Stupid on Full Display During Sessions’ Confirmation


By now you’ve already seen that Jeff Sessions was confirmed yesterday as the new Attorney General. After weeks of delays and character attacks brought on by the Democrat toddlers who bear the title of Congressmen and Senators, the process is finally complete.

The Senate voted 52-47 Wednesday night to confirm Jeff Sessions as the nation’s 84th attorney general, and only one Democrat, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, joined Republicans in confirming Sessions, who voted “present.”

Sessions will take over a Justice Department that has plagued with political corruption for eight long years during O’s administration.

Senate Democrats who opposed their colleague’s nomination succeeded in delaying a Judiciary Committee vote while continuing to attack his character. Their tactics ultimately failed to deter Sessions’ confirmation by the full Senate, where Republicans have 52 seats.

During debate Tuesday night, Sen. Elizabeth Warren accused Sessions of trying to “chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens” when he was a US attorney in Alabama, but her display of stupidity didn’t stop there.

Democrats have the minority in the House, the minority in the Senate,” Warren said on MSNBC, acknowledging her party’s wrecked position in the wake of the 2016 elections. “But that does not make us the minority party. We are the party of opposition, and that is our job.”

“But our tools are very limited,” she continued, apparently unwilling to really consider why the party was set back so significantly. “We don’t have the capacity to stop Jeff Sessions if all the Republicans lock arms. We saw that yesterday with Betsy DeVos. We just don’t have the votes to be able to stop them if all the Republicans stick together and vote through these terrible nominees.”

“And that in fact is exactly what they are doing,” Warren said, apparently dumbfounded that Republicans are acting in the interest of the tens of millions of American voters who put them in office. “They are cramming terrible nominees down the throats of the American people.”

Her attacks on Sessions were so blatant that she was later prohibited from speaking for the remainder of the debate for impugning the character of a fellow senator.

Neither she nor the other Dem senators has the sense to see that the shoe is on the other foot now and the Republicans are doing to them what the Dems did for nearly the past decade.

The difference they’ll never realize is that Sessions will abide by all the laws and not just the ones he or the President choose to uphold.

Not only are their ‘tools very limited’ but their brain power is as well.

Let the swamp draining begin.


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  1. The problem with the leftist democrats is that their entitlement mindset has been derailed by Trump’s win – they never expected IT and just assumed that their misguided agenda would be plowing ahead with Hillary at the helm – SURPRISE! SURPRISE!

    In other words, they are seriously discombobulated.


  2. We watched some of the senate judiciary committee hearings on Sessions. Senator Blumenthal from Connecticut made a fool of himself during his questioning of Sessions. It is not just Warren.


  3. “Princess Moonbat Feathers”

    I love it!

    What does it say when a group of people are so terrified and unhinged at the simple idea of getting back on course to the Constitution? Their behavior is a window into their power-hungry, ugly souls.

    Great post.


    • They were so sure they had it in the bag with Hillary and now that reality is hitting home, they can’t let go of the bitterness. Everyone on the other side is getting blasted, regardless of their position or stance on issues. They are ugly indeed.


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