My take on the president’s speech to Congress


It’s not one of my favorite pastimes, in fact, it’s been years since I’ve bothered to watch any sort of presidential speech. In the case of Barack Obama, it was simply because I knew that what he said meant nothing. He was quite adept at saying what we (citizen voters) wanted to hear, but he was also such a prolific liar that I knew we couldn’t put any faith in his words.

But now we have a new president.

By now, Pesky Truth readers know that I was dead set against Donald Trump and only voted for him to prevent a catastrophic disaster: President Hillary Clinton. In no way could I have been considered a Trump supporter.

But I decided to listen and give him a chance. So far, in his first month of being president, he’s chosen some good people and has actually done some things that he promised, so out of curiosity, I decided to watch.

Frankly, I was pleasantly surprised. While I still don’t like his looks or his delivery, I did like his words. He said (almost all of) the right things. I also checked out some of the post-speech analysis to get other perspectives on Trump’s first big speech since becoming president.

I think that Chris Wallace said it best when he said, “I feel like tonight, Donald Trump became the President of the United States.”

I concur. Last night, he was presidential. He tried to appeal to all of the country’s citizens and several times mentioned working with both democrats and Republicans to accomplish his agenda.

All the while the democrats sat – still. It was obvious that they were instructed to do nothing that could have been interpreted as approval – about anything. They sat motionless as he proposed securing our borders, they were still when he talked about providing thousands of new jobs, they couldn’t even manage a nod when he mentioned Justice Scalia. Essentially, they “protested” each and every plan he proposed.

It was another example of the childish behavior of the democrats. They didn’t get their way in the election, so they refuse to participate in the government they’re supposed to be representing. It’s obvious that they are united in opposing any of President Trump’s proposals. They presume that any success he may achieve is bad for them, and they’re right. His successes would provide a stark contrast to the Obama years.

But wouldn’t it be better (for them) if they could be part of that success rather than trying to sabotage it?

I’ll admit that I am more optimistic about the country’s future after hearing Trump’s plans and this morning I noted that a poll showed that 76% of those who viewed it approved as well – so I’m not alone.

Of course, the proof is in the pudding. In a few years, we’ll know whether the president was successful in implementing his proposals or just feeding us a politician’s usual BS.

I’ll be more than happy to eat crow if Trump turns out to be good for the country, that’s far more important than my own personal peeves about his hair or his primary demeanor.

I’m not yet a Trump supporter, but he’s making progress with me.


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  1. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Trump thus far, and remain hopeful that it will continue.

    He managed to procure more crossover Dems than the number of movement conservatives he lost, thereby cobbling together and electoral vote wave. He must remain conscious of those crossover voters, and make certain they feel served as well as the more traditional GOP strains.

    I consider the Rusian hacking story to be “Fake News”, but if Trump allows AG Sessions to be railroaded for truthfully answering a question rather than volunteering extra info he will set a precedent that will undermine his presidency. This IS a test, and I’m sure his counselors know it.

    My biggest real concern is that two of his five closest counselors are known Leftists, Ivanka & Jared. Being family, they have intimate access to poison the well as it were. That could play out badly at crucial times.

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  2. I give the speech an ‘A’ on tone and a ‘C’ on substance. I think it was vital for Trump to show the nation that he has it in him to be presidential and that the caricature that the Left has created of him is a complete lie. He accomplished that, showing that he is a patriot as well as a man who sincerely cares about other people.

    On the other hand I was upset to hear him talk about getting the federal government further involved in family leave entitlement and to talk about expanding Medicaid and assisting people with healthcare via the tax code. ALL conservatives should be dismayed by that embrace of big government, but I suspect there will be plenty of hypocrisy to go around.

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    • Of course, Trump didn’t satisfy all of our conservative desires, he’s not now and never was a real conservative – we all knew that. But, in comparison to the past eight years, it was a breath of fresh air to hear that he was including so many conservative concepts in his agenda. I can’t disagree with your grades, CW, it’s just that I didn’t expect an A-level delivery and even a C-level content is better than I had hoped. My expectations were along a C-level delivery and a D-level content, so I was pleasantly surprised.

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  3. Although I fully expect some boneheaded statements and wrong moves, Trump’s making strides with me too, Garnet. His tone last night was good and he made quite a few impactful statements. One of his best moments was when he said “The time for small thinking is over; the time for trivial fights is behind us.” That was the equivalent of a body slam to the folks who remained seated all night, and I think I actually yelled boo-yeah at the TV.

    The Demobrats are an embarrassment to the entire country and last night they showed what disgusting lowlifes they are. Even the Supremes, who never stand or applaud anything at these speeches, paid great respect to Justice Scalia and his widow by standing and applauding when Trump honored her. Meanwhile the Dems sat there making asses out of themselves. Even the CNN poll showed that 78% had a positive reaction to his speech, so it will be interesting to see if this is enough of a jolt to get them back to reality.

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    • I hope that the visuals of the democrat’s refusal to participate at all helps some who are “on the fence” to decide that the dems are little more than obstructions who will stand in the way of fixing the country’s ills. They had better join the discussions or be left behind – wondering and clueless about what happened.

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