Parts of Los Angeles ethnically cleansed of white people have a new look

From:,  by Ed Straker,  on Mar 16, 2017

The heavily Hispanic neighborhood of Boyle Heights in Los Angeles declared victory recently when they managed to drive a “white” art gallery from the neighborhood.  Community groups have been battling to drive out art galleries out of fear of “gentrification,” the code word for white people.

Almost from the moment it opened its doors last year Pssst, a nonprofit gallery, and its creators, have been the focus of protests and criticism on social media.

Last month, they announced they could no longer tolerate it. They were closing up shop.

“This persistent targeting, which was often highly personal in nature, was made all the more intolerable because the artists we engaged are queer, women, and/or people of color,” they said on their website. “We could no longer continue to put already vulnerable communities at further risk.”

Defend Boyle Heights, one of the activist groups that has called for a boycott of the galleries, said that it considered the closing a victory and that it hoped other galleries would soon follow suit.

Having pushed white people out of the neighborhood, they wanted to be sure not to see them return.

I wondered what Boyle Heights looks like now that it has been transformed and found these snapshots on Google Street view, which I think are very representative of the dominant culture:

The area is vibrant with ethnically diverse sidewalk restaurants.

The community has thriving financial institutions.  Note the green letters “EBT” in the window; that is a common symbol on many businesses.  This is a diverse community, with many equally diverse forms of financing.  Note the pawn shop to the right.

Is this a food store that sells liquor or a liquor store that also sells food?  You decide! Note the word “EBT” again in the upper right.  They spend EBT like water! The other thing I noticed is the bars on the windows.  I saw these in a lot of establishments.

Bars again.

Bars, and fences on top of bars!  Do you think they call it a “barrio” because of the bars?

This is what parts of Los Angeles, and America, have become.  I can understand why they want the white people gone.  They would have to start making signs in English for them.

Questions for discussion:

1) Having driven out the art gallery, do you think Latinos will come to regret losing a convenient source of “queer art”?

2) Can a “queer art” gallery coexist with check-cashing places and taco trucks?

3) How come businesses in English-speaking neighborhoods don’t have bars on their windows?  Is this a cultural thing?

4) Do you think residents of Boyle Heights were right to be alarmed about what an influx of white people might do to their beautiful neighborhood?

Ed Straker is the senior writer at


Don’t these people understand that they are missing out on one of life’s greatest pleasures – the “benefits” of diversity? At least, that’s what leftists would have us believe. Diversity is supposedly wonderful when whites are forced to welcome other groups, but what happens when one of those diverse groups becomes the majority in an area – they promptly flock together to the exclusion of whites and act as if diversity doesn’t apply to them. I know I must be wrong, but it appears to me that diversity is only forced integration under another name.

So, the pictures above reflect what happens when the “diversee” becomes the “diversor,” now, with the shoe on the other foot, they want white folks out of their neighborhoods – surprised?





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  1. The libs will never understand that they can’t force diversity or inclusivity with people. There are sections like this in most every city in the US, because like-people tend to stick together. Likewise there are sections that are predominantly black, and the same goes for whites. It’s just a natural tendency.

    By handing out so many freebies, the libs made matters much worse and have emboldened the Hispanics to demand even more. It’s gone from a natural tendency to a movement of sorts to scare the whites and push them out. And now, thanks again to the libs, we’re seeing the same thing happen with muslims who take over sections of towns like they’ve done in Dearborn and cities in Minnesota. Neither the muslims nor the Hispanics care about diversity or assimilation – instead they intend to dominate.


  2. Don’t forget to thank liberals whose welfare and illegal immigration policies make it possible for poor but able-bodied Hispanics to intimidate other races of citizens into leaving areas where they have a right to be.

    This is one more swamp that needs to be drained and that starts with turning off the welfare money and enforcing the laws against illegal immigrants.


    • Amen, CW. It wobbles the mind to consider how anyone (the left) can think that uncontrolled welfare and unfettered entry into the U.S. can be beneficial to the country. It just shows how bent and crooked their thinking is. Few of us conservative taxpayers would have any problem giving considerable financial help to those who are truly in need through no fault of their own. At the same time, we would welcome any immigrants who ABIDE BY OUR LAWS to enter the country. WE are the reasonable ones, the left just isn’t capable of thinking logically.


      • Logic? Don’t forget that there’s a certain logic to encouraging bad behavior when it rewards the Left politically or when it satisfies a liberal’s need to feel important.


  3. No Garnet, Diversity is a name that disguises the taking of money, property from whites. When a business man applying for a apartment development in a suburb and is told that before it’s approved ( and not by the city and not by the state but by the Feds) it must set aside so many of those apartments for low income ( code for blacks and hispanics) in a all white neighborhood and then is sued over and over by the federal government that diversity.


    • It’s true that the redistribution of white money is one of the “features” of diversity and one more thing that goes against human nature. It’s the forced part of diversity that I have a problem with – forcing me to do things doesn’t entice me to do them, it just makes me rebel against that entity that is doing the forcing. If we want to “diversify,” we will, we don’t need (or want) the government to make us diversify.


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