Forget Mexico, build a wall around California


Many of us who reside in the 49 other “normal” states recognize that California is truly the Land of Fruits and Nuts – and a new legislative proposal there reinforces that position.

I’m not so concerned about the state sliding into an earthquake crevasse, I’m more concerned that the state will continue its slide into the leftist hell that is progressivism – I really do like California and I hate to see a state of almost 40 million people succumb to the lies of the left.

I’ve been there many times, to all of the major cities and I’ve always been jealous of the geographical awesomeness that is The Golden State. Californians have it all; mountains, desert, forests, seashore, and all manner of climate variations. It truly would be a great place to live – except for the political views of the state’s administrations for the past several decades.

California’s current management (the term “leadership” can’t possibly apply) has set the stage for California to descend even further into becoming a socialistic Garden of Eden. It’s no wonder that illegals have been flocking to California for decades, they’re not only welcome there; they’re being enticed to migrate there by state policies implemented especially for their benefit.

This latest proposal by California democrats introduces a new stand-alone, single-payer healthcare system. Yep, you read that right. A single-payer health care system, a leftist democrat’s pipe dream is being proposed that would cover everyone, including illegal aliens.

Not surprisingly, the new proposal is short on details (particularly funding).

Its introduction on Friday was a surprise – especially in a state that is perpetually broke and where ObamaCare is unpopular with voters.

After a week that of back-to-back storms has brought California’s crumbling infrastructure into the national news and forced Gov. Brown to request Federal Emergency Funds from Washington, Brown and democrat legislators are coming under scathing criticism for squandering money on benefits for illegal aliens at the expense of critically-needed infrastructure.

They’re also currently debating legislation that would make the entire state a “sanctuary” state. In other words, instead of individual cities declaring themselves as sanctuaries for illegal aliens, the entire state, border to border, would prevent police from cooperating with immigration authorities.

Illegals can already obtain California driver’s licenses and are automatically registered to vote (unless the applicant self-identifies as a noncitizen). The state has reportedly issued almost a million licenses to illegals so far.

Did illegals vote in California in 2016? While there are no hard facts indicating that they did, circumstantial evidence makes it all but certain. The state has been notoriously slipshod in policing the validity of votes and even has had political movements to legalize voting by noncitizens.

Hillary won California’s popular vote by 4.3 million votes. That statistic alone should be enough to convince an objective observer that (at least) 4.3 million voters should be constrained to California and not be allowed to infect the rest of the country.

Build the wall!


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  1. Continue letting the illegals into CA, until California becomes Mexico by sheer demographic reality, then as you say, then build that wall from north Mexifornia right down the east border to the Rio Grand. Problem solved. Current California citizens will still be citizens of Mexifornia but subject to the jurisdiction of Mexico rather than the United States. I like it.


  2. I don’t understand what they hope to accomplish with this endeavor nor how they expect to pay for it. If they think that Trump will approve funding, they’re crazier than I thought, since he’s already stated he’s going to stop the funding of sanctuary cities.

    Right now, they’re expecting heavy rain in the Oroville Dam area and saying that if it breaks, there’s not enough time for people to evacuate, meanwhile they talk insurance for everyone.

    I guess that makes sense to Jerry and his loons, but it’s lunacy to the rest of us.


    • I still think that the best example of the state’s “leadership” is the “Bullet Train.” It is a metaphor for the grand promises that are so ludicrous that they never come close to fruition.

      California’s bullet train could cost taxpayers 50% more than estimated — as much as $3.6 billion more. And that’s just for the first 118 miles through the Central Valley, which was supposed to be the easiest part of the route between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

      It was originally supposed to be completed this year, but now estimates say that it will be 2024. And how much more will it cost by then? Is it possible that it will EVER be completed? That misjudgment exemplifies “California Dreaming” by the democrats in power.


  3. California is the answer to the question: How far will Democrats take self-destruction if given the chance?

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    • And yet, they continue to legislate socialistic policies that don’t stand a chance of being successful. It illustrates, for all to see, that feel-good policies don’t automatically translate into real-world activity.


  4. This sorry state has 1/8 of the country’s populace, 1/4 of its welfare recipients, and 1/3 of its illegal aliens. What do those numbers tell you?

    We’re right on track to being Venezuela del Norte.

    I first moved here in 1970, assigned to Presidio San Fran on my return from Vietnam. It was the realization of a lifetime dream — to live in California — and man… it was a paradise!

    In the intervening almost-50 years, the Dem/socialists took over and turned this former paradise into a putrid swamp. It’s now my fervent dream to win enough money in the lottery to be able to afford to move myself and all my family to someplace else. In fact, for well over a decade the only — ONLY — thing that’s kept me from leaving is the fact that my family can’t all make that same move.

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    • Isn’t it a crying shame that such a God-created paradise like California has become infested by the vermin known as democrat/socialists. They are so misguided to believe that their pipe dreams will be good for the population. It’s amazing that they refuse to consider the consequences of their actions and continue to believe that somehow “things will work out.”

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