Naked Man Gets Stuck in Vent Shaft Above Napa Sandwich Shop

A naked man screaming for help was found early Tuesday stuck in a shaft above a Togo’s and Baskin-Robbins shop in Napa, officials said.

He had apparently been on the roof of the building and then spent the night in the shaft after falling in Monday night while looking for a wishing well while he was drunk.

Emergency crews responded to the sandwich-ice cream shop on the 200 block of Soscol Avenue about 8:15 a.m. after employees arrived for work and heard screaming coming from the walls, said John Callanan, a division chief of operations for the Napa City Fire Department.

“Definitely never had anyone stuck in our wall before,” said an employee of the shop.

Robert Turbidy, 48, allegedly climbed on the roof of the shop and entered an access door where he lowered himself into an 18-inch diameter crawl space using a makeshift rope, police said. At some point, the rope broke and he became wedged in the fetal position for about eight hours.

“I have no clue where his clothes are, how he lost them,” Callanan said.

A man was found naked, stuck in a shaft above a sandwich shop in Napa early Tuesday morning, officials said.

It took emergency crews about 15 minutes to break through the rock facade of the building and peel back the plywood to fish Turbidy out.

Turbidy was conscious and speaking when he came out, Callanan said.

“Just being stuck in a spot like that, your blood compartmentalizes. You can suffer significant injuries,” Callanan said.

Turbidy was immediately taken to the Queen of the Valley Medical Center where he was treated for minor injuries.

He was booked into the Napa County Jail on suspicion of burglary and violating his probation terms, police said.

“I don’t know if the gentleman was attempting to burglarize the building or looking for a place to sleep,” Callanan said. “It’s been a little strange up here lately in Napa.”

A man was found naked, stuck in a shaft above a sandwich shop in Napa early Tuesday morning, officials said.


Yes, things are definitely strange in Napa. All you had to do is read the headline to know that alcohol was involved, right? I’m glad the man is okay, but you just can’t make up stuff like this, so I had to share it.

What happened to his clothes? The truth of that will have to remain a mystery, so make up your own reasons. 😀



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  1. So many questions, so little time … so, he was going to burgle a sandwich and ice cream shop? Was the rope to help him lift ice cream cones back to the roof or maybe a roast beef sammich? Was he looking for a wishing well so he could wish for some clothes? I know when I’ve climbed down shafts into fast food establishments (in my younger and drunker years), I at least wore a cup.


  2. What’s the matter, Kathy? Haven’t you ever made the mistake of getting stuck, naked, in the shaft of a commercial building while looking for a wishing well on a rooftop in the middle of the night? I know I have!

    This man was darned lucky that he didn’t pull this stunt when TOGOs was closed the next day or in an abandoned building. One of the creepiest things I ever read was about a teenage boy who disappeared one night in Colorado and his family never knew what happened to them until they found his corpse wedged into a chimney in an abandoned cabin not too far from their home something like 10 years later. I can hardly think of a worse way to go.

    At the very least the state of California should sterilize him.


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