The End of the World…for Liberals


March 10, 2017

By Jeffrey Folks

In The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle demonstrated how human consciousness becomes imprisoned by the controlling mind, and how that mind, so much focused on the task of controlling and centralizing one’s attention on the past and future, may feel threatened by any attempt to escape from mental control. The imprisoned mind will seek to reassert its enslavement at the first hint of change.

Just such a separation of consciousness from Being, or, if you will, of mankind from God, is exactly what is at play in our current national drama. A powerful mental construct – the liberal myth of a progressive utopia brought about by surrender of the individual to state control – is at risk of being swept away by a great movement to free consciousness from the controlling ideas of the liberal past. . .    “The jig is up.” Liberalism no longer possesses the moral authority to control our national politics.

Liberals are terrified of Trump because they know that their great myth, once the light of consciousness has been shined on it, will dissolve as quickly as a grain of salt in water. . .    There is no reality to liberals’ mental myth of the enlightened state. Once it comes under awareness, it dissolves.

In Tolle’s thinking, the concentration of consciousness on the “now” to the exclusion of past and present awakens presence, a powerful field of energy that can be directed toward learning, acting, healing, or any other endeavor. Presence is transformative in a way that the mere chatter of mind can never be because presence transcends the self-limiting contradictions, inhibitions, and mental rubbish of regret, fear, and false hope.

Donald Trump has brought to American politics a liberating presence that we have not seen since the days of Ronald Reagan. And . . . has liberated half of America from the mental cage of progressive thought and struck fear into the rest.

The great panic on the left and the resultant attacks on Trump are the left’s response to this fear. The left is desperate to prevent the light of consciousness from being directed at the intricate mental structure leftists have erected. Once a single pillar has been removed, the entire structure will begin to crumble, and it will become apparent that the progressive fantasy is merely a construction of ideas with no basis in reality.

The left has created a mental cage in which much of the world has been imprisoned for the past half-century and more. Now, with nationalist movements in Europe and Trump in America, that world is changing. No wonder the entire progressive establishment, from the liberal media to holdovers from the Obama bureaucracy, is trying to bring Trump down, even, if need be, at the cost of national security and economic prosperity.

From their perspective, it is the end of the world. . . As it is, he is merely “Hitler.”

(Interesting, but predictable, how very materialistic all of the left’s categories of thought have become and how totally uninterested it is in the higher plane of liberty, goodness, and selflessness.  In effect, our two political parties have been replaced by two great movements: the left’s ever greater reduction of life to physical categories and interest groups and conservatism’s aspiration to restore wholeness and freedom, the condition that Tolle calls “consciousness” and that others would label “sanctity” or “human dignity.”)

The fear and panic on the left are palpable.  Network programs . . . (and) News anchors have become mindless megaphones of victimhood and defeatism, totally absorbed by the idea of stopping Trump because Trump threatens the end of their world.

Why is it that Trump poses such an existential threat to progressivism? . . . It is because unlike those who merely oppose the left, Trump dissolves the opposition by holding it up to ridicule . . . Everyone knows that the left has failed in its governance of cities like Chicago over the past half-century. It took Trump to make people realize it. Suddenly, the left’s credibility is toast . . . So also with jobs, national security, health care, and the rest. . .

America stands at a great spiritual crossroads, where we must choose either to remain imprisoned by the left’s dehumanizing materialism – a politics focused on the “right” to abortion, racial reparations, unlimited benefits, and transgender bathrooms – or to rise and realize our great potential as free and enlightened human beings inhabited by divinity.

It is the end of their world, if not the world per se – the end of all that has been constructed by the left from Wilson to FDR to LBJ and Obama, to exert control over consciousness.  Free your consciousness, and shine its light on what remains of the left’s moral authority.  Watch their grand illusions dissolve.


This seems to be occurring. Whether Trump is truly conscious of it, the GOPe obviously isn’t, and is deliberately unwinding a philosophy he has at times openly promoted is up for debate. He is intent on reform, but may not be aware of how fundamental the disconnect is between the Founding principles of individual Liberty, and the stifling enforced uniformity of advanced Progressivism.

Is he really willing to fade that much heat? His political base is demanding it, but the Party is stuck in the old Stockholm Syndrome status quo of defeatism. Trump is accepting their premise on Obamacare, so we’ll have to see, won’t we?


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  1. I think that Mr. Folks obituary of the democrats is premature. I agree that they’re scared because they’re in an unusual circumstance – wherein they lost an election they “should have” won to a candidate that they believe is beneath them in intellectual heft. Most of them have never been the “also rans” before and don’t feel comfortable that they know how to cope. All they know is that they must attack, attack, attack, and (somehow) bring down Trump’s administration. I believe that it’ll take the 2020 election to either plant them firmly in their graves or allow them to lie, cheat, and steal another election – which I’m sure they’ll try.


  2. A very interesting piece, Curtis. It’s true Trump did hold the opposition up for ridicule, but the author may be giving Trump more credit than he deserves. I wouldn’t say that Trump has a liberating presence – to steal an old movie line, it’s more of a ‘I’m mad as hell and I’m going to take it anymore’ attitude. He sees himself as the fixer and the winner of the biggest reality game he’s ever played.

    I would agree that the liberals are afraid of him – at least to a degree. They think he’s going to deport all the poor illegals their precious O saved, stop all their welfare checks and shut down all the abortion clinics.

    You absolutely nailed the Republicans with your phrase “the Party is stuck in the old Stockholm Syndrome status quo of defeatism” because that perfectly depicts their mindset. To be successful, Trump will have to turn that around, and the sooner the better!

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  3. No, I don’t think that’s true. I think you’re much closer to the reality, Curtis, when you say, “[Trump] may not be aware of how fundamental the disconnect is between the Founding principles of individual Liberty, and the stifling enforced uniformity of advanced Progressivism.”

    To me, Donald Trump is sort of the Forrest Gump of revolutionary figures. He’s accidentally stumbled into a heroic role simply because he was fed up with certain aspects of the status quo. He was never defending any deep commitment to long-held conservative principles, as had motivated some of his rivals. But Forrest Gump was able to accomplish things in spite of his lack of awareness, and Trump is doing so as well. That’s part of the reason why the Left is going to war with him. The greater part IMO, though, is that they’ve become accustomed to having power and they are showing who they really are in their furious resentment of anyone else having the power. Obama showed the Left that you can be bratty and lawless and get away with it, because the next step is civil war and Republicans won’t go there unless the Left literally shoots first.

    I think only two things can help Trump prevail in the long run. First, he has to be steadfast and tough, using the full force of the government to punish lawlessness. Second, he has to be successful. As Ronald Reagan demonstrated, economic success has a funny way of helping your foes see you in a different light.

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  4. Ok so now on this blog I’ve read two separate takes on the democrats
    I wonder which one is a good read and I really want to believe this one but I think the left is far crafty than this


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