Gay Themes in TV and Movies Pull In Low Ratings

Written by John Nolte, 3-2-17, at the Daily Wire:


Fresh off the news that the Walt Disney Company will hand unsuspecting parents a sexual-hand grenade in the form of an “openly gay moment” in the upcoming live-action fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast” (which is also all about “empowerment“), Hollywood is taking a massive beating on television with respect to two very high-profile LGBTQQIP2SAA (I think I have that correct — I’ll make any updates as they occur) TV shows.

The first casualty was also the first cancellation of the season. The CBS legal drama “Doubt” earned the axe after just three episodes. The show made history as the first to add a recurring transgender character to a regular series. Laverne Cox, a man who wants to be a woman, starred in the role.

On top of the “making history” publicity boon, the series also boasted a Big Star in the form of Katherine Heigl. Nevertheless, it crashed and died upon liftoff with the lowest ratings of any CBS debut show. Roughly 5 million people tuned in.

The second casualty is the ABC miniseries “When We Rise,” which covers the beginnings of the LGBTQQIP2SAA movement. The show was hyped endlessly by the network and the entertainment media, but could only scrape up a paltry 3 million viewers, which put it in last place among the Big 4 networks and ended in a humiliating tie with the CW.

Many times over the years I have publicly expressed my gratitude to Hollywood for the fine work the film and television industry did in changing attitudes towards homosexuals, especially in recognizing our shared humanity. That was a righteous and, yes, Christian act. But now I’m going to express an opinion I’m not supposed to express…

Man alive, I’m sick of gay.

Hey, live and let live. What consenting adults do is the least of my concerns. Godspeed. I wish you nothing but happiness. But I’m tired of being preached to, tired of identity-politics being jammed down my throat, tired of being sucker-punched, hectored, lectured, and told that unless I accept this as “normal” there is something morally wrong with me.

Sorry, but like a massive swath of the population, I am a heterosexual, and no matter how hard you try, the sight of two men being intimate will always make me uncomfortable.

Is it okay if I don’t want to be made uncomfortable at a Disney movie, or while watching network television? Does it make me homophobic that I am never-ever going to watch “Moonlight,” specifically because I don’t want to watch two guys kiss, or to be told that what I believe to be a sin is something beautiful?

Moreover, because I am a compassionate and decent American who wishes only the best for everyone, what I truly resent is this horrific attempt by the mercenary Left to normalize transgenderism. These are individuals desperately in need of intense psychological help. Normalizing mental illness, celebrating it as some kind of “cool identity,” is nothing less than using the psychologically vulnerable as cannon fodder in a political war.

On top of that, there is the relentless, Orwellian oppressiveness of all of the entertainment and media culture demanding I give in to a lie, the lie that transgenderism in not a mental illness.

Making transgenderism a “lifestyle choice” is like making schizophrenia, depression, addiction, bulimia, or a bipolar disorder, a “lifestyle choice.” How evil do you have to be to do such a thing, to exploit the mentally ill as a means to score political points?

Finally, caring parents do not want to exit a Disney movie or turn off the TV, only to find themselves having to explain human sexuality to their child long before they ever intended.

Hollywood’s demonic push to come between parent and child, to strip our children of their innocence long before it is healthy, is one of many reasons millions are turning elsewhere for entertainment.


Like Nolte, I don’t much care what consenting adults do – that’s between them and their Maker – but it should be behind closed doors, and not used as a club to demonize people who disagree with their choices.

I don’t agree with Nolte that it was a righteous and Christian act when the film industry changed their attitudes towards homosexuals. Instead it was an another opportunity to and shock people. It’s a broad path they’re using to increase the exposure, deteriorating morality in the process, followed by condemnation of those who don’t blindly accept it as normal.

Apparently it’s not going over as well as the Hollywood libs had hoped. Taking liberties with perfectly innocent fairy tales isn’t acceptable to parents, nor is the plan to air hours and hours of gay history on prime time TV. People are sick and tired of having this shoved in their faces in efforts to normalize homosexuals and transgenders.

Hollywood is another swamp that needs draining – pushback is good.


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  1. I think that the purveyors of this gay crap are willing victims of intimidation by the gay lobby. They want to be seen as “hip” and open-minded and, at the same time, produce something that has some shock value. That is their right. At the same time, it is OUR right to avoid anything that we find offensive – and avoid them I will.

    According to a Washington Post article in 2015, as of 2013, there were only 2.2% of men who self-identified as gay or bisexual and 2.4% of women who claimed to be lesbian or bi. Now maybe I’m not good at math, but less than 5% of the population (2013 numbers) doesn’t strike me as being financially viable unless a lot of straight people accept it. They’re treading on thin ice, yet when a movie or TV show fails due to its gay content, the producers will no doubt blame the “uninformed and homophobic” masses and not their decision to produce such crap.

    As so many others have said, do what pleases you behind closed doors, but don’t push it in my face.


    • The whole LGBT thing is so in our faces that I didn’t realize the percentage of them was so low. Even if it’s doubled by now, that’s still only 10%. Their constant barrage of attacks and exposure makes it seem like there’s lots more of them.

      Those purveyors are all too willing to do whatever it takes to put money in their pockets, so it’s up to the heterosexual world to let them know we are the majority and we don’t like it. Maybe the low ratings will serve as notice.


  2. I, too, am completely over it. All of it-unnecessary violence, psychosis, cursing, sex of all kinds, bad behavior being deemed as acceptable.

    Whats wrong with plots accompanied by good script writing that can stand alone? *Asking for a friend*


    • There’s nothing wrong with good scripts – in fact that would a refreshing change to see these days. (for your friend)

      You’re right – it’s all unnecessary. Chalk it up to laziness, lack of imagination and limited vocabulary. These days it’s all about ratings and persuasion. Like the media, the entertainment industry wants to influence how we think and what we accept. It’s time to put them back in their place.

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  3. The Left’s obsession with endlessly celebrating and normalizing all things LGBT is proof of its own mental disorder, a condition we usually refer to as liberalism. Their childish, insatiable need for attention and the enjoyment they derive from upsetting the adults (i.e. conservatives) is what drives the LGBT mania to the point of absurdity. Yes, it’s selfish in the way it confuses the young and robs them of the innocence they should be entitled to, but then selfishness is just another aspect of the mental disorder of liberalism.

    I’m glad to see the public demonstrate its disgust and/or boredom by tuning it out, finally. No matter what they might have you think, nothing speaks louder in liberal Hollywood than the almighty dollar.

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    • So true, CW, but as long as it votes and rakes in the money, the demented libs will continue to pander to it.

      It pains me to give Trump credit, but it seems like ever since he came on the scene, people have started to finally grow a spine and voice their displeasure a bit louder. We’ve seen boycotts that have been effective and now the networks are feeling the pinch, so that’s a good thing, I think. At least it’s a start.

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  4. I am tired of it. Keep it off TV or late at night. In the movies rate high on obscenity. I don’t want to have to observe Gay Pride parades or anything Like that do as we’re told to do keep it in the bedroom

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    • Same here, bescher. I watch a lot of HGTV and the DIY channel, and when they show up in an episode, I change the channel.

      I refuse to watch them and it’s good to see others are rejecting it too. Time for the networks to clean it up.

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      • We do as well watch a lot of HGTV and cooking channels although I’ve become a fan of the Chicago series of shows. Bull and genius as well as Fox News ( naturally) and last NCIS but that’s all we watch. I’m retired/disabled so I’m home all day but generally puttzing around. I love listening to music in the car but not at home so Fox News channel is on during the day ( mostly noise)

        The left keeps on telling us to stop at the bedroom door everything else is private so fine keep it all of the TV and movies. They are so hypocritical


      • Bescher, except for the Chicago shows, I think we’re watching the same TV.

        That stuff about stopping at the bedroom door only applies to the rest of us when the libs are spewing it, thanks to their only standard – the double standard.


  5. Another example. The other night I watched a movie that just came out on DVD: “Allied”, with Brad Pitt. (A terrible movie on all counts, IMO. I was bored to tears)

    It takes place in WW2. There’s a scene in an English pub, circa 1942. Pitt’s character’s sister is one of the participants, a character who serves no purpose to the plot, OTHER THAN to be at the table with her lesbian lover. During the scene the two of them fondle each other and openly kiss. In a London pub. In 1942. With none of the other characters reacting at all. Like it’s perfectly normal behavior.

    Yeah, like that would have EVER really happened in real life.

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    • I hear you, Brian. There was an episode of Law & Order a few years ago where one of the lawyers got fired. She asked if it was because she was a lesbian. It had absolutely nothing to do with the plot or their reasons, but they put it in there anyway, and it was the season ender. Needless to say, I didn’t watch it the next season.

      It’s ridiculous. There’s no way that would happen in a London pub in 1942. It’s like they sprinkle that garbage into movies just to expose us to it in small doses, so that eventually we get accustomed to it. As we like to say – that ain’t happenin’.

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