WikiLeaks: CIA Hackers Want to Take Control of Your Car

From:,  by Allum Bokhari,  on Mar 7, 2017

The CIA has considered developing technology to hack the driving systems of road vehicles including cars and trucks, according to a WikiLeaks dump of agency documents released earlier today.

From WikiLeaks’ press release:

As of October 2014 the CIA was also looking at infecting the vehicle control systems used by modern cars and trucks. The purpose of such control is not specified, but it would permit the CIA to engage in nearly undetectable assassinations.

CIA meeting notes from 2014 show that the agency’s Embedded Devices Branch (EDB) was looking at “vehicle systems (e.g VSEP)” as a “potential mission area.”

This appears to have been part of a wider effort on the part of the CIA to take control of the “internet things” — a term used in the technology community to refer to the growing connectivity of physical devices through the internet.

The meeting notes specifically notes “the internet of things” as another potential EDB mission area.

The CIA has also successfully breached Samsung’s Smart TVs, and now has the ability to covertly switch on the Smart TVs’ microphones to monitor nearby audio, even when the devices are switched off.


Much of this vast hacking power is now in the hands of third parties as well as the CIA. According to the WikiLeaks, dump, the CIA has lost control of much of its hacking arsenal to unknown parties, after the cyber-weapons were “circulated among former U.S government hackers and contractors in an unauthorized manner.”

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I wrote a piece on this very subject in July of 2013. Titled “Could Your Own Car Be Used to Kill You?” If you have any interest in this subject, I’d strongly urge you to also read that piece.

The subject came to the forefront when a journalist, Michael Hastings died in an “unusual” car crash.  A number of bits of evidence later showed up to cause many to question the “accident.” In what some might call a coincidence, Michael Hastings contacted WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson just a few hours before he died, saying that the FBI was investigating him. 

Hastings’ Mercedes was traveling at an estimated 100mph when he collided with a tree. The resulting impact separated the engine from the chassis and left it some 100ft ahead of the vehicle. 

I know all of this sounds far-fetched, but read the 2013 post and see if it isn’t reinforced by this article about the CIA’s automobile hacking capabilities. 

I was skeptical then, but still apprehensive about the thought that anyone (much less our own government) could use some fancy hacking to eliminate a “troublesome” civilian. In light of this article, the term “chilling” doesn’t do it justice.





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  1. Doesn’t it just so figure that our government would invest the money and man-hours to create these sorts of tools to be used on troublesome individuals, while the real threats like ISIS, NKorea and Iran go mostly unchecked? And it’s ironic that they had the means to develop such controls, but failed to have measures in place to keep it secure.


    • I think that the answer is … it’s easier. Dealing with ISIS, North Korea, and Iran are hard, putting down some poor citizen ’cause he or she “knows too much” has apparently become really easy.


  2. I remember your original post on this, Garnet, and it certainly does seem as if you were spot on with your concerns.

    This kind of power in the hands of the right people – great.

    This kind of power in the hands of the wrong people – nightmare city.

    The problem is that too many Americans don’t understand who the wrong people are.


    • We’re in a pretty sorry state when we can’t trust our federal government’s agencies. And that goes across the board. If it’s not lazy, belligerent bureaucrats, it’s some really bad dudes who routinely break the law because their worthless un-American boss tells them to do it. We’re screwed.



  1. WikiLeaks: ‘Undetectable Assassinations,’ ‘Weaponized Malware – Pesky Truth

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