You Might Be Low-Information If……




You don’t mind sitting through an entire episode of ‘The View.’

Your man-on-the-street interview with ‘Watter’s World’ made the cut for TV.

This is the first time you’re hearing the term “low-information.”

You were glued to the TV when Nancy Pelosi explained to us what a scapegoat is.

You had to Google “Nancy Pelosi.”

You think “social justice” has something to do with social justice.

The prospect of immigration enforcement shocks you.

You think The Huffington Post is a news website.

You can’t remember what the front of your protest sign says.

You think Donald Trump is evil for banning worldwide travel and the religion of Islam.

You bring a coin to the booth with you when you vote.

You approved of Barack Obama.

You think ‘fake news’ is a new phenomenon.

You’re 34 and plan to retire on Social Security.

You’re parading topless to protest gender inequality.

You think globalization is cool.  Wait….what’s globalization?

You still think winning a Pulitzer Prize is something to brag about.

You can’t name one member of the U.S. Supreme Court.

You aren’t deaf, dumb or blind but still believe the U.S. is the worst country on Earth.

You can’t hear the opinions of others because you’re too busy shouting them down.



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4 replies

  1. What Kathy said!!!! Excellent list!!!


  2. Fantastic list, CW. Way to channel Jeff Foxworthy and belt them with the truth.


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