Democratic Party has found a way to be even less liked than Donald Trump

From:,  by William A. Jacobson,  on Mar 10, 2017

I don’t often read columns by Shaun King.

His column in The NY Daily News came highly recommended, however, by progressive writer Jeff Stein of, with whom I first came into contact when he founded and ran The Ithaca Voice.

Stein tweeted that King’s column a “must read” on the need to reform the Democratic Party:

The King column was The Democratic Party seems to have no earthly idea why it is so damn unpopular:

Stein highlighted this portion of the column:

At a time when Donald Trump is the least liked President ever measured at this point in his first term, the Democratic Party has found a way to be even less liked than him. This is how Donald Trump wins a second term. This is how congressional Republicans win the next midterm elections. This is how conservatives not only maintain their current power from coast to coast, but also expand it.

The Democratic Party is deeply unpopular – period. It’s a fact. Don’t look away. Don’t call me a Bernie Bro. It’s a problem that must be seriously addressed.

Now you’ve got my attention. The lamentations of progressives gets me every time.

The King column was based on a recent Suffolk University – USA Today poll, as summarized by King:

A troubling new poll was just released showing that the Democratic Party is significantly less popular than both Donald Trump and Mike Pence. My gut tells me that Democrats will ignore this poll, or blame it on bad polling, and continue down the same course they are currently on: being funded by lobbyists and the 1%, straddling the fence or outright ignoring many of most inspirational issues of the time, and blaming Bernie Sanders for why they aren’t in power right now….

This new poll from Suffolk University illustrates just how that’s possible. Here are the base results of the poll with favorable/unfavorable ratings.

  • Pence: 47%/35%
  • Trump: 45%/47%
  • GOP: 37%/48%
  • Media: 37%/50%
  • Dem Party: 36%/52%
  • Hillary: 35%/55%
  • Congress: 26%/52%

In other words, the Democratic Party has a favorability rating 11 points lower than Pence, nine points lower than Trump, and even one point lower than the GOP.

Their unfavorable rating is 17 points worse than Pence, five points worse than Trump, and four points worse than the GOP.

This is a disaster.

Here are some of the stats from the poll tables (pdf):

(Aside, who is the person who has never heard of Hillary Clinton or the Republican Party, and the three people who’ve never heard of the US Congress?)

King’s answer to the problem is for Democrats to move even harder to the left to bring the Bernie-base into the party:

But let me break it to you – the establishment has almost no grassroots momentum. Virtually every progressive grassroots movement in America right now is fueled by people outside of the Democratic Party establishment and this is a huge reason why the party is so outrageously unpopular.

Huge grassroots movements, made up of millions and millions of people, are fueling the fight for a $15 minimum wage, fighting back against fossil fuels and the Dakota Access Pipeline, fighting to end fracking, fighting to remove lobbyist money from politics, fighting to end senseless wars and international violence, fighting for universal healthcare, fighting for the legalization of marijuana, fighting for free college tuition, fighting against systems of mass incarceration, and so much more. But mainstream Democrats aren’t really a central part of any of those battles, and, to be clear, each of those issues have deep networks, energized volunteers, and serious donors, but corporate Democrats virtually ignore them.

Obviously, the Democratic Party has not yet healed from the stunning losses of the past several years which have left Democrats “basically extinct” in the South and out of power in a majority of state legislatures and governorships.

The failed attempt to elevate Keith Ellison to DNC Chair both reflected and exacerbated that divide in the party.

The Democratic Party establishment knows that going farther to the left will be the coup de grâce for the party in the essential swing states and among independent voters. Yet the base wants what the base wants, and what the base wants is a more severe push to the left.

I certainly don’t have an answer for Democrats, and if I did I wouldn’t tell them. They are going to have to figure it out on their own.

In the meantime, I’m just going to sit back and watch the further implosion.


That poll is so satisfying! Polls like the Suffolk must be driving leftist democrats NUTS and I couldn’t be happier about it. They’ve thrown everything (including the kitchen sink) at Trump, but he just lets it roll off his back. He may turn out to be exactly what the country needs at this time; someone who won’t be deterred by the lies and smears that are common tactics of the left against anyone that they don’t like. Too many good people have let the planted and leaked false news stories get to them and finally give up and resign. Trump’s skin is apparently too thick for the left’s slings and arrows to penetrate and it’s frustrating them to the point of temper tantrums – and all the while – the world is watching. Everyone sees the actions by the leftist democrats and, as the poll shows, most see right through the obfuscations and distortions and recognize baseless smear campaigns when they see it.

The Suffolk poll shows that Trump has a higher approval rating than Hillary, the democrat party, Congress, and the media. As Trump might tweet: “So satisfying.”





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  1. Unless Conservatives in Congress find or grow several sets of big brass balls, ASAP, Democrats are going to win bigly in 2018, they’re positioning themselves to win back the Presidency in 2020… and Donald Trump is Hell-bent on helping them do it! The real political story the past week and a half wasn’t Trump’s alleged ties to or collusion with Russian agents, it’s been his ongoing collusion with the Democrat establishment and RINOpublicans. Check this latest Trump-turd out:


    • Sorry my previous point as this all relates to polling, is that Dems know what they’re doing. I think just being who they are, makes Trump look like the adult in the room, and they want that. They want the Republicans to own all their — Democrat — mistakes and Donald Trump, along with the RINOpublicans. is helping them do it. Democrats always play the long game. They are always willing to lose small battles in order to position themselves for the bigger prize, and they never seem to care whether they’re popular, they care about winning elections, wielding power… As we’ve seen, popularity doesn’t necessarily mean Winner.


      • You’re right, AS, they do play for the long term and, in my opinion, their strategery for the long-term is superior to that of the Republicans. We have few standard-bearers that are willing to fight fire with fire and for the most part, they are wimpy and prone to give in. The thing that I take away from the poll is that at least the polled public hasn’t been completely fooled by the lies and obfuscations of the left. The public is showing that they don’t trust ANY of the political figures or parties – and wisely so.


  2. Democrats are experiencing a fracture similar to what Republicans experienced after losing to Obama in 2008. People are realizing that the big-tent objectives of the party leaders can’t satisfy the demands of those who insist on a more principled agenda (the “principle” being thievery in the case of Bernie Sanders’ supporters).

    Republicans and the country at large would be in serious trouble if the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democrat Party could succeed in growing its influence and assuming the leadership of the Party. We should do whatever we can to fuel the divide.


    • Agreed CW, but that is the direction that the dems are leaning at the moment. I really can’t see them moving back towards the center so I think that they’ll be even more leftist by the time the 2020 elections come around. We do need to do anything to “help” them splinter in hopes that they won’t be able to mount a unified campaign by then.


  3. There is no grassroots momentum in the Dem party because they have no leader. They didn’t even have a party chairman until this month, and the Dem crybabies in congress are totally absorbed with throwing roadblocks up for Trump.

    I think it was bescher who said the other day that all they’re thinking about is the here and now. They’re disorganized and don’t have a plan for the future.


  4. Gee I don’t know how much more you can go left. I thought they were already there.


    • It’s true that some are very far left, but the majority of the dems are still mostly moderates. The Warran and Sanders factions are doing their best to pull the moderates further towards a far left agenda.


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