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The following are snipped segments of several news stories, condensed to save time and space. The titles contain links back to the full original article.

The polls actually show that Trump is still winning

It’s plain that The American people largely agree with Trump’s agenda

Forty-one percent of Americans say the economy will get better, and 73 percent of those attribute that prospective success to Trump. Only 4 percent of Americans think Obamacare works well the way it is. And here’s the best statistic of all for Trump personally: Thirty-eight percent of Americans say they like him personally regardless of whether they like or dislike his policies.

All of this suggests that Americans are giving Trump a chance and that they’re tired of the media failing to do so. They think Trump is going to bring change, and they want to allow him freedom to pursue that change. Democrats and members of the media who keep saying that Trump can’t be trusted with the tiller of government ought to have an easy solution: Give him all the leeway he wants, and then watch him pursue policies they think are unpopular. By acting as foils for Trump, the media, and the left actually prop him up — they allow him to position them as obstacles to making change.

Trump is in control. The American people are ready to see him perform. Now it’s time for him to step up and create the change he’s preached for so long.

The Petulant Party (the dems) should be smart enough to recognize that Trump was elected because of his promised agenda and the expectation that he would follow through. In other words, he was elected in spite of his idiosyncrasies because the voters believed that he would actually do what he said he’d do – as opposed to our usual, run-of-the-mill political candidate who lie to get elected and then promptly forget their promises and begin running for reelection.

Loretta Lynch: Need more marching, blood, death on streets

The Obama administration’s former Attorney General Loretta Lynch has made an impassioned video plea for more marching, blood and death on the streets – a video that was later posted on the Facebook page of Senate Democrats as “words of inspiration.”

The video is less than a minute long and begins by stating that people are experiencing “great fear and uncertainty,” with the unstated implication it is due to Donald Trump’s takeover of the White House.

For those who might have experienced a short-term memory lapse, Loretta Lynch was Obama’s Attorney General – the one who met with ex-President Bill Clinton while Hillary Clinton was being investigated. Can you imagine? An ex-Attorney General suggesting that the populace needs to get more aggressive in denying President Trump an opportunity to make her previous boss (Obama) look like a penny-ante snake-oil salesman while improving all aspects of life in the United States? Some nerve, eh?

Did Obama authorize wiretapping of Trump?

President Trump has accused Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower before the election. Breitbart reported that the Obama administration sought a FISA warrant in June 2016, which was denied but did obtain a “more limited” FISA warrant in October 2016.

It’s only reasonable to assume that if the October warrant had produced anything of value, you can bet that Obama would have disclosed the results of the investigation.  The fact that Obama did not release any such information is further evidence that the “Russian interference” claim by the Opposition Party is pure nonsense designed to weaken the Trump presidency. It appears that the Obama administration used the FISA court to obtain a warrant to spy on Trump, using the “Russian interference” as a reason and hoping to find something to use against him.

We had a Watergate Committee to investigate the break-in of the headquarters of the DNC, supposedly to obtain information on the Democrat candidates.  The question was what Nixon knew and when he knew it.  Now we have the use of the FISA warrant to obtain information about Trump.

We need an investigation to determine the basis of the warrant.  What facts were alleged?  Who authorized seeking the warrant?  Why was it the warrant sought?  Who was the target of the warrant?

It is difficult to believe that Attorney General Lynch would have approved wiretapping Donald Trump, Trump Tower, or members of his campaign team without the knowledge and approval of Obama.

Did Obama know the warrant was sought?  When did he know?  Did he authorize it, even if he did not order it?  Why would he authorize it?

As the Democrats repeatedly say, such serious charges demand a full investigation and a special prosecutor.

It seems to me that a full investigation IS warranted and the full details (obviously redacting classified information, if any) released to the public. We have opposing accounts, wherein one party is likely to be telling the truth while the other is probably lying. The American populace deserves to know which is which – Trump should push for the release of the FISA warrant application. Whether he pushes for it or not could be an indication about veracity of his claim. If he really believes that Attorney General Lynch authorized surveillance of the Trump Tower, he has everything to gain by pressing for an investigation. If he doesn’t, that may indicate that he’s the one doing the lying.




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  1. That video of Lynch is a doozy, Garnet! Man oh man, she’s a piece of work. Now we know why Obama picked her. She’s just like him.

    I agree, the Trump administration needs to get on top of the spying scandal but fast. Trump should understand that Obama is going to prepared for whatever Trump does, because he’s known we’re at war for some time now while Trump is just figuring that out. Obama has laid a trap for Trump with the whole Russia thing, brainwashing the sheep to believe that Trump is a puppet for the Russians and that this will explain why he’s going after Obama. Trump and his helpers are going to have to up their game and think like evil thinks if they’re going to fight back and win.


    • Only time will tell, but I heard an interesting analysis today that posited that maybe President Trump has actually seen documentation that Obama administration cronies requested that FISA warrant and has essentially set a trap for Obama. I’m not sure I’d bet a bunch on that, but I’d love to see Trump nail Obama’s administration on it. I do think that Trump can be devious enough to plant some landmines for Obama if he can survive the first 100 days.


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