European public shocks elites in huge 10-country poll by rejecting further Muslim immigration

From:,  by Thomas Lifson,  on Feb 9, 2017


The ability of the globalists who run the European Union to force more Muslim immigrants on their peoples is starting to collapse.  Politically correct fantasies that Muslim refugees are just one generation away from embracing the secular culture of their hosts have crashed and burned, refuted by the experience of rampant sexual assaults on women and even little boys instead of gratitude for the shelter and support offered them.  Islam teaches that Muslims are owed tribute by the kufrs (infidels) who have no moral right to exist on the same plane as Muslims, who are sanctified by Allah as the natural rulers of all who fail to convert.

I wish that the religious doctrines of Islam were different, equipping believers to cope with a society very different from theirs without feeling a loss of religious identity.  But no amount of wishing will make it so, no matter what Angela Merkel thinks.

Chatham House, a think-tank with the deepest possible roots in the British establishment, undertook a massive poll of European countries – 10,000 respondents in 10 separate countries – and found that majorities everywhere favor a halt to Muslim immigration.

Here is the summary chart (agree means to halt Muslim immigration):


As can be seen clearly, there is no contest.  Chatham analyzes a few demographic breakdowns:

Support is also fractured by where you live. Of those living in rural, less populated areas, 58% are opposed to further Muslim immigration. Whereas among those based in cities and metropolitan areas just over half agree with the statement and around a quarter are less supportive of a ban. Opposition is also more prominent among ‘left behind’ voters, with nearly two-thirds of those who feel they don’t have control over their own lives supporting the statement. Similarly, 65% of those Europeans who are dissatisfied with their life oppose further migration from Muslim countries. There is also some evidence that public opposition crosses political boundaries, with three-quarters of those who self-classify themselves as on the right of the political spectrum and more than a third of those on the left supporting a halt.

It is clear to me that those at the lower levels of society, who are most exposed to and most at risk of violence or economic displacement, tend to favor no more immigration.  For good reasons of self-interest.  So the Trump phenomenon is repeating itself in Europe, with ordinary people convinced that their elites do not have their best interests at heart.

Meanwhile, the Democrats and judicial left make a stand in favor of no particular special barriers to immigration from Syria and other failed states that cannot vet immigrants.  They are heedless of the facts that impress themselves in ordinary citizens, as in Canada.  The Rebel reports:

A 39-year-old Syrian refugee has been charged after several sexual assaults took place at the West Edmonton Mall World Waterpark this weekend.

Officers say Soleiman Hajj Soleiman inappropriately touched girls while they were swimming. Police were called to the park at around 10:30 PM Saturday.

According to Global News, EPS spokesperson Scott Pattison said “The girls were very courageous in coming forward and talking to the lifeguard, that’s not always the case.”

Hajj Soleiman is a Syrian refugee and a father of six. He has been charged with six counts of sexual assault and six counts of sexual interference.


The scene of the crime.

Such incidents are too numerous to count in European countries hosting large numbers of Muslims.


I am perplexed. The United States is a constitutional republic – note the word “constitutional.” Our Constitution simply cannot co-exist with Sharia Law (Islamic Law) – the two are mutually exclusive – they are in opposition to one another. How then can we naively expect Muslims to immigrate into the U.S. without expressly giving up their Sharia Law? 

The U.S. has always prided ourselves in being a “melting pot” of diverse peoples all coming together as one under the Stars and Stripes. That can’t happen when the immigrants refuse to assimilate and prefer to band together in their own villages with their own kind – under Sharia Law – expressly NOT assimilating as an American.

I view the troubles they’re having in Europe with the “refugee” Muslim immigrants as being self-inflicted. They welcomed these people in with open arms, many were given special treatment to help them recover from their inhumane treatment in their countries of origin and what do the “refugees” do? They promptly begin to take over localities to the point of locals afraid to enter the “refugee” enclaves. We’ve been seeing reports of riots and protests by the “refugees” against their host countries for not providing enough benefits for their comfort and well-being.

Frankly, I think that it’s ludicrous to view the past few months of activities in Europe as anything except as reviews of the “refugees” by those who invited them in – and it appears that many/most of the citizens of those countries are having second thoughts about being so magnanimous in their welcoming of the Muslim immigrants. The “refugees” are biting them in the butt.

Why then should we be so quick to invite thousands of these people without thoroughly vetting them first?

That’s really a very simple question and one addressed by President Trump’s Executive Order.



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  1. >>”Why then should we be so quick to invite thousands of these people without thoroughly vetting them first?”

    The author of your latest post summed it up in a brilliant nut shell:

    “Because their only principle is what helps the left win today.”

    It all comes down to dividing and conquering, them against us. Since the Left recognized the political possibilities of sacrificing American security and culture to bring another minority constituency into its tent, Muslims have made a giant swing in the way they vote. In 2000 80% of the Muslim vote went for George Bush. By 2008 85% of Muslims reportedly voted for Obama. That’s worth any American sacrifice as far as the Left is concerned.

    There’s also that faction of liberal do-gooders who need a cause to agitate for so they can be happy with themselves.

    They’re all part of the useful idiot club.

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  2. Ask the citizens of Minneapolis-St Paul


  3. The liberals in America pig-headedly refuse to believe that this is a worldwide problem. The European governments ignored the voice of their people and brought this on their countries, just like O did to the US. Now it’s so widespread there’s no way to drive them back into the Middle East.

    They’d rather tolerate the increased crime level and call the rest of us racists, than admit they made a mistake and try to correct it.

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