the man told police he saw an opportunity to disarm Wheeler.

Man Pulls Gun at Cleveland Bar – Gets His B*** KickedHe grabbed Wheeler’s wrist and wrestled him to the ground. The man sitting nearby kicked Wheeler’s gun away to disarm him.

While the first man held Wheeler to the ground, the other man grabbed the stolen cash from his pocket and gave it back to the bartender.

When the police arrived, they found Wheeler just outside the bar, unconscious and bleeding from his head. He suffered multiple cuts and bruises to his face, along with swelling. Wheeler was treated at Metro Health and released to police custody.


The story doesn’t explain how the robber got the cuts and bruises on his face, or why he was unconscious, but it’s pretty easy to figure it out. People, including unarmed bar patrons, are sick and tired of being victims. They’re standing their ground and making good use of opportunities to fight back.

Did this thief learn his lesson? From the looks of him, I’d say yes he did.

Cheers, Wheeler, you’re going to prison.


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  1. He’s lucky that he just got the crap beat out of him, he could have been DRT – and deservedly so.

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  2. This story, with its ‘unexplained’ injuries, reminded me of one from my youth. I worked at a small, mens store in downtown Phoenix. There had been a rash of grab & run thefts at other stores in the area by a single male shoplifter. and all store were given a description of the suspect.
    One day, a man matching the description came in, acting kind of hinky. The manager walked over and locked the right side of the entrance doors while the man was in the back of the shop. I should note that most people automatically choose the right side when exiting stores with double doors.
    Sure enough, the guy grabbed an armload of expensive shirts and bolted for the door. He bounced off the locked right side door, giving the manager time to cut him off. The guy the ran toward the rear exit to escape.
    As he ran past the other employee, who had been resetting shelves, that employee swung one of the pipes used to hold up a heavy shelf, clocking that SOB on the head. Down went the would be thief – out cold.
    As PD was taking him, he complained about being “assaulted” by the employee. The officer just laughed, and chided him for being a clutz who couldn’t run without tripping and running into a door.
    I suspect the fellow in this story is a similar clutz.

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  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!


  4. How many sons does Obama have?

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