Woman’s Purple Pistol Panics Pathetic Punk (try sayin’ that fast!)

From: freebeacon.com,  by Stephen Gutowski,  on Feb 24, 2017


An Idaho woman was able to defend herself by pulling her gun on a man who’d begun violently beating her during a robbery attempt on Monday.

The woman was driving in Boise, Idaho, when the robbery suspect jumped in front of her car. When she slammed on her brakes to avoid hitting him, her car stalled. The man then came around to the driver’s door, opened it, and demanded her keys and her purse.

“I couldn’t believe it, it was shock and fear,” the unidentified woman told KBOI.

The woman said the man then began beating her. “When I refused to give it to him he started hitting me in the head multiple times,” she told the news station.”He got my face once, and my forehead once, and when that didn’t work he grabbed my hair and began pulling me out of my car and I finally said ‘OK, OK, that’s enough stop! I’ll give you my purse.”

Once the attacker stopped hitting her, the woman took the opportunity to pull her PURPLE Ruger LCP out and point it at him. “When I turned to give him my purse, I reached in my center console and I grabbed my gun,” she said. “I pointed it at him, and it scared him off.”

The woman said she isn’t sure the attacker would have stopped beating her if she hadn’t had her gun. “He probably would’ve dragged me out of my car and kept beating me,” she said. “I honestly don’t know if he would have stopped.”

The attacker has yet to be apprehended.


Yeah, this tough guy was scared away by a woman with a PURPLE mouse-gun! 

Understand that I’m not disparaging the little Ruger LCP, I have one myself. The little .380 is perfect for summer carry in cargo shorts (in a DeSantis pocket holster). It just illustrates how brave these punks are – he was beating the woman about the head until he saw that she wasn’t going to be a victim and hauled his sorry ass outta there before she could get a shot off. Too bad, a couple of .380-sized holes in his groin might have prevented any like-minded offspring.



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  1. Kudos to her for being armed. I hope her attacker at least wet his pants.


  2. Purple, pink, green…it doesn’t really matter – the effect is the same, and it’s too bad he didn’t feel more of that effect.

    I know it’s easy to ‘armchair quarterback’ on posts like this, but I want to tell ladies like her to be more of aware of your surroundings and to be ready. The world is full of bad guys and guys like him count on intimidation when they attack women. Her doors should have been locked and she should have gone for her gun the minute he stopped in front of her vehicle. It’s easier to be ready for the worst and have it not happen than it is to have your head bashed in because you weren’t prepared.

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    • You’re right – I wish I could convince my daughter (and 17-year-old granddaughter) to take more responsibility for their personal safety. My granddaughter is about to go away to college and she is a very pretty girl (high school cheerleader) and I’ve offered to pay for martial arts/self-defense training, pepper spray, and even handgun training, but so far, no luck. I hope they come around.


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