From:,  by Joseph Farah,  on Feb 22, 2017


Exclusive: Joseph Farah notes ‘the pendulum has just started its swing to the right’

Did you think the Trump Revolution had occurred already?

I’ve got news for you: It has hardly begun.

The November election was merely the first salvo. It continues today as more Americans see a president who is working very hard to shake up Washington, rethink the things government has been doing, apply some common-sense principles to the way we live yet also see Donald Trump caricatured, maligned, parodied, smeared and vilified by academia, the corporate media culture and the Democrats.

There’s already an awakening taking place, and it’s going to end very badly for other side, which has underestimated Trump from the beginning.

Have you seen the latest polls?

Here’s one to consider: While the Democratic Party has adopted a policy of obstruction, the Harvard-Harris poll shows an overwhelming majority of Americans say Democrats should cooperate with President Trump to strike deals. The survey found that 73 percent of voters want to see Democrats work with the president, against only 27 percent who said Democrats should resist Trump’s every move. That 27 percent represents what’s left of the Democratic Party’s base.

The latest Gallup poll, showing how Americans self-identify in terms of party affiliation represents more bad news for Democrats. The largest percentage call themselves independent – 44 percent, the next largest Republican – 28 percent and, at the bottom, traditionally the largest party, Democrats – 25 percent.

If the Democratic Party continues to be the party of obstruction and the status quo, it’s going to find itself a political endangered species. Wouldn’t that be ironic?

But what I call the Trump Revolution is bigger than a political realignment in America. It’s a global phenomenon. Not only could it lead to a 2018 midterm disaster for Democrats and a potential landslide re-election for Trump in 2020, it’s already showing signs of a worldwide uprising.

Check out this incoherent news report from the BBC: “Many Europeans eye the months ahead with foreboding. They see anti-establishment parties on the ascendancy. Angela Merkel – for so long Frau Europe – may lose power. And the financial markets are skittish over the possibility of a Marine Le Pen victory in France. Every edge up in her poll ratings sends bond yields rising.”

How do politicians like Angela Merkel lose popularity and power if Europeans are fearing just that?

Read more closely and discover the tea leaves the BBC and other establishment media outlets are reading are not popularity polls – they are the financial markets.

By the way, recall that the financial markets in the U.S. were openly pulling for Hillary Clinton. But as soon as Trump won, they started soaring.

Here’s more evidence of what’s happening in Europe.

From CNBC: “A win for far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen would spell the end of the EU – but the French are not crazy enough to let that happen, insists European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici.

“‘I’m confident. I know my citizens and my compatriots well, and know they are not going to elect a candidate who is proposing France exiting (Europe). That would be the end of the European project,’ Moscovici, who is European commissioner for economic and financial affairs, told CNBC Monday.

“In a clear nod to the rising populist movements in Europe, the election of U.S. President Donald Trump and the U.K.’s EU referendum, Moscovici said he believes common sense will prevail as France goes to the polls in the two-round election this year.

“‘I cannot imagine 50 percent of the French are crazy enough to vote for her,’ he said.”

The media are looking for a savior, but they can’t find one.

Neither can the Democrats in the U.S. Who is their emerging leader? Look around the political landscape and try to find one. Who can take Trump on as a forceful counterweight? Who can even stand in his shadow?

Is it an exaggeration to call this a “Trump Revolution”? In the wake of 2016’s Brexit vote and the Trump election, what’s next?

If you ask me, the pendulum has just started its swing to the right. It may be going in that direction for another four years, eight years or longer.


And it’s about time. We’ve been moving to the left ever since Bill Clinton’s reign (with only a slight move to the right during Dubya Bush’s term) and now it’s past time for the country to move back towards the rule of law and governance according to our Constitution. Barack Obama moved us even further left than Clinton did and at that, didn’t get us as far left as he would have liked. Thank God that enough able-minded voters chose to elect Donald Trump or the pendulum would have swung even further left.

Now, regardless of what one thinks of Donald Trump thus far, his policies and cabinet picks are evidence of a definite move rightward. So far, so good, but we’re only a month into his term. We’ve got a long time to watch the country’s political condition right itself and return to something closer to the constitutional republic our founders planned.

Keep on swinging right!


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6 replies

  1. Agreed – it’s about time!

    It’s sad to think the US was so far to the left that when a (self-dubbed) Republican comes along and moves the country toward a more conservative type of government, enforces our laws and fulfills his campaign promises, it’s seen as a revolution.

    On the flip side however, it’s going to be fun to watch the Dems flush themselves down the toilet.


    • So true! That’s an extra added benefit – if, as Trump rights the ship of state, he antagonizes the dems to the point of them jumping ship, so be it. What a lovely sight! The most liberal dems circling the bowl.


  2. I hope Mr. Farrah is right about the pendulum swinging to the right, but I also have to say that it somewhat sickens me to be talking about a Trump revolution. There’s just something wrong about an egotistical, quasi-liberal (at least until recently) who still entertains some socialist ideas being hailed as the leader of a revolution to the right. I want that revolution, but I don’t want “right” to be redefined in the process.


    • Singing to the choir, CW.

      In my gut, I do believe that a sizeable portion of the country is agreeing with Trump on a lot of his actions – that’s progress. What you say about Trump is true and I’d much prefer that Ted Cruz was leading the country, but Trump is doing a lot of the right things, he just looks and acts like a buffoon while doing them.

      As it stands, I’ll accept his clownish behavior (like a distasteful medicine) as long as it moves the country in the right direction.


  3. A slight move right under W?

    The size and scope of the federal gummint rose sharply under his Presidency. The only moves to the right were tax cuts and a few good judicial appointments.


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