President Hillary Rodham Clinton

From: A parody website where the premise is that (gasp!) Hillary won


I don’t remember how I ended up here, but it’s an interesting parody site where everything appears to be based on the Bizzaro World premise that Hillary won the election. As an example of what you’ll find there, here are a few of the article titles:

  • Lazy reporting or fake news? Fox & Friends, Daily Caller mistakenly asserts Trump “is president”
  • Clinton signs executive order making self-portraiture a valid form of voter ID
  • Ivanka announces new alt-right clothing line: “Not your grandfather’s hood”
  • Clinton admits she fought ISIS in two previous lives
  • God confesses he’s a Hillary supporter in latest revelation
  • Cruz: “I framed O.J.”
  • Hillary Clinton’s approval rating falls to 79 percent

It could be that many democrats believe that they are actually getting “news” from this site – and they believe it. It just goes to show how gullible Hillary supporters are. Check it out, it’s a hoot!


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4 replies

  1. That’s a strange site. I know one thing for certain. If Hillary had won we’d never hear the words “Russia” and “election” in the same sentence again.


  2. Whatever sounds good to a liberal Democrat is good news and it’s also very real, it’s so real… so real… very very real… so very real that it’s really very fake news, so very fake… and they know that, I can promise you that… they know


    • Maybe deep, deep down in their coal-black heart they know, but that doesn’t stop them from continuing to yell about Hillary “winning” the popular vote. They’re just trying to influence some of our inert population.


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