No Moral Equivalence Between Anti-Trump Protestors and Tea Party



The Tea Party cause:  righteous, noble, anger-worthy



The anti-Trump cause:  phony, immoral, bratty


“Almost all absurdity of conduct arises from the imitation of those whom we cannot resemble.”

― Samuel Johnson, The Rambler


One of the funniest lines I heard throughout the crazy presidential campaign was Michelle Obama’s wildly laughable claim that “When they go low, we go high.”  This from the wife of the guy who famously called on his supporters to punish their enemies.  Some people suffer from delusions of grandeur.  Democrats suffer from delusions of righteousness.  The latest case in point is the bizarre comparison some are making between the pointless protests of rage that have spoiled the landscape since the election of Donald Trump and the angry protests that emerged in response to the anti-liberty agenda of Barack Obama.  There’s absolutely zero moral equivalence between the two.

We live by a contract in this nation.  It’s called the Constitution.  The contract essentially says, ‘You respect my rights as outlined below and in return I will respect yours, and we won’t need to go to war with each other.’  It’s a truce, when you get right down to it, but sadly human nature dictates that some will never be satisfied with the mutual respect of basic freedoms.  As the Founders predicted would happen, the truce is constantly under siege by those who seek to expand their own “rights” on the backs of others, and little by little they’ve made progress to that end, hence the term “progressivism.”  For the most part the progress has been slow and incremental, as the progressives have been careful to avoid that one giant overstep that will finally cause the other side to give up the truce and push back with violence.  With the election of Barack Obama, however, the tactics changed.  Obama came to town saying, for all intents and purposes, “We’re going to take what we want.”  And what they wanted and got was the taxpayers’ wealth in the form of massive welfare expansion and expanded government.    The Tea Party and its peaceful protests were a righteous response to the assault Obama led on our rights and on the Constitution.  It was, if anything, too tame in my humble opinion; nonetheless it was a cause that was morally rooted just as the American Revolution was moral in its roots.

Fast forward to today and the silly tantrums masquerading as righteous anger by the regressive progressives.  What are these supposedly noble causes driving the leftwingers out of their student centers and coffee houses en masse?  Do they really think there’s something morally righteous about fighting for the right to continue a lawless immigration coup?   “The law for me, but not for thee,” is that it?  We all have a right to an opinion on immigration, and by contract that right is exercised through our representatives in Congress when they write the laws.  Anything else isn’t righteousness it’s thuggery.  That’s Rule #1.

What else are you angry about, dear snowflakes and thumb-suckers?  Some imaginary assault on women and minorities?  Made-up bans on entire religions?  Fairy tales about white supremacy?

Rule #2:  Protests driven by fake news are fake protests.

I have a bit of news for you.  If you only love democracy when you get your way then you don’t love democracy at all.  You’re just a wannabe tyrant with a stupid sign.



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  1. The TEA Party arose from Americans wanting to restore the supremacy of the Constitution.

    These tards want the Constitution and the rule of law completely banished fron the USA

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  2. Great piece, CW and straight to the heart of the problem. Another good observation is the difference between “who they are” and “who they pretend to be.” That pretty much covers it and why Hollywood is so enamored of the left. It’s what they do – their profession – to pretend to be someone else all the while hiding their real persona. Pretenders is what they are and what they do and too many unengaged fall for the facade.


  3. For most of them, I don’t think it was ever about democracy, CW, it was about winning and by any means possible.

    In addition to the protests being fake, in many cases, the protestors are being paid to make fools of themselves and most of them don’t have a clue why they’re protesting. Man on the street interviews prove they have no idea why they’re doing it.

    These people are being manipulated by a Nazi whose only goal is to destroy our country for no other reason than to prove to himself that he can, and they’re too stupid and self-absorbed to realize they’re nothing but a tool to him. There’s no moral equivalence because there are no morals.


    • “For most of them, I don’t think it was ever about democracy…”

      I totally agree, Kathy. Great comment.

      My dilemma when blogging about the Left is whether to debate who they are or who they pretend to be. They pretend to be all about democracy. The proof of that lie is that they only want democracy when it works in their favor.


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