Reliable Energy – Weather or Not

From:,  by Viv Forbes,  on Feb 12, 2017, emphasis is Garnet92’s.


We are told, incessantly, that man’s use of hydrocarbon fuels will cause climate catastrophe, with more droughts, heat waves, forest fires, floods, blizzards, snow storms, typhoons, hurricanes, super-storms and “weird” weather.

Why then would governments compound these claimed risks by pushing weather-dependent energy like wind, solar, hydro or tidal power?

During heat waves on sultry summer afternoons, wind power fails when our cold rooms, fridges and air-conditioners need it most. And overheating turbines start bushfires.

On cold still winter nights, wind and solar will produce zero power when all the trains, heaters, TV sets and coffee machines are sucking energy at the end of a football game.

In a gale, turbines switch off to avoid damage; in still air they sit idle; in a snowstorm they consume power to prevent icing up; and in a tsunami, offshore wind turbines and tidal generators are destroyed.

Solar panels shut down every night; their output varies even when the sun shines; they are blotted out by snow, clouds or dust; and are smashed by hailstones.

Even mighty hydro-power will fail if we suffer the never-ending Flannery Droughts.

So if the alarmists are right, and if we are faced with wild weather for any reason, we can’t trust weather-dependent energy.

Stick to reliable hydro-carbons – coal, oil and gas, and for dire emergencies – diesel. They will produce electricity, weather-or-not.


Maybe I’m just dense; maybe I don’t fully comprehend the climate change predictions, or maybe I’m a conservative who thinks that this climate change is leftist political BULLSHIT – want to guess which?

Here’s a challenge: I’m prepared to listen to anyone who can successfully rebut the arguments presented in this piece by author Forbes, but be prepared to be challenged when presenting your “facts.”

Another point that is always ignored when the climate change supporters present their case is that in order to have a continuous supply of electricity, the power companies must always have coal, oil, gas, etc. fired plants running at idle in the background to immediately supply electricity when there is no wind or solar energy being produced. We require a CONTINUOUS supply of power and neither solar nor wind is dependable enough to completely fill our electrical needs.

But let’s face it, climate change is not even a proven scientific reality (no matter what the left says) and they fully understand the ramifications of continuing to shut down coal, oil, and gas-fired plants, it’s just that they’re overcome with religious fervor for their beliefs and refuse to listen to any argument(s) against Climate Change-ology.

Their position is much like Muslims who believe that theirs is the only true religion and all others must accept Islam or be destroyed. It’s all or nothing to the acolytes of Climate Change.

“Don’t confuse me with facts, my mind’s made up.”






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  1. Blasphemer! Denier!

    Snow storms and tsunamis will be the LEAST of your worries when the entire Earth is under water from the melting of the ice caps! Don’t you know we are DESTROYING the planet on which we have no right to live??? What the hell is wrong with you??? You probably drive an SUV and don’t unplug your cell phone cord at night!

    Soon as I finish my Starbuck’s half-calf latte I’ll be at your house to protest, mister!

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  2. Great piece, Garnet. We’ve talked for years about these unreliable alternate sources and this points out how ludicrous it is to continue pursuing them as a replacement. Maybe we’ll be ready later in the future, but we’re just not there yet.


    • I’m sure that there will be a replacement source of energy in the future, but sun and wind aren’t the answer. At least not until a better way to store energy is found – batteries can’t cut it today – something that could store energy indefinitely, with little or no loss, could use sun or wind, but we ain’t there yet.


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