NFL QB Colin Kaepernick is a Hypocritical Coward


Let me get this straight…..

The same man who started the entire and utterly disrespectful demonstration of taking a knee for the national anthem and in my opinion spit on every man and woman who has ever served our military has decided to change his stance and stand this coming season for our national anthem?!?!

Did he see the error of his ways? Did he realize that was the wrong way to make a statement and the wrong approach to get his point across regarding racial discrimination?

NO!!!!! He did not.

Now that he is a free agent, all of a sudden he is concerned about the possibility of not being signed and that other teams might be apprehensive about his earlier stance. Now that it might have an effect on his wallet and his lifestyle, he changes his tune to (faux) patriotism.

This is by far the one of the biggest forms of greed, hypocrisy and true cowardice I have seen in a long time.

What’s worse is the sudden surge of interest from teams since he made this revelation, because, yes, someone will sign him despite his lack of character.

As long as there is this…

and you live here….

there had better be this…

You owe them that much.


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  1. Great post, Kathy.

    Colin Kaepernick is so typical of the shallow liberal mentality we talk about again and again at this site. It was all good for Colin when he was garnering a lot of attention as an up and coming young quarterback. I remember seeing stories of him kissing his tattooed biceps and posing in the nude and thinking to myself, man this guy is so full of himself! His ego is unbelievable. Apparently he hadn’t noticed what a racist hell hole we live in back then.

    So what happened when Kaepernick started playing poorly and the media attention went away or turned negative? Colin Kaepernick did what all attention-starved liberals do. He found a cause. Suddenly he was in the spotlight again. He was someone’s hero again. Liberals are so pathetically predictable.

    Here’s what really bugs me about Kaepernick. I can admire someone for supporting a worthy cause, but his great “cause” had no merit whatsoever. Zero. He showed solidarity with black “victims” of police, most of whom were targeted for a damn good reason, while completely ignoring so many more blacks who have been the victims of violence perpetrated by other blacks and who need the help of the very police that Kaepernick disrespects. I am offended by Kaepernick’s homage to the PHONY cause of racism in America, by a man who got so much out of this nation and while a black man was our elected president. How clueless can a person be? When your real motive is to get the spotlight back on you and to be a hero even when you’ve done nothing heroic, apparently there is no limit to how clueless you can be.


    • Agreed, CW, the cause he supposedly supported is just as phony as he is. If he truly believed in it being a free agent wouldn’t matter to him. Like Garnet said, he probably won’t get the kind of money he thinks he’s worth and that’s sweet karma, I say.


  2. Excellent post, Kathy, especially those last three images – they say it all.

    That worthless piece of trash was real brave when he felt insulated from any retribution, but now that he’s made his bed of anti-American sentiment known far and wide, many team’s management can be expected to shy away from a mediocre quarterback who is openly unpatriotic. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the team’s fans raise hell for whoever signs him.

    It’s unfortunate, but someone will probably sign him, but he’ll pay financially for his anti-American through his contract. I don’t think that he’ll get the kind of bucks he might have brought if he hadn’t been such an unappreciative asshole.


    • Along with a lot of other Americans, I was furious when I heard what he did. For someone to be in the position he was and be so ungrateful, is just despicable. Then for the NFL to let it slide just tells you how they walk the PC tightrope.

      If he got what he deserves, he’d be living on the streets.


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