UW-Madison student council demands better access to campus for black, urban students


I started to lead off my comments with “where will it end,” but thought better of that question since we all know that if this push for what can only be described as discrimination extortion is successful, it will never end. Separate but equal wasn’t enough, laws against racial discrimination weren’t enough, affirmative action wasn’t enough, electing a black president wasn’t enough. What will it take to convince blacks that their success is up to them – it’s their responsibility? Now flushed with the apparent success of blaming every problem in the black community on white people, the black racists want blacks to automatically go to the head of the UW-Madison admissions line, jumping ahead of qualified whites simply because they’re black. If that isn’t discrimination, what is?

To the black activists, reparations are the Holy Grail; the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If they’re able to break through and get white people to accept the concept, we’ll be saddled with the slavery millstone forever.

A group called the “Associated Students of Madison” student council called for the university to open its doors to more black students by changing admission policies and increasing need-based financial aid. That’s a great idea, to get more black students into college, but by way of being prepared, learning and studying, not as a handout.

ASM representative Tyriek Mack, sponsor of the legislation, said in a statement that it is time the university acted on its declarations on diversity and inclusion.

“The university’s rhetoric suggests that it is committed to diversity and inclusion, so this legislation compels the university to move towards action — which is imperative,” Mack said. “If no one challenges the university’s empty promises, then the racial composition will remain stagnant.”

The lengthy resolution adopted Wednesday references a “chilling effect” of the use of SAT and ACT scores on low-income students who want to apply to UW-Madison; the disparate representation in campus applications of students from suburban high schools; an achievement gap between majority and minority students dating back to enslavement.

They complain that current admission policies restricts opportunities for the poor and thus upholds the “white supremacy” currently being practiced.

In other words, black students are not scoring as well on the ACT or SAT tests and that is the fault of white slave-owning racist ancestors.

The resolution concludes by demanding:

Reparations for the systemic denial of access to high-quality education opportunity in the form of full and free access for all black people (including undocumented, currently and formerly incarcerated people) to UW-Madison.

Free access means free tuition, free housing and no fees, Mack told the AP.

You’ll note that the free tuition, housing and fees would also apply to undocumented individuals (illegal aliens) as well as currently and formerly incarcerated people (felons).

I guess it must be because I’m a racist that I’m aghast at the very idea that blacks who can’t pass usual college admissions tests should be moved to the front of the line – in front of qualified whites – along with illegals and felons. Silly me, when the blacks take control, we whites will become the slaves – even though we are the majority.

That’s a great idea! That will serve the country well.

Please note the dripping sarcasm in that last statement.

Portions of this post were taken from a WiscNews article, dated Feb 16, 2017 written by Pat Schneider.




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  1. Liberals again proving their racism by claiming blacks need unfair advantages to succeed.


  2. I hate to break it to these Einsteins but we already did that – it was part of affirmative action. Schools lowered their standards so more blacks could get in, then, as Brian said, many of them flunked out because they couldn’t keep up. Apparently, history isn’t their strong suit or they’d know this.

    What they really want is equal results without equal effort. What they need is for whites to remind them that we don’t owe them squat just for being black, but whites won’t do that, so as you say, it never ends.

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    • I remember when blacks were still segregated – in the fifties, and for the most part, they had strong families, little crime, and most were good at whatever they did. Then the liberals interceded and “helped” the black population by promising something for nothing. They removed the incentive to excel, they awarded poor effort, and this is what that coddling got us – a generation who doesn’t know what the word “responsibility” means, who are too lazy to exert any effort, and who have been educated to be criminals, hookers, and drug dealers. The piper is being paid.

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  3. Yeah, this all ties into the latest meme on the Left, “white privilege”. They’re always bleating about that nowadays.

    I’d guess not a single one of them has ever visited Appalachia, and seen all the “white privilege” on display there.

    Then, of course, there’s the irony that this proposed policy would be aimed at “helping” the very same people who claim they’re being discriminated against by Voter ID laws. In other words, the very same people who are too stupid to be able to get any kind of ID card are supposedly smart enough to graduate from college.

    Putting all that aside, let’s consider the result of the implementation of this policy. Suddenly a slew of black people who previously couldn’t qualify for admission find themselves in the college classroom. Fast forward four years, and almost none of them are still in college, having flunked out. Then what?

    “College standards are discriminatory! They must be changed!” Of course that’s going to be the next battle cry. Pretty soon a college degree is going to have all the value of a trade school certificate in plumbing.

    These people are morons.

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    • Bingo! That’s exactly what would happen if this assinine pipedream were ever implemented. Thrust into a study/learn/perform structure would soon expose the freeloaders as pretenders and prove that they were never qualified to attend college – so, the next step is to water down the requirements until finally, some do “graduate.” And where will we be when our doctors, engineers, architects, scientists, etc. are all functionally unable to perform their activities. We’ll be faced with unqualified professionals. We’ll see crumbling buildings and bridges, our healthcare will be a shambles when treatment fails, it’ll be across the board – where will we be then?


  4. Liberals – not blacks – are the biggest problem we face when it comes to increasing demands for preferences and freebies. In a normal world when someone demands preferences and freebies we simply say, “No, you need to earn it,” and this would force the black community to start taking responsibility for their own futures. Instead the minute blacks start to whine about anything the liberals spring into action to coddle them like a bad parent with a spoiled-rotten kid.

    You’re absolutely right that it will never end because the liberal s won’t let it. They’ve figured out that if they coddle the spoiled children, the spoiled children will become very loyal.

    What we need to do is put an end to tax-payer subsidization of the universities so that they’re forced to compete with each other based upon their true education value and their ability to prepare students for the work force in an affordable way. The only ones who could or would possibly lead the way on that is Republicans, which means we’re doomed.

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    • You’re right to highlight the part that liberals have played in the downward spiral that is America. I think that it started when the libs began telling their children how much smarter they were than their parents. In time, the budding leftists began to believe it and now that they’re grown up, they’re convinced that they are smarter than everyone else. The original sin was of the parents who thought that they were doing right by convincing their kids of their innate intelligence – to the determent of the parents. But the children went right on believing it, impervious to the evidence to the contrary. Now, we’ve got a bunch of “Einsteins” who don’t know shit thinking that they’re the brightest of us all. We’ll play hell convincing them otherwise – as you say, we’re doomed.


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