The Democrats and the Left Are Pursuing a Clever Strategy

From:,  by Paul Gottfried,  on Mar 8, 2017

Like other opponents of the Left, I am annoyed by the obstructionist tactics engaged in by Senate Democrats and the often hysterical reaction of the media to just about anything done by President Trump. I’m also appalled by the way Democratic and Obamaite operatives in the intelligence service and in other federal agencies leak sensitive information to their buds at the Washington Post and New York Times. And I’m sick of how the anti-Trump protest demonstrators scream and vandalize, and I’ve no doubt that both former President Obama and George Soros have played significant roles in recruiting and funding the demonstrators. Finally, I’d hardly be surprised if Obama and his friends were not directly involved in wiretapping Trump Tower in the month before the election. The Obama administration played dirty games of this kind even on its media critics, and it did manage to obtain (on its second try) judicial permission to tap phones in Trump Tower during October of last year.

Having indicated my orientation, it would be impossible to ascribe this analysis to my sympathy for Trump’s enemies, whom everyone who knows me knows I abhor. But these unlovable people may be following an effective strategy for discrediting someone they hate. They hit him over the head almost hourly with crises and scandals, most of which are made up or vastly exaggerated. These damaging or distracting revelations emanate from the media and are then repeated by Democratic politicians, the entertainment industry, and academics. For example, it makes no difference that not a scintilla of evidence has been uncovered that shows Trump and his staff “colluding” with the Russian government in order to steal the presidential election from the supposed frontrunner Hillary Clinton. But the charge continues to be made; and it has already led to the forced resignation of General Michael Flynn, who met with the Russian ambassador in December but who, from the evidence, did absolutely nothing illegal.

Right now Trump’s enemies are going after Attorney General Jeff Sessions for both “colluding” with the Russians and committing perjury. It seems that Sessions in responding to a convoluted question by very liberal Democratic Senator Al Franken about his possible Russian involvement said more than he should have. He not only underlined that he had not colluded with the Russians as a “Trump surrogate.” He also denied having any dealings with Russian leaders. But it seems that Sessions did have some dealings, in his capacity as a Senator, but in a situation that had nothing to do with Trump’s campaign. Clearly, Sessions misspoke in trying to deal with Franken’s utterly incoherent, accusatory question, but there is absolutely nothing to suggest that he was hiding information about his dealings with the Russians, aimed at causing the defeat of Hillary Clinton.

Since this anti-Trump behavior is so relentlessly vicious, Republicans and Trump-sympathizers tell us that the other side is shooting itself in the foot. Supposedly there is no way the Democrats and the Left can regain power if they continue to conduct themselves like “spoiled children.” But there is no reason to think the Left is shooting itself in the foot. In fact it may be doing itself a favor by behaving like “spoiled children,” given our political and cultural divisions.

The Left is appealing unmistakably to its base, which comprises culturally radical whites, racial minorities, government workers, and college students. These target groups are hardly disturbed by the antics they see. According to a recent Rasmussen poll cited in Breitbart, as much as 30% of those polled believe that universities should keep conservative speakers from addressing them. 41% approve of the direction in which Trump is moving the country, while 48% disapprove. Even a thoroughly honest, dispassionate jurist such as Neil Gorsuch, whom Trump nominated to the Supreme Court, has 50% disapproval and only 41% approval ratings. Although Breitbart rejoices that Trump has turned some corner in winning general acceptance, this happy talk may be questioned.  We may assume that leftist sympathizers inhabit the U.S. roughly in about the same number as those who identify as Trump loyalists. Let’s not forget that in the recent presidential election, Hillary Clinton won about two million more votes than Trump, even while losing the Electoral College and about 90% of the counties in the U.S. Chuck Schumer, Rachel Maddow, and Bill Maher may be speaking for tens of millions of American voters when they blast Trump with reckless abandon. Behind them also stand the mainstream media in Western Europe and the Anglosphere, who push roughly the same leftist views as our media.Our side is battling to come from behind, and that situation has not changed decisively because of the election in November. What the Left is now demonstrating is that it can use its assets to inflict continuing hurt on the electoral victors, indeed so much hurt that the winners won’t be able to take advantage of their victory. They can also wreak so much havoc that the “undecideds” and even former Trump supporters may turn to the Left to restore order. Such a reaction does not only occur in far-off countries without constitutional traditions. It can also happen here.

Our side is battling to come from behind, and that situation has not changed decisively because of the election in November. What the Left is now demonstrating is that it can use its assets to inflict continuing hurt on the electoral victors, indeed so much hurt that the winners won’t be able to take advantage of their victory. They can also wreak so much havoc that the “undecideds” and even former Trump supporters may turn to the Left to restore order. Such a reaction does not only occur in far-off countries without constitutional traditions. It can also happen here.

But President Trump does have a way to combat the Left’s tactics. He should be cautious about what he tweets (lest he strengthens the impression that he’s reckless about his words.) Tweeting may be a means for a populist leader to reach the “people” without having to go through enemy territory, but it only works well if the communicator is disciplined in making his thoughts known. He must also go after treacherous bureaucrats who are compromising his administration by leaking confidential information to the Trump-averse media. And he must not only remove these enemies from their posts but also bring criminal charges against them where possible. Finally, he must “drain the swamps” by purging as much of an overwhelmingly hostile bureaucracy as he can and then replacing them with friendlier civil servants.  Without these measures, there is no way he can run a government that the “deep state” is working to undermine. Unless he can gain control of what is supposed to be his administration, other problems will continue to mount.


Of course, I’m not a professional prognosticator, nor am I a seer or fortune teller, so perhaps I can be forgiven if I confess that while I had many misgivings about Donald Trump’s ability to govern the country and get a reasonably conservative agenda enacted, he’s been doing better than I expected. I expected that those of us who were not in Trump’s camp would be skeptical and wary of what he might accomplish. I knew that the dyed-in-the-wool Hillary-ites would pressure their congresspersons to obstruct him and I expected that many uncommitted voters would stand on the sidelines and wait to see what Trump hath wrought.

I never expected that President Trump’s biggest problems would be a major, serious, balls-to-the-wall onslaught against anything and everything he touches. That includes personal attacks against him as well as family members. The democrat left is pulling no punches as they unleash every weapon they have available, including Obama-appointed bureaucrats sabotaging whatever they can, including creating major security lapses and hacking allegations based on little or no evidence, they’re spreading lies and using innuendo to crucify Trump appointees not because the appointees themselves are the target, but to damage the Trump administration. And General Obama himself is overseeing the political warfare as its tactician. 

In other words, what I never expected was that Trump’s worst enemies would be leftist Americans engaging in terroristic tactics to bring him down – at all costs. With the funding provided by Obama fundraising and George Soros, this subversive shadow government probably has a budget in excess of the GDP of small countries.

I expected pushback and sour grapes from the dems, but not to the extent that we’re seeing. It’s like The Donald is in a death match in the octagon and he’ll be lucky to escape with his life. It’s becoming obvious that the left is more devoted to destroying Donald Trump than they are concerned about contributing long-term damage to the country.



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  1. I expected much grumbling and many noses to be out of joint for a while, but not for this long. However, my husband-person (thank you Mrs. AL) said that he expected it and that it would last about a year. If he’s right, it’s going to be a very long year.

    To use it as a tactic to destroy Trump’s presidency is really low, but then the Dems have shown there are no depths they won’t sink to in order to get their way.


  2. Even if we couldn’t have predicted the precise tactics they would use, none of this should come as a surprise to anyone. The Left has spent the past century continually lowering the bar, and will keep doing so until we learn to fight back more effectively. These are just Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals tactics ramped up to the next level, and remember that book was written 46 years ago.

    The outright warfare against Donald Trump from the get-go should clarify the Left’s message once and for all: They want to be in power – period. This isn’t about differences of opinion or different philosophy’s of government. Nothing short of restoring themselves to power will deter the leftists now.

    I agree with Paul Gottfried that Trump needs to drain the swamp and get the leftists out of our government, even if he has to announce a 50% cut in gov’t personnel to get there. I also agree that Trump needs to tenaciously go after the leakers and underminers and make examples of them with SERIOUS consequences. That should be A.S.A.P. to discourage further leakers and underminers. And yes, Trump should learn to discipline himself when it comes to Twitter, but unfortunately I doubt that will happen. That’s too bad, as you only get so much credibility in this life and Trump is on the path to completely squandering all of his in his first year in office. He’ll regret that one day.


    • Trump would do well to read your post, CW. A couple of your major points are golden – identify and prosecute the leftist “moles” who are undermining the new administration’s endeavors and stop, or at least have someone parse Trump’s tweets. It’s ok that he tweets to counterpunch his opponents, but those tweets must be accurate and factual and not be cartoon-like the way his tweets are. His tweets have lost credibility when they could have been his version of a “fireside chat,” i.e., informational and welcomed by the public.


  3. I actually expected every single bit of it.

    What I didn’t expect was how his election has turned so many GOP Congresscritters into LBJ Democrats and supporters of 95% of Obamacare.


    • That only turns the spotlight on the lack of courage among our congresscritters. They’re just plain afraid – afraid that they’ll be blamed if anything goes wrong during the transition from Omammycare.


  4. Just a add on and information there is a investigation going on of three immigrants that were hired by the democrats in Congress and by the then DNC chair to manage their IT equipment these men and wives were found hacking and keeping emails from these Democrats and the DNC. I really wonder who did what and I’m firmly convinced what has come out that the Russians had very little to do with anything

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    • Since we’ve learned that the CIA had the ability to “spoof” the originating identifiers in messaging to make it appear that it was authored by the Russians, I’d be suspicious of anything that supposedly has Russian fingerprints on it – it more probably originated at the CIA rather than in Russia.


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