CIS Exec: There Are No Mass Raids or Deportations

Written by Dan Riehl, 2-15-17, at Breitbart:


Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, spoke with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Wednesday to discuss recent reports of alleged mass deportation raids on illegals and sanctuary cities. “There are no mass raids,” declared Krikorian.

“I mean, it’s sort of run-of-the-mill ICE enforcement going after people who are criminals,” he added.

Further contradicting media reports alleging mass deportations, Krikorian pointed out, “In the process, often ICE agents are encountering other illegal immigrants who may not be criminals. Obviously, it’s not like criminals are a separate group.”

(You can listen to the radio audio here.)


Once again, the leftist media has blown the issue out of proportion and made it seem like every illegal in the US is being rounded up. That is not the case, even though they are all criminals – some may be to a lesser degree, but law-breakers just the same.

In other words, it’s business as usual, and a great example of what ICE should have been doing for nearly the past decade had their hands not been tied by O’s admin. Hopefully by now, more Americans are wising up and not buying into the hysteria generated by the leftist hacks.


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  1. Who knew? Trump may turn out to be just the person to expose the media for the public relations wing of the democrat party that it is – if he’s successful at that, he’ll be a successful president – and I’ll admit it.


  2. The truth doesn’t matter any more, Kathy. They’ve given up even pretending at the truth, in fact.

    My advice to the Trump Administration is to go big and go strong, because the Left is going to react as though the world is on fire no matter what. Don’t let their “crisis” go to waste.


    • Great advice, CW, and I have a feeling Trump may do just that. He’s already said that if they want the US to hear the truth, they’ll have to tell them, because the media won’t. Yeah, I’d say he’s just about had it up to here.


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